Monday, October 17, 2005

melting moments of a happy dusherra

Yesterday was a 'happy dusherra' for us. In hyderabad you would hear lots of different spellings of this festival ranging from dasara to dassarra, to dusherra, but who cares about all that..what we do care of is that we got a Holiday :) . When we were in Institute Dusherra didnt have any meaning, because weekdays were as good as holidays and unless it was a big festival (like diwali,holi) it would be just another day, but now things have changed...

We got up pretty late and thought of taking a nice breakfast somewhere, so all four of us went to Madhapur. Madhapur has a gr8 south indian restaurant namely Aditya (which we also call as Aditya park-inn but any relation between the two is purely coincidential ;)). This restaurant, which is open everytime we go there, be it early morning or late evening, was closed :( . Well! this is just a starting..we thought, its ok yaar..its happy dusherra we told the autowala to take a U-turn and take us to cyber tower..We thought atleast WoW will be open and so came back towards Cyber tower..but huh! it was closed too...Gods were against our health..we reached kothaguda junction to buy some Wheat bread (healthy diet u see) but guess what .. that stupid Village shops did nt even have fresh Milk bread, leave alone wheat bread...finally Nitin/Dixit ended up eating Samosas from a stupid tea shop :D .. and me/Gaurav ended up eating only an apple each :(( ..

Now all companies do not give a holiday on Dusherra .. (lol for Gaurav), so Gaurav didnt have an holiday for Dusherra (optional holiday only) so he had to go to office, but we 3 poor souls with our semi-empty stomachs were sitting at home with nothing to do but to think about food...after some 'important discussions' (rofl) with Tin and Dix we left to have lunch. We had planned to go to Hot rottis@Indra nagar (does that ring a bell), but as I said before that gods were against us, it was closed too...well! life is not that our gr8 PR was open...we ended up eating alot there...palak paneer, dal tadka, and plain paranthas..huh! it was a gr8 after such a gr8 lunch, our body needed some we all went to bed...and were dead for 3 hours .. I finally woke both of them up at around 6:45 when we decided to go somewhere...

We were able to get out of our place by 7:00 and took a bus to usual, nowadays we dont have any plan while we are going out..its all we just took a bus without seeing where it was going..we finally decided to get down at jubilee hills checkpost to go to Melting moments...we walked and walked and reached finally...Me/dix ate Autumn dreams and Tin took butternut crunch....Going to melting moments while we were in institute was totally a different experience..this time it was just like we went just for the sake of going...from there we went to Kesav reddy walking all the way...ate pani puris and grilled sandwich..came home to look forward for another holiday..another weekend..

PS: this post was started on thursday but I could complete it only today i.e. monday 17 october..

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