Friday, March 25, 2005

happy holi...

Holi! A 'festival of Colors' ... There was a time when I used to like this festival more than Diwali , when I used to buy balloons fill them with water and just 'disturb' others by throwing those at them for the whole month before Holi. That time we never cared about how irritated others would get . Before coming to IIIT I had never played a holi with lots of colors . My holi was simple and sober, with balloons , water, gulal thats it. I never liked the idea of applying so much color on faces (and at every other place) that it takes days to remove it. This also goes on the similar lines as bursting crackers on diwali. Obviously when I was a kid I used to like crackers alot . But then I realized that we are not only wasting money but also affecting the environment. That might sound too idealistic but thats true and every one should realise that. I obviously wont go into 'global warming' and stuff but these little things have long term effects on ecology. Similarly, everyone knows about the adverse effects of colors on skin etc but still people like wasting money on colors.

The only time I have played such a holi was in First year. Not that I wanted to , but obviously I was made to. I was woken up by Ranta, Bole and group at 5:30 or 6:00 when we guys were in NBH. We were on 1st floor. Then we went to Ketan, Manjeet's room and just colored everyone. Everyone was totally pinkish. After playing with colors for long time, we went for breakfast . After breakfast we went out and everyone got his T-shirt torned. It was 'fun'. We went to the underground water-tank which was being used for the NBH construction and everyone jumped inside.

That holi was made quiet memorable because of our act of 'Vandalism' of hostels. We were made to clean the hostels ourselves (raw-material was given). It took us one whole afternoon to clean up. Think of 80-90 people washing a hostel and it takes one whole day so how badly we must have played holi. That was the time when playing holi was made prohibited in hostels.

The next and its next time, my holi was not like this. I still like playing holi only with water (gulal at max). Festivals always bring a feel-good factor with them, either you celebrate them or not. Now in Ranta's terminology this is all 'psychological'.

This time also I dont plan to play holi. Little bit of pouring water etc is fine because atleast you will like playing in water when its so awfully hot around. I hope nobody will pull me to the grounds where there will be colors all around.

Anyways...A very happy holi to one and all

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