Thursday, June 30, 2005

life runs

I dont even remember when was my last post. Afterall 5 days of work in a week does not leave you enough stregnth to write a blog. And when you have just those 2 short days in the weekend , what would you like to do. Obviously, you will hang out, eat out, have all the fun you would like. Then obviously things like blogging takes the back seat and go out of picture. Today after quiet long I got less work in office so I thought of writing the blog again.

I remember the time when I used to write huge posts, expecting to read sometime in future and feeling nostalgic. But what should I write now. 5 days are totally scrapped from a week. And then you just dont have enough time. I have been doing all sorts of stuff lately.

PS: I started this post long back in office and then in the middle someone came and interrupted me, so I dont remember the rest of the post I had in breaking out. bye!!

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