Saturday, March 5, 2005

night out

Its 5:10 right its obvious that I did not sleep till now..Though I came back from lab at 1:30 itself, so many things happened that I could not sleep . First we saw majji with fractured hand so we started chatting and lot of us gathered in octagon...then we went to Vidit's room...There was some plan for going out for dinner , or you can call it post-dinner..but it got cancelled...Bothra was in my room till 3:00 or so as he was hungry and we were trying to get something to eat from somewhere...Amal came and we threw him out...then I called Nirnimesh whose mobile was unreachable...Then I called ranta and told him to bring nir's keys so that we can make maggi in his room...and he came here with Sachin and Vardhman....we started off at 3:30 with Maggi and ended with Tomato soup...Good that nirnimesh did not come to room during that time otherwise he would have thrown the boiling hot water on each of us as a reaction to seeing his room so dirty...but we cleaned it finally...and now it looks everyone is happily doing his work...and I am going to sleep...good night...

PS: If someone sees this post before 10:00 AM , 6th March please wake me up :))

Wow! today is sunday, have fun

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Nirnimesh said...

Oh, now I only do I come to know that you all had made a mess of my room that Maggi day. But anyway, since you did a nice job of cleaning the room (it hadn't been cleaned since days), it's kinda okay.