Tuesday, October 4, 2005

India shining?? (inspired by Vardhman's post)

Was just browsing the blogroll and came across Vardhman's post on Indian competitiveness. I would call it Indian's ignorance. What is "India Shining" is just for Politicians for there marketing campaigns, exaggerating every small "success" or so you call it. But the crux of the matter can be seen all over the country. Thousands (or millions) of people dont have food to eat, shelter, clothes etc. Villages dont have electricity and people want to take Internet to villages. Just take a walk from Cyber tower (hitec city-hyderabad) to our full-of-activity Madhapur after 10:00 PM in the night. You will come across 10s of people sleeping beside the road. If there are 10s of people on this one single road, how many would be sleeping like this all over the country? Not just that! you go out for office in the morning and while you are waiting for a bus/cab you will atleast encounter 2-3 beggars (mostly a new one daily).

Well! Vardhman's post was on a somewhat different topic, here is my comment to it...

good post..people(read indians) should really realize their potential and start reigning rather than serving the world...the problem with these industries (automobiles and hardware) is that the starting cost is too high and chances to compete in an existing market and still being able to persist are poor. You must have heard of some poor TV etc brands that belong to india like T-series etc..but where did they reach..Even Indian government (like china) should support Indians to start off on their own..India itself has a huge market potential in all the fields now, be it computers, laptops, mobiles or anything...if an Indian company can do well in India it surely can do well globally...

and yes..this India shining sux...india is not at all shining..most of the MNCs that export (read outsource) work to India give only that work which they dont want to waste time in or to get it done cheaper...India is gaining through it, but there is no Innovation in that...I am not saying we should stop it as outsourcing is one chief source of employment..but just doing the outsourced work wont take India (or moreover Indians) anywhere..


sandeep said...

yeah i agree with u that we have achieved quiet a lot lately..last decade was good..hopefully the coming one will be better..

and yes..keep blogging yaar..blogroll looks empty..

Vardhman said...

That new beggar everyday thing is just right, yesterday while we were in an auto near the JNIDB bus stop, I saw some 3-5 small children (something like 5-6 years ) coming and begging money, On looking around to my wonders I saw a large number of tent-like houses being laid up near the bus stop. It looked like a new slum in the rising.

Same is the situation in Mehdipatnam where I once gave money to a small child only to witness some 3-5 more coming and asking me money.