Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Today Deadly and I went to get tickets for home. We have got reservation in AP together. Ketan , Dead and me. The reservation took hardly 10 minutes and we were out of the RC at 6:30 so we thought lets roam around for sometime. So we went to Big bazaar and saw some stuff etc. We ate dahi papdi and chat outside the Mall. We wanted to buy grapes from BB but they were not available. So we bought grapes from Mehdipatnam . We also bought a big Watermelon. Mostly that watermelon was to make people like .... and ..... to get tempted and to force them to come for seeing movie _together_ but unfortunately these guys are dumb enough to not to realize the glory of the last few days@IIIT, the glory of being together for atleast some time. They just want to roam around doing nothing and just eating other people's heads.

Manjeet had FYP presentation next day but he still came. Ketan , Deadly and I were already there. We had thought before Manjeet came that we will not cut the water-melon but as we were 4 of us, we decided to. It was delicious,juicy and too much. I am still getting a taste of it on my taste-buds. We saw 'The girl next door' (Yes! it was my 3rd time in the past 5 days) . I dont know why but there are somethings in that movie which are tempting me to see it again and again. One major thing is the feeling of 'the last' few days before graduation which has been emphasized in the movie. They talk about 'going nuts' , 'doing crazy things' etc which I like most. Though I am not doing anything that can fall in those categories but I would really love to. What can I say about it. Nitin has finally started getting that feeling , even bothra has to some extent but rest are as dumb as ever.
I have even stopped expecting anything from these rest of the guys now.

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ironhide said...

i am doing different things :)
I am picking up fights with ppl whom I dont want to continue a relationship..I am avoiding fights with ppl I want to talk to later...I am trying to patch up with girls...
what else to do?