Wednesday, September 21, 2005

my nerd score...just found this somewhere ;)

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

reading blogs is the only motivation :(

Today is Vinayak Chaturthi and guess what again, I am in office. I did not have any 'official' work that brought me here, but just that 'I didnt have anything to do at home'. I dont remember how many times I might have used the above statement in past few days. Just last saturday I came to office that too without any 'official work' and only 4 days passed and I am here again.

I was just browsing when I opened the Blogroll and saw Sreejith's post on a similar subject. I was about to comment on that when I see few more people agreeing with Sreejith including Kunal and Rocky. Guess what! they are also in office; good to hear that I am not alone. I still remember our meeting with the Alumni in IIIT (I still remember the old glory days) when one of our seniors told us not to make office a hangout. But it seems to be the case with me. I am coming here just like that. Yesterday we released our Alpha build so anyways I dont have lot of work right now.

Atleast we are planning to go for a movie today. Dont know whether the plan will materialize. Our timings are so awfully stupid that we cant just find enough 'common' time to enjoy. Last sunday we had plans of going for movie which we dropped just because the then coming wednesday was a holiday. We thought we will go for movie on teusday night , the late night show (which was the one we mostly saw while we were in IIIT). But guess what, Manjeet reached home at 10:30, Nitin came at 10:00, I came at 9:20 and Gaurav as usual at 10:00.
Now how the hell can we go for a movie after 10:30. Now the plans are up again but Manjeet once again has some 'work' at office so he might not make it. And offcourse if he wont make it, we cant go.

Anyways..The point of this post was the sreejith's blog entry. I definitely agree with Sreejith. Today itself I was reading somewhere that 'Computers were created to ease our tasks and to help us do things faster but its the reverse thats happening'. Ever since we have started using computers we have a time crunch. In Institute it was still OK but now .. huh!! . In the last post itself I wrote that I have been breaking records in taking quick baths. Thats mostly a result of this. We work from almost 9:30 to 9:30 and then who the hell has time to do 'other' things.

Thinking of it, what are these other things. Two days back itself Gaurav was getting frustrated of our lifestyle (I will add that his timings are fixed - 12:00 to 10:00). We have been skipping breakfasts mostly, taking lunch and some crap dinner on weekends or eating pizzas or some crap like that. The only good thing that we do is whenever we go for dinner we take a juice. We have discussed it so many times already and I will quote myself here: "our lives have got sampled down to a cycle of 5,2,5,2 days; we live in office for 5 days for our respective (and 'respected') companies and live for ourselves for the rest of 2 days. And this cycle continues" . Now forget about those 5 days and concentrate only on 2 days. In these 2 days, we want to sleep a lot, watch movies, hang out, chat, blog, browse, eat good food, u name it. So finally we end up doing almost none of these.

In the middle of some discussion we suddenly (mostly its me) realize and raise a point. It has been more than 3 months since we have joined our companies. It seems to be a very small time, but thinking of it, its not that small. Three months was appx a semester for us. Compare both of these now. If I start thinking what I have been doing in the past few days, I would recall only few movie names, few outings, Very few 'BC' sessions and even lesser 'intellectual' sessions. If I keep on going this way, I will be brain dead by the end of this year :( .

I think it will really be a great idea if we take some time off from all these mundane stuff. Going to a place like Goa will really refresh and rejuvenate our minds. Going out for a day to a movie is just like 'bg' for a running process (read 'job'). But if we take even 2-3 days off from our daily life , it will be a 'reboot' to our mind and will really refresh us. I think I should think about it seriously.

Saturday, September 3, 2005

long time no post

Well! I have already written quiet a lot of crap regarding 'not posting', 'not getting time' etc...and if I start with same thing again and again people will continue complaining to me about the lack of different topics in my blog. Many people had a 'misconception' that I used to write only about studies and fyp. But thats not entirely true. But anyways, the point is: today I took my time off from all the trivial things in life and came for a change. This is my first (dont know whether it will be last) saturday in office.

We got up quiet late (around 8:30) and after the daily stuff ;) I started reading newspapers with my computer singing songs for me in the background. At 10:15 Nitin told me that I should get ready fast or else I will be left at home :( . This was the first time when I 'washed clothes' (remember I was talking about 'trivialities' of life) and took bath within half an hour. I think I should go for Guiness book of records. Anyways, I got ready by 10:50 and we left.

Manjeet as usual was in sleeping mood, so he did not come with us. We had to go to the bank for some work so we got down at Cyber tower. We usually take our 'weekend breakfasts' at Aditya restaurant in Madhapur but then we thought why not go to Windows of the world when we are already in Cyber tower. So we ate dosas and idlis and Nitin gave all sorts of fundas of becoming a perfect south indian by eating idlis in the morning. Dixit had 'other' plans of stabbing Nitin in the back (long and secret story ;)) so he did not take breakfast.

Gaurav and I had already made up our minds few days back that we would go to office on saturday which came as a shock to Nitin :) . Nitin was the only one to go back home. He gave lots of fundas about 'not going to office on saturdays' and his Manager telling him to work long hours. But we had already made up our minds.

Office is not as empty as I thought it would be. Sumit was here (he is a colleague from IIT Kharagpur, working with me in the same team) and some more people were visible across cubicles. The first thing I did was to add lots of songs in my playlist. I had plans of getting the headphones and some songs' CDs to office but there was no time. After I dont know how long I am blogging like this without any tension of less time or more work or anything. It feels so good. I dont exactly know why I came to office, I have to figure that out first now :) .

Amal had told me that he will also come on Saturday but I guess he ditched me as he is offline on GTalk. BTW, GTalk is good. I guess Ymsngr has more features and stuff, but I like chatting on GTalk. One best thing it has is that it stores previous messages too and one bad thing about it is that we cant send offline mesgs. Anyways, this blog was not to discuss this. Yesterday I reached home at 10:30 :)) . Mom called me at 10:15 and she was furious to know that I was in office till so long. But I assured her that it is alright, afterall we have 2 holidays in a week :) . It was not only work that had made me stay in office for so long yesterday. Yes! work was there but in parallel I did lots of other things. We went to play TT at 7:45 or so. After playing 2-3 matches I gave the racket to somebody and sat on the sofa to wait for my next turn. Our super-duper (short for 3 years senior :) ) senior Kranthi was sitting there. I had not talked to him for quiet long after joining so I also sat beside him and we started chatting.

After talking about simple stuff like 'wt do u do on weekends' and 'when do u leave generally' I asked him about the guy who was with him. He was Cyrax. I recalled his face from the R&D showcase when I had a looooooong chat with him about my FYP (Display-Wall) in which he was quiet interested. That time we were feeling about him as Ummm! he works with Fx-Labs! wow! must be good. After that I had never seen him. In the mean time Cyrax's TT game had got over and he also joined us. I reminded him of R&D showcase, display wall etc and he finally remembered me. After 5 minutes of again the 'simple stuff' I thought of leaving. But our discussion took a turn and it turned into quiet a serious one.

I stayed there for half an hour chatting with them seeing 3 years of experience speaking candidly. They had been in my state already and knew exactly what it means to be in a big company for 3 months after completing 'fourrr' years in IIIT. Here I have said '3' months and 'fourrrr' years to emphasize the length of the fourrrr years as compared to a trivial 3 months. It was really nice talking to them.

Just added them on orkut. Yeah! so where am I. Hmm! so right now I am going to start some browsing. Will get a tea first I guess.

Good to be back!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Ranta's post on 'education ruined me'

Rantas post on education ruined me

my reply:
Good article...nowadays I hardly read any blog entry fully..but I read this till end...

yeah..i agree with u..we shud keep 'background' processes..moreover..we shud discuss the questions..rather than asking for answers...

The problem is with parents...they narrow down the thinking process of kidz...they shud tel them to explore rather than 'cram' things..

once children gets stuck to this 'cramming' they stop producing ideas..stop thinking abt problems..and just dive into books for everything..

enough! i have stopped writing blogs bcoz of less time or whatever..and am posting a comment so long..