Saturday, March 5, 2005

latest happenings

First and foremost....Amal got into! and he is going to get an awesome package...guess what ..7.8 lacs per annum...thats really huge for a b-tech grad. This job was made for him in heaven really, it just came and fell in his lap. But it proved that he is 'the best' programmer/algorithmic guy of our batch...may be after jagannathan the gr8. A big party is in waiting

Today we particpated in 'Google code jam - round 1' , out of those 500 I got around 2?? rank...that really sucked...I got one program wrong unnecessarily , just 2 more minutes and I would have reached a rank of 60-70, though it would not have mattered as only 50 top would be considered. But I felt really bad about it. Jagan ans Sashi got through...cheers IIIT . Anyways...I learnt alot from this 'defeat' was an experience.

"Excitement of Research" started today and will continue tomorrow as well. Thinking that I would be busy with FYP , I did not participate but I did not really do anything in FYP as well. There were some really gr8 personailities who gave talks,lectures etc. I will surely attend Dr. PJN's talk tomorrow.

Thinking of it, tomorrow is sunday. I cant just imagine how free I will be next sunday with only the report for FYP to be submitted. Next sunday will be the 2nd and last day of R&D showcase.

Today I went to gym/jogging after 3 days ... yesterday I was prepared to go but becoz of this 'Trilogist' Amal who fooled us by saying that he did not get through I could not. We thought he might be feeling bad about being rejected so we went to reciece him at airport and guess what he brought for us...a good news, a really good news...Just waiting for this week to end, we will surely bankrupt him once we are free.... :))


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Gaurav Srivastava said...

Never mind if you cud not make it to the top 50. What matters more is that u gave it a shot :)
Regarding Amal, yeah he is one gem of a guy. That was a nice trick he played upon u guyz ;)