Saturday, April 2, 2005

exams..farewell etc

Our first exam of our Last exams at IIIT got over today..LCS..I still dont know why or where we use LCS .. neither do I want to know..I did not find the course of any useful unlike some other open-electives or systems thinking, economics etc..good that the IT electives are not like this course else we would not have learnt anything in these 4 years...While writing the exam I was thinking of leaving every minute but then I thought that I cant afford failing the subject so I kept writing...

In the past few days I did not blog at all..Our juniors gave us farewell finally at 30th of March. It was good to feel that we are leaving the institute..that day I did not even feel nostalgic or anything..I was not in a good mood. Lately my mood has become quiet stupid..I just get angry on anything and start shouting at any person and then fight with him...In the past week I fought with Amal twice , then I fought with Nitin. Good that Nitin and I made up in an hour itself and it did not affect anything :) . Still I am not feeling good becoz of no reason...

Anyways..We finally had a class meeting in which the attendance was not bad..we discussed lots of issues like Scholarship fund , Special class by some profs, mementos to profs etc. We collected some money from our batch and thought of buying a pen with some inscritption on it. Vidit and I went on the farewell day itself and we had planned of gifting it on that day itself..Well yeah! we were quiet late but its ok...We went to 2-3 shops and were pointed to Deccan pen store which was closed. The day was very hot and we were getting thirsty after every 10 minutes. Finally we reached a shop in koti and the shop-keeper told that he can do it by 5:00. Huh! finally we thought we are at right place. It was 12:00 already. We saw atleast 30 pens and chose one 'Pierre Cardon'. We gave an order of 50 pens with the inscription
'Regards \n Graduating batch,BTech 05' on it. It looked good. After he talked on phone he told that it will be done by 8:00 only. After waiting and Vidit's senti he came down to 7:00.

We finally reached IIIT at 3:30 after taking lunch in Hi-tec in which we mostly drank . In the whole day we had already taken 4 nimbu panis/1 orange juice/1 pineapple juice/1 mango shake each :)) . I was so tired and this Vidit was still running around like he just woke up after a long sleep. I came back and my room was locked, thanks to shekhar who took my keys to CVIT. I slept in Nitin's room and got ready at 5:45 to go for Farewell.

I was the second one to reach after Paritosh. Nitin was with me. After some ppl came , we planted the tree at the end of the football ground (opp girls hostel) . The ceremony started just after that with a nostalgic speech of Imran and Aditya from our batch. Dr. PJN gave a wonderful speech and appreciated our batch with good statistics. We were given mementos and the CDs (yearbook) on stage by Dr. Govindrajulu , Dr. Jayanthi and Dr. Sangal after which we had to break. Dr. Govindrajulu gave interesting comments for almost half of our batch.

Vidit came in the mean time and we gifted the pens to some professors who were still there. After dinner informals started with some events on the stage . We were told to write a question for any batchmate and that guy/gal will be called and asked that question on stage..Amal wrote a stupid Q for me and manjeet. It went for maybe 1 1/2 or 2 hrs and we finally came to room.

Have building science day after tomorrow, lots of slides to go through..god help. Yesterday I experienced something about the way I used to feel an year or more before. When we used to have exams in 2nd/3rd year when I was more 'sincere' (or less 'insincere') than I am now. That time when I used to see people playing in lab just a day before exam I would feel 'how can one do such a thing' and it was impossible for me to do sth like that at that time. But yesterday I did exactly that. Its ok that this is open elective and all that but still I played CS, roamed around, read a book/mag in library and did not put much time for reading course related matter. I realized it yesterday that we just have to get that feeling of 'care-freeness' or 'carelessness' and once we get that nothing matters...we just dont care. Same applies to many things now. My BS project is not going anywhere but I just dont care anymore. 'Its ok, let it go to hell'...I just went to give the exam today morning and was feeling like leaving it again and again. I am not even feeling bad about leaving few questions entirely unlike before. Is this maturity or immaturity, care free or careless attitude, what is it...

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Vardhman said...

Some MSBR students like me might also be interested in going GOA, I hope my placement be over by that time, but if not it will make it hard. But when it comes to think of going with so many friends I dunno if I will be able to avoid.
I hope I won't be breaking in ur privacy, and yes well don't plan of spending ur 1 month salary or something per head, It might be impossible for me to do that.( I know I can take loan though)