Saturday, March 26, 2005

Walk by moonlight - not movie :)

Today is holi (its 11:59 PM FYI - 26th march). We (ketan,amal,manjeet,nitin,dixit and myself) went for lunch buffet in 'Fortune Katriya' hotel. We had been thinking of doing sth on holi's afternoon and had finally thought of going to Mischief for Buffet. Alas! Mischievious people were not lucky enough to serve us as they were closed for today.

We went at 12:30 after lot of ado. Bothra and Deadly were still sleeping at 11:30. Earlier in the morning I had got up at 10:00 for breakfast. Our wing was still water-less at that time. I went to the neighbouring wing to do the 'standard' stuff and took bath at 11:00 when I was sure that nobody will touch me with colors. In the mean time Ramneek,Shekhar , Gaurav and I also disturbed Vishal (D), Nitin and Bothra. Vishal was seriously shocked when he thought we were applying colors on him . Bothra got a brilliantly stupid idea and sprayed his Cinthol powder on us thinking we will throw colors at him. Nitin got 'afraid' and did not open the door :). We had no intention of playing holi (my reasons are in other post). Gaurav and Ramneek both were not willing to play colors but Gaurav finally gave up and went to the grounds. People were looking terrible when they were done with colors.

Bothra and Nitin got ready pretty fast and I was watching 'code 46' till then. The movie looked horrible to me. Not that I saw the full movie, but it was so terrible that I could not dare to see it fully. We went to lab at 12:30 and left for Mischief. When we reached Mischief it was 1:30 already and after seeing it closed we thought of two options. One was my idea of going to Pizza hut which people said 'we can order anytime' and stuff and I agreed. Other was of going to Fortune Katriya and so it happened. We reached there at 2:20 or so and started the Buffet.

The best part of Buffet is always the fruits and the sweets. This buffet was good in both. Pineapple, Watermelon (my new delicacy), Papaya , we ate all three to the maximum extent possible. Sometime back only I had wished for eating 'gujia' and we got that too in Buffet. Then the same 'galab-jaman' (intentionally mis-spelled) and Vanilla ice-cream combo. There were so many things that I could not taste everything properly. The biryani,non-veg items etc. everything was delicious. The 'ras-malai' was also too good. We also took grapes from the fruit-basket. These grapes were much better than those which Nitin and I had bought few days back.

We were filled to the maximum at 3:30 and so we left. We sat on the sofas in the main hall and were reading newspapers. Then bothra said 'how good it will be if we have a home like this in which we sit on these sofas with our ....'. Then we talked about more things like that, on what can be done to own such a place :)) etc.

We finally came to campus at 4:45 or so after having a glass of sugarcane juice outside. We had also taken a glass while going so we started/ended our day sweetly.
After coming back I was feeling so terribly weak and sleepy (owing to the food and only 3 hrs of sleep last night) that I went to hostel directly. I just lied down on my cute little bed and went to sleep. I got up at 8:00 directly thinking it might be the next morning 8:00 but it was the same night only. I went to do the LCS assignment in Adi's room and then went for dinner. After dinner I had to go for a walk with dixit.

We met at 9:45 or so and sat in front of the side-door of main building (in front of coffee shop). We chatted for almost an hour and then got this 'crazy' idea ( i love crazy ideas) of going to ISB for a walk (by moonlite). We were walking and walking and walking. Infosys came and went, ISB came and went, microsoft came and went. Finally we decided to return. Though I thought of going till 'Planet 10' but dixit said its too far :) . After atleast 5 kms and 1 hour of walking we came back to campus. Both of us were feeling tired but I had already slept for 3 hours so I was in a better state. Dixit went to sleep and I came to hostel and thought of putting down whatever happened today.

Thinking of seeing a movie...tomorrow sunday! lets make some plans :))

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