Thursday, November 17, 2005

why did i stop killing

around an year back, I never gave a damn about it. Around 6 months back I went through a transition and I am here again re-thinking my decision. I had been eating non-veg since birth (i mean when i was 5-8 years old) and never thought it to be bad or anything. Manjeet used to comment every now and then whenever me/amal/ketan ate non-veg. That we dont trust any religion or God or something like that. It never affected me though Amal used to avoid it whenever bothra was serious. But I came to an abrupt halt when I was at home. I was roaming with my sister in the car and it was raining outside. I saw a lorry filled with around 100 chickens ready to be slaughtered. I thought about it and felt bad. I felt that we should not kill them just because they taste good. They are afterall living beings if not human beings. So I stopped eating nonveg and became a Veggie.

Many times I felt that urge to eat non-veg and because of some great people like Amal who tempted me to eat, I ate also. But I have hardly eaten nonveg for 2-3 times in the past 6 months. There are no religious or any traditional issues. It was just on moral grounds. But I always feel like eating it whenever I go to some places where nonveg is good :). Yesterday I went to green park to attend a seminar on performance tuning of applications where we got a free lunch buffet :). They had nonveg all around and my colleagues were eating it like animals :( . I felt like eating but i didnt.

Then in the night I was chatting with one of those nonveggies Gaurav. He, being a supporter of nonveg community was talking about the benefits. I agreed to most of them. And thought again about my decision which I took 6 months back. Come on yaar, I dont have to avoid non-veg altogether. I dont have to find reasons to support but afterall as Gaurav says "life is too short buddy, have the dessert first". So why do i need to restrict myself. I should avoid it on moral grounds but eating once in a while is OK. Though one murder is as good as 10, but I think I have already murdered more than 10 :) then why stop ;). How can I be so insensitive. Whatever! I hope atleast nonveggies will support me ;).


kunal said...

I eat non-veg, but I am a veggie by choice (Ranta's words)
If there is nothing else left, I'll eat non-veg and savour it too, but if veg is available, I'd stick to it.
So it is not a matter of morals/religion/faith, what matters is your choice.

ramneek said...

Come on, chandu. Stick to veggie stuff ;))
I know it's tempting, because I too went through this transition.