Wednesday, July 20, 2005

apartment search ;)

I am missing blogging...There is just not enough time to blog like I used to...There was a time when I used to post 1/2 times daily and now it has changed to a post every 1/2 weeks. Today morning only I was talking to Gaurav when I told him that "today I will find sometime and write a post". And here I am writing it ;). Hmm...So first of all some advice to all those who leave the campus and go to the so called 'Real World'.

These are some of the things I realized while searching for an apartment and some other things I realized after we shifted to that apartment. When you go and see the apartment dont just see how big it is, how many rooms it has but do consider some other things. See if the surroundings are good, there should be some basic shops like a general store, a confectionary, bakery, sweet shop ;) , a bus stop closeby, some easily availble conveyance if u dont own a vehicle, you should also query on how long it will take to complete the apartment if its new becoz u will end up piling up all the luggage in one place and you will have to search for even the basic commodities like a comb or a book in ur luggage. For those who are health conscious and like going for jogging/gymming, see if atleast there is a proper road/garden closeby where u can go for jogging. One can go a Km or 2 away for a gym but jogging track should be close to the house. Dont forget to see the water conditions, drinking and other. Sometimes the water is dirty and u have to subscribe for drinking water from a supplier.

If you are working, then the most important part to think about Sundays (also saturday for IT sector). There should be a simple breakfast/lunch/dinner available within 1 km of ur place to avoid headache. If this is not the case then you will end up eating bread and butter 3ice a day ;) .

There are still some more things to write about which I am forgetting right now but I will add it up once i recall anything. If your apartment is above 2-3 floors, check if lift is in proper working condition when u get ur luggage, otherwise you will end up doing all the physical labour or outsourcing it.


Rakesh said...

.. dude tu to kam se kam post kar raha hai .. main to padh bhi nahi pa raha ..
thats why a very late comment

SHAIK of Hyderabad said...

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