Sunday, March 27, 2005

another walk

Today (i mean by 27th night) Bothra, Nitin and I went for dinner together. The dinner s..... as usual. We thought of going for a walk after dinner and everyone got ready. We three left for drinking sugarcane juice. While going we thought of taking Dixit who was as usual sitting in Library. We told him to come to the juice shop by 9:00 after taking dinner. We drank 2 glasses each and waited for dixit. Dixit as usual took half an hour to eat and came at 9:15 finally.

We went in ISB direction only but took a left turn in the way (Badminton academy). The way was pretty dark and there we could hear some female speaking. We kept walking on the way, both the sides there were dark trees and lights were visible from far. After walking for sometime we came across some 'kumari sansthan' (dont remember the name) and there was a guard sitting outside its main gate. The place was big with lots of flowers and lawns visible. There were lots of dark buildings inside and some of them were under construction. We stopped for sometime and bothra sat on the road itself. We were mostly talking non-sense only. We also spent some time planning on where to go in the holidays for a trip. After spending some time we continued walking in the same directions and then some houses came into picture. We guessed from which alley we will come out and Nitin was correct. We came out of the post office alley .

We were a bit surprised to see Indra nagar so lively at 10:15. It felt good to see that people are coming out of the 'closing at 9:00 or 10:00' culture for markets.
We got this funny idea of going to Lingampally to eat samosas in the sweet shop we had visited last time when we visited Raj Bakers. We took an auto for four of us and went to Lingampally. It was 10:40 already and guess what, the shop was still open. We went with expectations of getting samosas but the guy told 'they got over'. We were disappointed but there were so many other things to eat there. We ate lots of stuff and also drank hot milk. It was pretty good. We packed some ground-nuts and fried dal for the way and took an auto.

In the way we had thought of seeing Sholay and FD-2. But we finally reduced to only FD-2. For change and for making Dixit see a movie with us we went to his room for the movie. FD-2 was an interesting movie with a good but shaky plot. Too many co-incidences can not be digested easily atleast by me. We finally left him for sleeping and came back to hostel.

The bath-room taps are still dry and even the water-cooler is drying. I just got enough water to drink in the night. Today evening I had slept for more than 2 hours so I am not feeling very sleepy right now. But still I think I will go to sleep. Have to evaluate 'Intro to Viz' projects tomorrow and also have to start studying LCS . If everything goes as expected ( probability < 0.1) then I will be visiting library tomorrow after atleast a month :)) . God! I still remeber those days when I was a library freak.

Just 6 more days and our degree requirements will be over. FYP is already over , the two courses that I have taken will finish with the end sem exams on 2nd and 4th. After that I have NOTHING to do...absolutely NOTHING. The only work I have right now is the project evaluation and the exams and both will be over by 4th. We should make some plans asap.


Rakesh said...

hmmm ... sounds like a walk to remember :)

Utkarsh Khare said...

hey .. where is this "kumari sansthan" ?? I think we too would like to go check it out . :))