Saturday, April 2, 2005


Now that the exams are going to get over in 2 days (actually they started today :)) ) we are planning to go home. Nitin is going on 10th (if he gets his ticket confirmed) and I am going on 12th with Ketan. Amal will stay for FYP :)) . Bothra is thinking of going in April end. We had thought of visiting Goa or some place like that in these holidays. But we came to realize that mercury will be soaring in Goa more than Hyd. Goa plans dropped. Thought of some hill station but ooty,simla we have already visited so which one . Thought of Kodai-kanal finally. But these people are not showing any interest and since few days I am also not feeling like going anywhere. Best is to go home, stay there for a month peacefully and then come back in mid-may and join the company.

We actually thought of making plans for Goa itself but in December when most of us would be having some holidays atleast. It will be fun. We will have money also :)) to sponsor ourself a good time. We will stay in some resort and will be there on christmas so it will be great fun to be there. I look forward to be in Goa :).

Today we had our interaction session with Alumni . Prasad, Sunil mohan, Srikanth and few others came. We had a session for appx 1 and half hours. The title of the meeting was 'from academics to corporate' and it was on based on this line itself. They started off with some basic stuff like - the importance of your interest in the work you do, being professional at work, accept the work in beginning even if you find it boring , show your interests or demands only after stabilizing in the organization, people working around you are humans only and they also want to grow in the organization so politics will surely be there, onsite opportunities help only in increasing your bank accounts (you can save 1 lac/month abroad - SMA). The best point which I liked was that prasad said 'we are still the same as before personally with friends etc but we have changed a bit professionally in talking to ppl at work etc'.

They answered our questions like 'Is MBA a waste of these 4 years' to which Srikanth answered against it. He told that if you work in IT&S it will help you if u stay in IT sector. Whereas even if you work in other domains , knowledge of IT helps alot, so its not waste. 'Why and when should people switch'? - If the work sux and you cant just take it any more and obv if you have any options then switch it. But they also told that every time you switch there will be some things you will gain and some things you will lose. The type of work, people, place, environment, salary etc everything matters.

They also emphasized on finding out our priorities so that at any point we know what we want to do and what to avoid. Priorities are important for deciding whether to switch or not, which field to work in, which project to take, which direction to pursue. This part definitely applies to me as lately I have noticed that my priorities are not very clear to me. Basically , I dont even have any ambition in life except the obvious ones like money etc...I thought about these issues but left them for later because there were somethings that were not clear and so I had to leave it on time.

They also told that mostly we would find the work un-interesting, our expectations will not be met, but we should keep our calm and have patience. We have to cooperate because we have to be professional. We are being paid for working there and therefore we have to maintain our job else we will be kicked out. We have to handle situations which we wont expect , manage problems which we wont like facing , and worst of all , work with people we might not like (personally) . This is how we have to be professional :( .


Abhishek Anand said...

Cool post !! I missed the talk ..coz of bs proj meetings with VG.. but I think I got the gist of it now :)

Ashutosh Parida said...

good that you post abt the meeting with the seniors !

and i know you are crazy abt earning lots of money...but think abt other issues also ;)