Wednesday, July 27, 2005

working in shifts :)

I remember last week when Nitin told me that he will be leaving for office at 6:00 am for few days (he didnt know for how many) and will come back at the same time. I was loling after hearing this and teased him for long and now its not funny when it has come to me. Nitin never had to go at 6:00 finally. But yesterday we got this amazing piece of news in the morning.

Our TL (team lead) called 2 of us (Kumsu and Me) for a meeting and told us that we will have to work in shifts as the deadline is near. Though I joined the installation group quiet late (2-3 days back) but then I was in it and so could not say anything. Finally I ended up coming to office at 7:00 in the morning (7:05 actually). It was quiet amazing how things change. Gaurav and I had been planning to go for jogging since the day we shifted to our new apartment. But we never made it. We made plans, kept our mobiles on alarm, but never woke up in time. Once/twice when we woke up, God just didnot feel like letting us go and it started raining. But today it was really amazing. The amazing thing was that as I was responsible for getting up in time, even before the alarm went off at 6:00 , I woke up at 5:40 or so and checked the watch. Because I knew that if I sleep again I would wake up at around 8:00 so I didnt get any more sleep. Finally I got up and got ready.

Even at 6:45 the main road of hitech was buzzing with activity. Offcourse it was not as busy as it is all through the day, but there were enough cars, people and yes, how can i forget the deloitte cabs. I did not have any trouble in reaching office.

Office was quiet..there were just 4 people who are in customer support. I took a steaming cup of tea and sat at my desk to get going. Those 2 hours of work without any disturbance were like 5 hours during my normal schedule...

I came at 7 only for 2 days but it was a nice experience...I came at 7:30 once again a few days back but that was for taking part in google codejam which I screwed pretty badly :D ..

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