Sunday, April 10, 2005

party time/last visit to OBH terrace

Yesterday was probably my last visit to OBH terrace. Though when we were on third floor I used to go there quiet often but after coming to Ground floor it just reduced abruptly. Those days were beautiful when there were not many tensions...but still more probably than what we have now...that time we had more courses, projects, deadlines, expectations, responsibilities...and now we are just passing time.

We had gone for Amal/Jagan's treat to Angeethi for lunch Buffet. We ate to our fullest, sometimes looking around (there was a group of girls also - remember , pinky). Though becoz of some 'collisions' everything got delayed and we were late but we had enough time to fill our tanks. We also realized ( Amal: shit! see there) that more than half of Hyd was visible from Angeethi. After going down we thought and thought for sometime and finally decided to go to NTR park (not again! I remember my experience in 2nd year , it was horrible). Well! we roamed around, saw the so called '3D cinema' (a nice way to fool people) and went for the 'flight-simulator' (which was worse than 3D cinema). We came across a very good fountain which was creating a fog like thing around a plastic tree. It was gr8. We went for the water-ride and some people went twice too. Ranta had to meet pjn and he also got a call from Bedi becoz of which he got frustoo and scolded me and went back to IIIT (though he talked to me later abt it).

We were also frustrated and tired. We were sitting in the lawn with prickling grass below us. Finally we thought of going for 'Lucky' in which a new actress 'Sneha' who looks like Ash sometimes was there. I wanted to see that girl for sure but we did not get tickets. The counter closed as soon as Deadly (first among us) reached there. We came out and in frustration decided to goto 'ice-n-spice' for shakes/ice-creams etc.

We came to ice-n-spice and ate/drank a lot. Grilled sand-wiches, butter scotch/vanilla/mango shakes, mosami juice etc. After that we finally came back to our campus. While coming only Nitin and I were left to come to OBH. I asked him to come to Terrace for sometime and he agreed. So we went.

We directly climbed the tank on the terrace (probably the highest point of obh) and sat there. Our discussions started from something I was confused about to our friendship, then a general friendship, what we expect, what we get, disappointments, masti, experiences, etc. We talked alot. We talked about some past experiences about old friends, the bitter and the good experiences in IIIT, about what we want to do in future, what we want to achieve, what we expect...huh! so, obviously when we saw the watch it was already 12:10 AM. We had climbed that water-tank at 8:00 or so. 4 hrs of nonstop chatting is really something. I even came to think about how many words we would have uttered.

Today in the afternoon Jagan,Ketan and I were watching the history of Pyramids (discovery/bbc) when Vardhman / Jagmohan came. Vardhman had some work related to the treat in the evening but Jagmohan was more worried about BS project. I joined Jagmohan and went to lab to see what could be done.

Sir had given us an idea to work upon and according to hime it would surely work. But it failed (most-expected in CV related stuff) . We checked the code , removed some bugs, modified the technique and now its giving appx 80% accuracy. The system is not too scalable but its ok AFA this project is concerned (thats the scenario mostly). Atleast some results are visible. It was really a good feeling of achievement after it started working. Have to show the project tomorrow and leave day after (actually its tomorrow only now). In any case I cant stay back now even if he says.

Today evening we had a party from Vardhman/Dixit etc. It was fun. A get-together after long time. We played dumb-charads, had a question answer session , and also played 'ankh-micholi'. Those who did not get any question in first round had to go one by one for an open q/a session (I was one of them :( ). I was asked 3 qs.

1) About my crush in IIIT (by manjeet)- well! I told everyone...its ok
2) Why I dont have a girlfriend (by nir) - this got transferred to 1st q
3) why library - its ok :))

I have lots of work tomorrow. Have to meet Dr. PJN and tell him about my going home, have to show BS project, have to packup (last time so its time-consuming :( ), have to write some CDs/HD etc. I am still thinking whether to take my PC home or not. Already Nitin's PC will b there..if we take another it will be too much trouble. Lets see...

Its 3:29 AM now (11th Apr unlike this posts timestamp). I wanted to see some movies before going but am not able to :(( . I wish I could take my pc home..who knows how long I will stay there.


Monday, April 4, 2005

night out..

Yesterday night I had my BS/Post FYP project meetings. These meetings were being delayed so much that I could not stop but to schedule them on the last exam day of my BTech. I was going to lab at 10:00 when I heard someone calling 'chandna'. I turned and went to the coffee-shop where Amal was sitting with Priyanka. I chatted with them for sometime about which job to join. After sometime I got a call from Nir and so I had to leave for CVIT. Amal told that he felt like going out and has money so he was ready to give me a treat :) . I told him to arrange a bike by 12:30 , we would go to Ohri's.

I went to lab and Nir,Vardhman,Ranjith and one senior were discussing sth. I got congrats and all and then just after 5 mins of discussion I got a call from home. I talked for 15 mins about pros and cons of joining one company over other and obviously came to no conclusion. Our meeting continued and because of so many people, 6 of us and pelu,Tarun,Sachin chatting was going on and on. After sometime we came to work and installed Windows on a machine. It took half an hour and in the mean time Ranjith,Vardhman and I discussed lots of philosophical issues in life about 'winning & losing in life' . We installed Network drivers and OpenCV and the old system was ready. Now only the last part has to be done.

Amal came at 12:30 and asked again (he had come before with no bike telling that he will go for sleeping) for going out , he had got a bike. We came out and saw lot of people sitting in coffee shop. Vidit,Dixit,Rocky,Vardhman all were there. They were also willing to come so Vidit and I came to hostel to arrange for 2 more bikes. We got 2 bikes after searching around and by that time others also came to OBH. Vidit went for some 'important' work and came back in 10 mins.

We finally left at 1:30 or so. Dixit was with me, Amal with vidit and vardhman with Rakesh. Pradeep's bike gave us a hard time but finally started. We just crossed the jubliee hills main crossing when Vidit started overtaking me... I also did the same. He was just about to reach Ohri's before me but I finally overtook him and we won :). Rakesh and Vardhman saw half closed shutters of Ohris so did not notice it and went straight past us.. We shouted to stop them and they noticed us.

When we went in we came to know that we will get ONLY ice-creams/coffee/tea. I had thought of taking some 'GOOD' pizzas (to overcome the horrible experience at ice-n-spice) but they ditched me. We ordered 3 bull's eye and 3 maccacinos. Bull's eye was gr8 as usual but the coffee sucked ( others liked it ). Vidit ate Amal's ice-cream almost fully so he ordered another one. We did lot of masti while eating ice-creams and talked about various issues. A point was raised to eat something 'namkeen' on which another point was raised that 'we might get omlettes somewhere' to which Rocky told that there would be some open shops in Hi-tech area. Everyone was ready so we went there.

We started for Hi-tech and again Dixit was with me. He was not talking at all and so every now and then I would curse him so that he starts talking. We stopped in front of Cyber-pearls where there were so many people. There were so many cars, people, and it was looking like 8:00 in the night , not 3 in the morning. We ordered 3 omlettes and tea. Vidit got an urgent call so he went to hostel with Dixit. I told him to come back as we had more plans for morning :) . We ate our omlettes and discussed about the companies, work culture, CA, Oracle, options, etc. Dixit called me and told that they are coming back. We started roaming around after eating. Vidit and Dixit finally came and we settled down again.

We waited for Vidit to eat his omlette and then started for 'Durgam Cheruvu'. We saw so many buildings , some constructed, some under construction, almost all the buildings were lit and people were visible all around. We were wondering how our lives would be after a month or so when we would also be working in such offices which do not sleep. We stopped near the lake and parked the bikes and started doing masti again.

We were discussing about how these companies infy,tcs etc earn so much money that they are building new offices , recruiting thousands and still growing. Vidit raised a good point regarding the over-pricing of softwares in regard to the companies' revenues. We were peacefully chatting when 3 guys wearing shawls came in a tractor and told us that there is going to be a blast and we should leave the premises. We left and went further down the road. I tried locating a place to continue the masti but there was no proper place. Vardhman and I started off on the same road and saw that nobody is coming behind us . We traced our way back and called Dixit to know where they are. They were waiting for us in front of Raheja towers. We crossed them and told that we will meet in front of infosys.

We came to the road beside the institute and stopped to wait for Vidit. We did masti on the road for sometime and after half an hour or so we decided to go back. It was already 4:50. While coming back we went to the Dhaba and asked for 'puris' and we were told that it will take time for preparing. We came to hostel and left the bikes. Now Vidit and rocky ditched us and stayed back in hostel. Amal, Dixit , Vardhman and I went to lab. We started playing CS and I scored a century against both of them . Dixit was listening to songs. After sometime dixit lost patience and went to hostel. We thought of stopping and because we were not hungry we dropped the idea of going for 'puris'. So we left Amal in lab and came to hostel to sleep. Finally I slept at 6:30 and woke up at 12:00.

After so many days we finally sat for BS project and did something in it. We started chatting again in the evening like yesterday. Ranjith , Vardhman and myself about philosophy but left the topic soon. Our meeting got cancelled because Rocky had an exam and so we postponed it to tomorrow...I saw the second CD of topgun again and am feeling hungry now after eating the sweet 'Rajma' in mess. Thinking of going to lab to do BS project.

Sunday, April 3, 2005


A mail sent by Vardhman..though its old..but still its funny


A man checked into a hotel. There was a computer in
room, So he
decided to send an e-mail to his wife. However, he
accidentally Typed a
wrong e-mail address, and without realizing his
error, he sent the

Meanwhile.....somewhere else, a widow had
just returned home from her
husband's funeral. The widow decided to
check her e-mail, expecting
messages from relatives and friends. After
reading the first message,
she fainted. The widow's son rushed into the
room, found his mother on
the floor, and saw the computer screen which

To: My Loving Wife
Subject: I've Reached
Date: 31 May

I know you're surprised to hear from me. They have
computers here now,
and you are allowed to send e-mails to your loved
ones. I've just
reached and have been checked in. I see that
has been
prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Looking forward to
you then!

Hope your journey will be as uneventful as mine was ...

Saturday, April 2, 2005


Now that the exams are going to get over in 2 days (actually they started today :)) ) we are planning to go home. Nitin is going on 10th (if he gets his ticket confirmed) and I am going on 12th with Ketan. Amal will stay for FYP :)) . Bothra is thinking of going in April end. We had thought of visiting Goa or some place like that in these holidays. But we came to realize that mercury will be soaring in Goa more than Hyd. Goa plans dropped. Thought of some hill station but ooty,simla we have already visited so which one . Thought of Kodai-kanal finally. But these people are not showing any interest and since few days I am also not feeling like going anywhere. Best is to go home, stay there for a month peacefully and then come back in mid-may and join the company.

We actually thought of making plans for Goa itself but in December when most of us would be having some holidays atleast. It will be fun. We will have money also :)) to sponsor ourself a good time. We will stay in some resort and will be there on christmas so it will be great fun to be there. I look forward to be in Goa :).

Today we had our interaction session with Alumni . Prasad, Sunil mohan, Srikanth and few others came. We had a session for appx 1 and half hours. The title of the meeting was 'from academics to corporate' and it was on based on this line itself. They started off with some basic stuff like - the importance of your interest in the work you do, being professional at work, accept the work in beginning even if you find it boring , show your interests or demands only after stabilizing in the organization, people working around you are humans only and they also want to grow in the organization so politics will surely be there, onsite opportunities help only in increasing your bank accounts (you can save 1 lac/month abroad - SMA). The best point which I liked was that prasad said 'we are still the same as before personally with friends etc but we have changed a bit professionally in talking to ppl at work etc'.

They answered our questions like 'Is MBA a waste of these 4 years' to which Srikanth answered against it. He told that if you work in IT&S it will help you if u stay in IT sector. Whereas even if you work in other domains , knowledge of IT helps alot, so its not waste. 'Why and when should people switch'? - If the work sux and you cant just take it any more and obv if you have any options then switch it. But they also told that every time you switch there will be some things you will gain and some things you will lose. The type of work, people, place, environment, salary etc everything matters.

They also emphasized on finding out our priorities so that at any point we know what we want to do and what to avoid. Priorities are important for deciding whether to switch or not, which field to work in, which project to take, which direction to pursue. This part definitely applies to me as lately I have noticed that my priorities are not very clear to me. Basically , I dont even have any ambition in life except the obvious ones like money etc...I thought about these issues but left them for later because there were somethings that were not clear and so I had to leave it on time.

They also told that mostly we would find the work un-interesting, our expectations will not be met, but we should keep our calm and have patience. We have to cooperate because we have to be professional. We are being paid for working there and therefore we have to maintain our job else we will be kicked out. We have to handle situations which we wont expect , manage problems which we wont like facing , and worst of all , work with people we might not like (personally) . This is how we have to be professional :( .

exams..farewell etc

Our first exam of our Last exams at IIIT got over today..LCS..I still dont know why or where we use LCS .. neither do I want to know..I did not find the course of any useful unlike some other open-electives or systems thinking, economics etc..good that the IT electives are not like this course else we would not have learnt anything in these 4 years...While writing the exam I was thinking of leaving every minute but then I thought that I cant afford failing the subject so I kept writing...

In the past few days I did not blog at all..Our juniors gave us farewell finally at 30th of March. It was good to feel that we are leaving the institute..that day I did not even feel nostalgic or anything..I was not in a good mood. Lately my mood has become quiet stupid..I just get angry on anything and start shouting at any person and then fight with him...In the past week I fought with Amal twice , then I fought with Nitin. Good that Nitin and I made up in an hour itself and it did not affect anything :) . Still I am not feeling good becoz of no reason...

Anyways..We finally had a class meeting in which the attendance was not bad..we discussed lots of issues like Scholarship fund , Special class by some profs, mementos to profs etc. We collected some money from our batch and thought of buying a pen with some inscritption on it. Vidit and I went on the farewell day itself and we had planned of gifting it on that day itself..Well yeah! we were quiet late but its ok...We went to 2-3 shops and were pointed to Deccan pen store which was closed. The day was very hot and we were getting thirsty after every 10 minutes. Finally we reached a shop in koti and the shop-keeper told that he can do it by 5:00. Huh! finally we thought we are at right place. It was 12:00 already. We saw atleast 30 pens and chose one 'Pierre Cardon'. We gave an order of 50 pens with the inscription
'Regards \n Graduating batch,BTech 05' on it. It looked good. After he talked on phone he told that it will be done by 8:00 only. After waiting and Vidit's senti he came down to 7:00.

We finally reached IIIT at 3:30 after taking lunch in Hi-tec in which we mostly drank . In the whole day we had already taken 4 nimbu panis/1 orange juice/1 pineapple juice/1 mango shake each :)) . I was so tired and this Vidit was still running around like he just woke up after a long sleep. I came back and my room was locked, thanks to shekhar who took my keys to CVIT. I slept in Nitin's room and got ready at 5:45 to go for Farewell.

I was the second one to reach after Paritosh. Nitin was with me. After some ppl came , we planted the tree at the end of the football ground (opp girls hostel) . The ceremony started just after that with a nostalgic speech of Imran and Aditya from our batch. Dr. PJN gave a wonderful speech and appreciated our batch with good statistics. We were given mementos and the CDs (yearbook) on stage by Dr. Govindrajulu , Dr. Jayanthi and Dr. Sangal after which we had to break. Dr. Govindrajulu gave interesting comments for almost half of our batch.

Vidit came in the mean time and we gifted the pens to some professors who were still there. After dinner informals started with some events on the stage . We were told to write a question for any batchmate and that guy/gal will be called and asked that question on stage..Amal wrote a stupid Q for me and manjeet. It went for maybe 1 1/2 or 2 hrs and we finally came to room.

Have building science day after tomorrow, lots of slides to go through..god help. Yesterday I experienced something about the way I used to feel an year or more before. When we used to have exams in 2nd/3rd year when I was more 'sincere' (or less 'insincere') than I am now. That time when I used to see people playing in lab just a day before exam I would feel 'how can one do such a thing' and it was impossible for me to do sth like that at that time. But yesterday I did exactly that. Its ok that this is open elective and all that but still I played CS, roamed around, read a book/mag in library and did not put much time for reading course related matter. I realized it yesterday that we just have to get that feeling of 'care-freeness' or 'carelessness' and once we get that nothing matters...we just dont care. Same applies to many things now. My BS project is not going anywhere but I just dont care anymore. 'Its ok, let it go to hell'...I just went to give the exam today morning and was feeling like leaving it again and again. I am not even feeling bad about leaving few questions entirely unlike before. Is this maturity or immaturity, care free or careless attitude, what is it...