Sunday, May 15, 2005

welcome back

Huh! After spending almost a month at home I am finally back . This was probably my longest holiday since joining IIIT 4 years back. I agree that life at home is boring but still there are lots of good things about it. You get good food without even asking, you get 24 hrs chatter box (read TV), you can sleep endlessly in not so hot environment. As compared to home what do we get here. Lots of movies to see, a library full of magazines, novels, games , frenz to chat and play with. Mostly in the middle of the semester we like doing such things at the time of leisure but what have we now. Life is full of free time right now. Not that there is no work pending but that we are not doing anything constructive. Why the hell should we? This is our last holiday of BTech and probably last such holiday for some people for their entire life. We should enjoy and only enjoy. But what do you include in enjoying , lets see.

Enjoyment means doing something which interests us, excites us, makes us feel good. So we can call things like roaming around, visiting new places in and out of city, eating good food, shopping , browsing (for some), chatting (again for some). But most commonly these things are done once in a while only and not all the time. Why? because if we do such things all the time then it wont be interesting anymore, it will be routine and everyone hates routine work. This is what is happening right now.

I came to lab today morning after having breakfast and taking bath at 10:00. Compared to being at home where I used to get up at 12:00. Then I completed 'Spanglish' (good movie, interesting plot, good direction). Then I started another movie , 'Enemy of the states' . The movie got interrupted becoz of lunch time. We went for lunch which was quiet good. It was too hot outside that i might not even go to hostel during that time if someone gives me money for that. After coming back I completed my movie and then Amal also came to lab. We played a game of age (after more than 1 1/2 months and I defeated him ) . And now here I am . Listening to songs. Thinking of what to do next. Today is sunday and I usually am in a mood to something different on sundays but we went out yesterday only (saw 'kya kool hain hum' - good timepass).

Ketan is reading his 'Req Spec doc' , Amal is reading Harry potter-5, Nitin is watching WWF videos (I hate them). I might just see another movie right now. Cya then.

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Sreejith said...

welcome back :) dont worry .. we will enjoy to the max before this vacation ends.. but only if the heat lets up. :(