Wednesday, July 27, 2005

working in shifts :)

I remember last week when Nitin told me that he will be leaving for office at 6:00 am for few days (he didnt know for how many) and will come back at the same time. I was loling after hearing this and teased him for long and now its not funny when it has come to me. Nitin never had to go at 6:00 finally. But yesterday we got this amazing piece of news in the morning.

Our TL (team lead) called 2 of us (Kumsu and Me) for a meeting and told us that we will have to work in shifts as the deadline is near. Though I joined the installation group quiet late (2-3 days back) but then I was in it and so could not say anything. Finally I ended up coming to office at 7:00 in the morning (7:05 actually). It was quiet amazing how things change. Gaurav and I had been planning to go for jogging since the day we shifted to our new apartment. But we never made it. We made plans, kept our mobiles on alarm, but never woke up in time. Once/twice when we woke up, God just didnot feel like letting us go and it started raining. But today it was really amazing. The amazing thing was that as I was responsible for getting up in time, even before the alarm went off at 6:00 , I woke up at 5:40 or so and checked the watch. Because I knew that if I sleep again I would wake up at around 8:00 so I didnt get any more sleep. Finally I got up and got ready.

Even at 6:45 the main road of hitech was buzzing with activity. Offcourse it was not as busy as it is all through the day, but there were enough cars, people and yes, how can i forget the deloitte cabs. I did not have any trouble in reaching office.

Office was quiet..there were just 4 people who are in customer support. I took a steaming cup of tea and sat at my desk to get going. Those 2 hours of work without any disturbance were like 5 hours during my normal schedule...

I came at 7 only for 2 days but it was a nice experience...I came at 7:30 once again a few days back but that was for taking part in google codejam which I screwed pretty badly :D ..

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

apartment search ;)

I am missing blogging...There is just not enough time to blog like I used to...There was a time when I used to post 1/2 times daily and now it has changed to a post every 1/2 weeks. Today morning only I was talking to Gaurav when I told him that "today I will find sometime and write a post". And here I am writing it ;). Hmm...So first of all some advice to all those who leave the campus and go to the so called 'Real World'.

These are some of the things I realized while searching for an apartment and some other things I realized after we shifted to that apartment. When you go and see the apartment dont just see how big it is, how many rooms it has but do consider some other things. See if the surroundings are good, there should be some basic shops like a general store, a confectionary, bakery, sweet shop ;) , a bus stop closeby, some easily availble conveyance if u dont own a vehicle, you should also query on how long it will take to complete the apartment if its new becoz u will end up piling up all the luggage in one place and you will have to search for even the basic commodities like a comb or a book in ur luggage. For those who are health conscious and like going for jogging/gymming, see if atleast there is a proper road/garden closeby where u can go for jogging. One can go a Km or 2 away for a gym but jogging track should be close to the house. Dont forget to see the water conditions, drinking and other. Sometimes the water is dirty and u have to subscribe for drinking water from a supplier.

If you are working, then the most important part to think about Sundays (also saturday for IT sector). There should be a simple breakfast/lunch/dinner available within 1 km of ur place to avoid headache. If this is not the case then you will end up eating bread and butter 3ice a day ;) .

There are still some more things to write about which I am forgetting right now but I will add it up once i recall anything. If your apartment is above 2-3 floors, check if lift is in proper working condition when u get ur luggage, otherwise you will end up doing all the physical labour or outsourcing it.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Last day@IIIT

Though we were late in leaving the campus but still we did not have enough of IIIT in these 4 years. 1st July was the date we were supposed to vacate the hostels 'officially' . But then , we do have the concept of IST (indian 'standard' time) and also the apartment we had to shift in was not ready. We were ready to shift on 2nd of July but then we just found out in time that some wood-work and paint is still to b done and so we had no choice but to stay back in campus.

Another weekend just got over on 3rd without doing anything. We had plans for buying lots of stuff for our new place(including utensils ;) ) , but all in vain. We managed to continue our stay in campus for another week and had finalized 9th to be the day when we would shift fully.

The day came, it was a saturday . We started in the morning and it took us about 6-7 hours to shift fully. We were finally done with shifting by 6:00 . The painting work was still going on so we had to place our luggage in the living room which covered more than half of it :D .

We got ready and left for shopping to big bazaar and spent more than 2K to buy some food/cleaning etc items. Still a long way to go...have to take a gas connection, have to arrange for drinking water , laundry .. huh!! the list is just growing every now and then..

Well! we reached our apartment at 11:00 and guess what ? we were dying of hunger. The last time we had eaten was in afternoon and then we had done so much physical labour as we do in a week together. Previously we had thought that we will prepare 'Maggi' , eat bread-butter etc and just go to sleep..but we were not willing to prepare food :) .. anyways..we called PR (punjabi rasoi) and asked if we can come at such late hours of which he agreed happily. We ate to our fullest and were not at all in a state of doing anything else but sleeping. Now the best part, there was no auto-rickshaw/mini-taxi on the road .

The place which seems to be very active generally was all desolated. I was just repeating 'we have come to the real world' slogan :) for which I know I will be kicked by my room-mates. After waiting for 10-15 minutes and asking for a lift to any truck-wala or car-walas we started walking. After walking for 5-10 minutes we came across a parked truck and the driver was nearby. We somehow managed to make him agree for a lift. He dropped us pretty close to our apartment and we walked frm there. The whole area was dead-quiet. The environment in which we were for 4 years , which seem to be full of life till late nights was all gone. All lights in apartments, shops were switched off ..

We reached home and went to bed. Nitin and Dixit were in one room and Gaurav and myself were in the other one. We chatted for sometime and then went to sleep as everyone was very tired ...

Everyone slept very nicely as the weather was pretty cool and cozy and it was raining every now and then. In the morning we got up around 8:30 (except nitin who woke up at 7:30) and were ready for the breakfast.

We started with Bread, butter and jam and soon it got monotonous. So Nitin and Gaurav prepared Maggi. We had eaten so much that we could not even take Lunch today :) . After the breakfast as there was nothing to do and also the workers had to start the paint work we thought of leaving. As there are not many places in hyderabad where you can hang out for long without spending alot we came to IIIT.

We had a good photosession on the terrace .. after which we came to pankaj's room. We told nirnimesh and Dixit to bring Samosa/Jalebi for us as they were going to indra nagar. Samosa/kachodi tast best if you eat them in rainy weather and so we did. We were browsing through airlines' websites and found that airlines are still not very cheap :D . I slept for sometime and now Nitin is sleeping. Gaurav has left to drop Parida who came here for soem passport verification. Dixit left for his stay in Oracle's guest house and I am writing the blog now after so long...

We have some plans of going for dinner tonight..lets see what happens...