Friday, March 25, 2005

movie time

After a lot of days I saw lots of movies together. Ketan, Amal and I saw the latter half of RHTDM in TV-room (my first movie in TV room i guess). Then I came to room and started browsing 'Forgotten'. That stupid movie was on my disk from atleast 6 months and I never dared to touch it. Finally I completed that movie in less than 5 minutes and used the shift/delete key to do the rest.

Then I started 'Heat' . The movie looked good. But I did not have full 3 hours of time to see such a slow movie. So I managed to finish it in 1 hour or so. You cant say I havent seen this movie.

Then finally I saw 'EuroTrip'. The story was pathetic but the movie was okie dokie. It was atleast a bit funny and so enjoyable. I did not have to fast forward alot. Now its 4:45 AM and I guess some serious holi players will start waking up in an hour so its the right time to go to sleep.

good night and happy holi

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