Sunday, April 10, 2005

party time/last visit to OBH terrace

Yesterday was probably my last visit to OBH terrace. Though when we were on third floor I used to go there quiet often but after coming to Ground floor it just reduced abruptly. Those days were beautiful when there were not many tensions...but still more probably than what we have now...that time we had more courses, projects, deadlines, expectations, responsibilities...and now we are just passing time.

We had gone for Amal/Jagan's treat to Angeethi for lunch Buffet. We ate to our fullest, sometimes looking around (there was a group of girls also - remember , pinky). Though becoz of some 'collisions' everything got delayed and we were late but we had enough time to fill our tanks. We also realized ( Amal: shit! see there) that more than half of Hyd was visible from Angeethi. After going down we thought and thought for sometime and finally decided to go to NTR park (not again! I remember my experience in 2nd year , it was horrible). Well! we roamed around, saw the so called '3D cinema' (a nice way to fool people) and went for the 'flight-simulator' (which was worse than 3D cinema). We came across a very good fountain which was creating a fog like thing around a plastic tree. It was gr8. We went for the water-ride and some people went twice too. Ranta had to meet pjn and he also got a call from Bedi becoz of which he got frustoo and scolded me and went back to IIIT (though he talked to me later abt it).

We were also frustrated and tired. We were sitting in the lawn with prickling grass below us. Finally we thought of going for 'Lucky' in which a new actress 'Sneha' who looks like Ash sometimes was there. I wanted to see that girl for sure but we did not get tickets. The counter closed as soon as Deadly (first among us) reached there. We came out and in frustration decided to goto 'ice-n-spice' for shakes/ice-creams etc.

We came to ice-n-spice and ate/drank a lot. Grilled sand-wiches, butter scotch/vanilla/mango shakes, mosami juice etc. After that we finally came back to our campus. While coming only Nitin and I were left to come to OBH. I asked him to come to Terrace for sometime and he agreed. So we went.

We directly climbed the tank on the terrace (probably the highest point of obh) and sat there. Our discussions started from something I was confused about to our friendship, then a general friendship, what we expect, what we get, disappointments, masti, experiences, etc. We talked alot. We talked about some past experiences about old friends, the bitter and the good experiences in IIIT, about what we want to do in future, what we want to achieve, what we expect...huh! so, obviously when we saw the watch it was already 12:10 AM. We had climbed that water-tank at 8:00 or so. 4 hrs of nonstop chatting is really something. I even came to think about how many words we would have uttered.

Today in the afternoon Jagan,Ketan and I were watching the history of Pyramids (discovery/bbc) when Vardhman / Jagmohan came. Vardhman had some work related to the treat in the evening but Jagmohan was more worried about BS project. I joined Jagmohan and went to lab to see what could be done.

Sir had given us an idea to work upon and according to hime it would surely work. But it failed (most-expected in CV related stuff) . We checked the code , removed some bugs, modified the technique and now its giving appx 80% accuracy. The system is not too scalable but its ok AFA this project is concerned (thats the scenario mostly). Atleast some results are visible. It was really a good feeling of achievement after it started working. Have to show the project tomorrow and leave day after (actually its tomorrow only now). In any case I cant stay back now even if he says.

Today evening we had a party from Vardhman/Dixit etc. It was fun. A get-together after long time. We played dumb-charads, had a question answer session , and also played 'ankh-micholi'. Those who did not get any question in first round had to go one by one for an open q/a session (I was one of them :( ). I was asked 3 qs.

1) About my crush in IIIT (by manjeet)- well! I told everyone...its ok
2) Why I dont have a girlfriend (by nir) - this got transferred to 1st q
3) why library - its ok :))

I have lots of work tomorrow. Have to meet Dr. PJN and tell him about my going home, have to show BS project, have to packup (last time so its time-consuming :( ), have to write some CDs/HD etc. I am still thinking whether to take my PC home or not. Already Nitin's PC will b there..if we take another it will be too much trouble. Lets see...

Its 3:29 AM now (11th Apr unlike this posts timestamp). I wanted to see some movies before going but am not able to :(( . I wish I could take my pc home..who knows how long I will stay there.



Gaurav Srivastava said...

Bye Chandu n Happy Journey!!
Do wake me up before u leave.
B in touch.


Amit said...

Arey gud chsa..
mujhe nahin pata tha ki tum bhi DUmb C ke shaukeen ho..