Friday, March 18, 2005

Runway 9 and Dhola ri dhani

We started off at 2:30 after lot of ado. First of all the taxi was not on time,
then we could not transfer images from Aswin's Cam to PC, then everyone took more
time than expected. We had planned this trip just two days back thinking of doing
something different on Ketan's birthday. Already we had to go to Runway 9 so we
thought this is the right time. AC got a qualis booked and we planned out everything.
SMR and Jagan could not come as they had some work. Finally AC,Manjeet,Piyush,Ketan,
Nitin,Amal,Dixit,Manoj,Visesh got on board and we left.

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Finally 10 of us left for the excursion

We reached runway 9 at about 3:30 and it was pretty hot weather. Sun was burning
right over us. In the car also we were feeling heated up. Nitin and I were the DJ
for others as we took the front seats. We got pretty frustrated seeing tons of
people travelling in trucks because of the visit of 'Mrs Sonia Gandhi'. Even the
scorching son did not seem to affect the number of people hanging on the trucks.

Runway 9 was looking like a very small place from outside but it was big enough
from inside. More than half of the area is covered by the Go-Karting Track itself.
The place was _totally_ empty except for the people who work there. We entered the
premises and saw the board 'Welcome to Microsoft' for which we pulled Nitin's legs.
We went to the pool-room where 3-4 people were watching Cricket in TV. The cooler's
air was soothing after coming from hot outside. We decided to get tickets for
everything and to get started so we went to the ticket counter.

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After entering Runway 9

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Runway 9's Go karting track

We took tickets for Archery,shooting,Skating,Rock-climbing and off-course Go-karting.
Tintin was the first one to try his hand on Archery and he came out to be the best
Archer (longbowman for agers). His score was unbeatable. Ketan also did well. The worst
among all include Dixit,Amal and me :). Visesh did best in shooting. Amal,Dixit,Ketan,
Nitin and I got total zero score
. All this time Majji was a constant spectator owing
to the fracture he got in his hand. He was not supposed to do any such things.
I really appreciate his self-control. We took lots of photos in different funny
poses from Matrix to Ramayana and left for some refreshments.

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best archer...tintin

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top dacoits :) ... veera and appan

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matrix trilogy...ketan , me and piyush

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scene from Ramayana - Ram,Laxman,Hanuman and some co-actors :)

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Best shooters group - score 0

All of us took 'Fresh lime soda' except me. I took Apple juice instead. It looked
like the only restaurant cum pub in Runway 9. The whole place was full of cigaretter
smoke. We saw a very interesting movie that was being played on the projector casting
Jithendra as snake and Danny as some tantrik Mongoose. After sometime we left for
Skating. Amal,Dixit,Ketan,Piyush,Nitin and Visesh went for skating and rest of us
were taking their photos when they were falling all around. Amal never left the support.
Manjeet,AC,Majji and I were having fun in the grass. Dixit also joined us after
sometime. We were lying on the grass and seeing other sk8ers falling.

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the best-fall award goes to Deadly

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1st and 2nd Runner up in the best-fall category

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Sk8er boys

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Grass hoppers...

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guess what are they making

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This is "the" word

After skating we went for Go-karting. As there were only 8 cars and we were 9 we
divided into 4+5. Nitin,Ketan,Piyush and Visesh went first. Nitin left first and
returned first
. He got an extra edge of starting first :) . After them Amal,Manjeet,
Dixit,AC and I went. Bothra was the first to start and first to finish. AC started
second and came third becoz of me :) . Amal started fourth and came fourth. Dixit
started third and came ..... I started last so I got a good opportunity of overtaking.
I managed to overtake Amal and dixit easily as they were skidding all around. AC was
a tough one but I managed to overtake him too. Bothra was too far to overtake so
I could manage only second position :) . Best-gainer award
goes to me :). The guy who was managing the races was a very fast driver.
He showed us by doing two tracks and he never seemed to reduce his speed at
turns. Well! practice makes a man ... exactly!

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The first group of Racers

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The best F1 drivers...Shum4c,D1V3R,skeli (from R to L)

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The "Formula 1" group

Then we went for the last and final thing...Rock-climbing. I was the first one
to try. I somehow managed to pull myself till the top but coming down was more
difficult. My fore-arms were paining when I reached bottom. Ketan went after me
and he managed to reach the top pretty easily owing to his less weight (63 kg only).
AC went for the difficult one and managed to reach the top. Dixit went after
him and completed pretty easily. He was the only one who did not leave the supports
ever. For this he gets the 'consistent-climber' award :) . While dixit was in the
middle we were betting on how far will Amal make it. I guessed exactly the right
support till which he went after which he said 'I am coming back'. Manjeet
also took the difficult when and made it finally though he had some swelling
in his foot. Good work dude.

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Me Rocking on the rox...

We left Runway 9 and went to Dhola ri dhani which was hardly a KM away from it.
We were welcomed with trumpet and teeka. Some of us were pretty hungry
so we decided to give the time for dinner as 8:00. We started roaming and
came across a stall where there was a glass-ball game (throw ball and all glasses
should fall) and guess what , there was a gift for loosing also. So except Amal,
AC and myself, every one took a chance and only Nitin managed to hit all glasses
in three turns. The gifts ranged from the color-cube,snake&ladder game to scenaries,
guns etc.

We went for the welcome drink and some of us went to the temple as well. I checked
Amal's knowledge for Indian gods which was pretty good. We went to see the
folk-dance which was good enough. Then we went for dinner directly. We were served
24 items as counted by Piyush. It started with 2 kind of pickles,chutney,disco
, ground nuts , jaggery, dahi-vada, chaaj . Then we got a set
of curries. Dal, mixed veg,etc . Then we got sada-parantha, masala
parantha, missi roti
and also some powdered sweet. They also served very
crispy jalebis. Ghee was pouring out from everything. Dal
was really good. They served Khichdi after that and nobody could
eat rice as everyone was full.

We went out and lied on the Khatiyas lying there. The scene was pretty
soothing with lanterns burning, trees all around, darkness at some places, and
the stars and the moon. We went for the magic show after we recovered :) .
The magic show was really interesting. I could not understand most of the magic
though everyone knows that its just tricks. I liked especially the last magic
in which he brought a pigeon in a tokri out of nowhere.

After the magic show we went for boating. 10 of us adjusted in 2 paddle and
one rowing boat. We boated for around 10-15 mins. I was with Majji and Ketan.
After boating we went to play on the joy-rides for kids. Well! in some cases
we do things that only kids could, so here we were. We also took camel-ride,
which was pretty dangerous :) . After that we left the place with good memories
to remember.

While coming back Majji and Ketan slept in the Car. Some guys were singing
with the Stereo. We dropped the idea of going to Ohri's because of the lack
of strength and appetite. While coming back just near gachibowli one of us
whose stomach was a bit in trouble did what he was supposed to do. I wont
name who he was here (those who went know who he was). We reached IIIT at
11:30 and celebrated Ketan's bday.

All in all the day was very pleasant. If it had been a better climate
it would have been best. All of us are looking forward to visiting Runway
9 again for go-karting and next time we will surely take the 8 rounds


Anonymous said...


the coolest pic is the one which has best drivers in the driver is such a safe driver dat he din tuk off his helmet for the pic too....amazing....but i tel u the white jackets look kool on u guys...............keep zoomin.......cheers for F1

sandeep said...

@anonymous: driving safe :) .. lets c when F1 comes on way