Monday, April 4, 2005

night out..

Yesterday night I had my BS/Post FYP project meetings. These meetings were being delayed so much that I could not stop but to schedule them on the last exam day of my BTech. I was going to lab at 10:00 when I heard someone calling 'chandna'. I turned and went to the coffee-shop where Amal was sitting with Priyanka. I chatted with them for sometime about which job to join. After sometime I got a call from Nir and so I had to leave for CVIT. Amal told that he felt like going out and has money so he was ready to give me a treat :) . I told him to arrange a bike by 12:30 , we would go to Ohri's.

I went to lab and Nir,Vardhman,Ranjith and one senior were discussing sth. I got congrats and all and then just after 5 mins of discussion I got a call from home. I talked for 15 mins about pros and cons of joining one company over other and obviously came to no conclusion. Our meeting continued and because of so many people, 6 of us and pelu,Tarun,Sachin chatting was going on and on. After sometime we came to work and installed Windows on a machine. It took half an hour and in the mean time Ranjith,Vardhman and I discussed lots of philosophical issues in life about 'winning & losing in life' . We installed Network drivers and OpenCV and the old system was ready. Now only the last part has to be done.

Amal came at 12:30 and asked again (he had come before with no bike telling that he will go for sleeping) for going out , he had got a bike. We came out and saw lot of people sitting in coffee shop. Vidit,Dixit,Rocky,Vardhman all were there. They were also willing to come so Vidit and I came to hostel to arrange for 2 more bikes. We got 2 bikes after searching around and by that time others also came to OBH. Vidit went for some 'important' work and came back in 10 mins.

We finally left at 1:30 or so. Dixit was with me, Amal with vidit and vardhman with Rakesh. Pradeep's bike gave us a hard time but finally started. We just crossed the jubliee hills main crossing when Vidit started overtaking me... I also did the same. He was just about to reach Ohri's before me but I finally overtook him and we won :). Rakesh and Vardhman saw half closed shutters of Ohris so did not notice it and went straight past us.. We shouted to stop them and they noticed us.

When we went in we came to know that we will get ONLY ice-creams/coffee/tea. I had thought of taking some 'GOOD' pizzas (to overcome the horrible experience at ice-n-spice) but they ditched me. We ordered 3 bull's eye and 3 maccacinos. Bull's eye was gr8 as usual but the coffee sucked ( others liked it ). Vidit ate Amal's ice-cream almost fully so he ordered another one. We did lot of masti while eating ice-creams and talked about various issues. A point was raised to eat something 'namkeen' on which another point was raised that 'we might get omlettes somewhere' to which Rocky told that there would be some open shops in Hi-tech area. Everyone was ready so we went there.

We started for Hi-tech and again Dixit was with me. He was not talking at all and so every now and then I would curse him so that he starts talking. We stopped in front of Cyber-pearls where there were so many people. There were so many cars, people, and it was looking like 8:00 in the night , not 3 in the morning. We ordered 3 omlettes and tea. Vidit got an urgent call so he went to hostel with Dixit. I told him to come back as we had more plans for morning :) . We ate our omlettes and discussed about the companies, work culture, CA, Oracle, options, etc. Dixit called me and told that they are coming back. We started roaming around after eating. Vidit and Dixit finally came and we settled down again.

We waited for Vidit to eat his omlette and then started for 'Durgam Cheruvu'. We saw so many buildings , some constructed, some under construction, almost all the buildings were lit and people were visible all around. We were wondering how our lives would be after a month or so when we would also be working in such offices which do not sleep. We stopped near the lake and parked the bikes and started doing masti again.

We were discussing about how these companies infy,tcs etc earn so much money that they are building new offices , recruiting thousands and still growing. Vidit raised a good point regarding the over-pricing of softwares in regard to the companies' revenues. We were peacefully chatting when 3 guys wearing shawls came in a tractor and told us that there is going to be a blast and we should leave the premises. We left and went further down the road. I tried locating a place to continue the masti but there was no proper place. Vardhman and I started off on the same road and saw that nobody is coming behind us . We traced our way back and called Dixit to know where they are. They were waiting for us in front of Raheja towers. We crossed them and told that we will meet in front of infosys.

We came to the road beside the institute and stopped to wait for Vidit. We did masti on the road for sometime and after half an hour or so we decided to go back. It was already 4:50. While coming back we went to the Dhaba and asked for 'puris' and we were told that it will take time for preparing. We came to hostel and left the bikes. Now Vidit and rocky ditched us and stayed back in hostel. Amal, Dixit , Vardhman and I went to lab. We started playing CS and I scored a century against both of them . Dixit was listening to songs. After sometime dixit lost patience and went to hostel. We thought of stopping and because we were not hungry we dropped the idea of going for 'puris'. So we left Amal in lab and came to hostel to sleep. Finally I slept at 6:30 and woke up at 12:00.

After so many days we finally sat for BS project and did something in it. We started chatting again in the evening like yesterday. Ranjith , Vardhman and myself about philosophy but left the topic soon. Our meeting got cancelled because Rocky had an exam and so we postponed it to tomorrow...I saw the second CD of topgun again and am feeling hungry now after eating the sweet 'Rajma' in mess. Thinking of going to lab to do BS project.


ironhide said...

the fyp blogger has now become the BS blogger!

Gaurav Srivastava said...

Looooooong Post!! Your description bout the same in the morning was actually concise but I was thinking otw before I read this post he he :)