Sunday, March 27, 2005

another walk

Today (i mean by 27th night) Bothra, Nitin and I went for dinner together. The dinner s..... as usual. We thought of going for a walk after dinner and everyone got ready. We three left for drinking sugarcane juice. While going we thought of taking Dixit who was as usual sitting in Library. We told him to come to the juice shop by 9:00 after taking dinner. We drank 2 glasses each and waited for dixit. Dixit as usual took half an hour to eat and came at 9:15 finally.

We went in ISB direction only but took a left turn in the way (Badminton academy). The way was pretty dark and there we could hear some female speaking. We kept walking on the way, both the sides there were dark trees and lights were visible from far. After walking for sometime we came across some 'kumari sansthan' (dont remember the name) and there was a guard sitting outside its main gate. The place was big with lots of flowers and lawns visible. There were lots of dark buildings inside and some of them were under construction. We stopped for sometime and bothra sat on the road itself. We were mostly talking non-sense only. We also spent some time planning on where to go in the holidays for a trip. After spending some time we continued walking in the same directions and then some houses came into picture. We guessed from which alley we will come out and Nitin was correct. We came out of the post office alley .

We were a bit surprised to see Indra nagar so lively at 10:15. It felt good to see that people are coming out of the 'closing at 9:00 or 10:00' culture for markets.
We got this funny idea of going to Lingampally to eat samosas in the sweet shop we had visited last time when we visited Raj Bakers. We took an auto for four of us and went to Lingampally. It was 10:40 already and guess what, the shop was still open. We went with expectations of getting samosas but the guy told 'they got over'. We were disappointed but there were so many other things to eat there. We ate lots of stuff and also drank hot milk. It was pretty good. We packed some ground-nuts and fried dal for the way and took an auto.

In the way we had thought of seeing Sholay and FD-2. But we finally reduced to only FD-2. For change and for making Dixit see a movie with us we went to his room for the movie. FD-2 was an interesting movie with a good but shaky plot. Too many co-incidences can not be digested easily atleast by me. We finally left him for sleeping and came back to hostel.

The bath-room taps are still dry and even the water-cooler is drying. I just got enough water to drink in the night. Today evening I had slept for more than 2 hours so I am not feeling very sleepy right now. But still I think I will go to sleep. Have to evaluate 'Intro to Viz' projects tomorrow and also have to start studying LCS . If everything goes as expected ( probability < 0.1) then I will be visiting library tomorrow after atleast a month :)) . God! I still remeber those days when I was a library freak.

Just 6 more days and our degree requirements will be over. FYP is already over , the two courses that I have taken will finish with the end sem exams on 2nd and 4th. After that I have NOTHING to do...absolutely NOTHING. The only work I have right now is the project evaluation and the exams and both will be over by 4th. We should make some plans asap.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

water problem

We had not seen a water problem in the past 4 years we spent in institute. Never cared about wasting water (or overusing it). Many people dont close the tap fully, some leave it open while brushing,shaving (M) etc. There was some problem in first year when we were staying in NBH and the bathrooms were not fully constructed and we had to go up/down to use water in restrooms. The same problem is coming now also. This time also there is a water problem (though not a major one). There is no water available in mine and adjacent to my wing. So we are going to other wings for water. Even now many people wont remember the time when they wasted water like anything. Yesterday there was no water even for drinking in the whole hostel. All water-coolers were empty from ground to 3rd floor. When we get into such situations we just say 'wtf is this', 'why dont they solve this problem' etc but we dont realize that the problem is deeper than that. When I was in bangalore I saw chronic water crisis. We had to call up a tanker every 2-3 days for water for survival. Instead of cursing those in-charge, if instead we make a better and more efficient use of water, there wont be any water problem at all.

harold and kumar go to white castle - movie

Just completed the movie. It was funny and cool. It sure had a lesson . Dont give a s... to anything and just chill out in life. Do what you feel like and dont give more preference to stupid stuff. Some scenes were really funny , like the ride on cheetah, the #burgers in White castle, the singer who took their car etc...overall the movie gets 8.5/10.

Their journey to white castle was really crazy...i loved it
good night now!!!

how to be a hero

Saw this on Pankaj's tried it

this gave me lots of stuff which was cool...not putting it on blog though :)

My Inner Hero - Wizard!

I'm a Wizard!

There are many types of magic, but all require a sharp mind and a cool head. There is no puzzle I can't solve, no problem I can't think my way out of. When you feel confused or uncertain, you can always rely on me to untangle the knots and put everything back in order for you.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

Walk by moonlight - not movie :)

Today is holi (its 11:59 PM FYI - 26th march). We (ketan,amal,manjeet,nitin,dixit and myself) went for lunch buffet in 'Fortune Katriya' hotel. We had been thinking of doing sth on holi's afternoon and had finally thought of going to Mischief for Buffet. Alas! Mischievious people were not lucky enough to serve us as they were closed for today.

We went at 12:30 after lot of ado. Bothra and Deadly were still sleeping at 11:30. Earlier in the morning I had got up at 10:00 for breakfast. Our wing was still water-less at that time. I went to the neighbouring wing to do the 'standard' stuff and took bath at 11:00 when I was sure that nobody will touch me with colors. In the mean time Ramneek,Shekhar , Gaurav and I also disturbed Vishal (D), Nitin and Bothra. Vishal was seriously shocked when he thought we were applying colors on him . Bothra got a brilliantly stupid idea and sprayed his Cinthol powder on us thinking we will throw colors at him. Nitin got 'afraid' and did not open the door :). We had no intention of playing holi (my reasons are in other post). Gaurav and Ramneek both were not willing to play colors but Gaurav finally gave up and went to the grounds. People were looking terrible when they were done with colors.

Bothra and Nitin got ready pretty fast and I was watching 'code 46' till then. The movie looked horrible to me. Not that I saw the full movie, but it was so terrible that I could not dare to see it fully. We went to lab at 12:30 and left for Mischief. When we reached Mischief it was 1:30 already and after seeing it closed we thought of two options. One was my idea of going to Pizza hut which people said 'we can order anytime' and stuff and I agreed. Other was of going to Fortune Katriya and so it happened. We reached there at 2:20 or so and started the Buffet.

The best part of Buffet is always the fruits and the sweets. This buffet was good in both. Pineapple, Watermelon (my new delicacy), Papaya , we ate all three to the maximum extent possible. Sometime back only I had wished for eating 'gujia' and we got that too in Buffet. Then the same 'galab-jaman' (intentionally mis-spelled) and Vanilla ice-cream combo. There were so many things that I could not taste everything properly. The biryani,non-veg items etc. everything was delicious. The 'ras-malai' was also too good. We also took grapes from the fruit-basket. These grapes were much better than those which Nitin and I had bought few days back.

We were filled to the maximum at 3:30 and so we left. We sat on the sofas in the main hall and were reading newspapers. Then bothra said 'how good it will be if we have a home like this in which we sit on these sofas with our ....'. Then we talked about more things like that, on what can be done to own such a place :)) etc.

We finally came to campus at 4:45 or so after having a glass of sugarcane juice outside. We had also taken a glass while going so we started/ended our day sweetly.
After coming back I was feeling so terribly weak and sleepy (owing to the food and only 3 hrs of sleep last night) that I went to hostel directly. I just lied down on my cute little bed and went to sleep. I got up at 8:00 directly thinking it might be the next morning 8:00 but it was the same night only. I went to do the LCS assignment in Adi's room and then went for dinner. After dinner I had to go for a walk with dixit.

We met at 9:45 or so and sat in front of the side-door of main building (in front of coffee shop). We chatted for almost an hour and then got this 'crazy' idea ( i love crazy ideas) of going to ISB for a walk (by moonlite). We were walking and walking and walking. Infosys came and went, ISB came and went, microsoft came and went. Finally we decided to return. Though I thought of going till 'Planet 10' but dixit said its too far :) . After atleast 5 kms and 1 hour of walking we came back to campus. Both of us were feeling tired but I had already slept for 3 hours so I was in a better state. Dixit went to sleep and I came to hostel and thought of putting down whatever happened today.

Thinking of seeing a movie...tomorrow sunday! lets make some plans :))

Friday, March 25, 2005

movie time

After a lot of days I saw lots of movies together. Ketan, Amal and I saw the latter half of RHTDM in TV-room (my first movie in TV room i guess). Then I came to room and started browsing 'Forgotten'. That stupid movie was on my disk from atleast 6 months and I never dared to touch it. Finally I completed that movie in less than 5 minutes and used the shift/delete key to do the rest.

Then I started 'Heat' . The movie looked good. But I did not have full 3 hours of time to see such a slow movie. So I managed to finish it in 1 hour or so. You cant say I havent seen this movie.

Then finally I saw 'EuroTrip'. The story was pathetic but the movie was okie dokie. It was atleast a bit funny and so enjoyable. I did not have to fast forward alot. Now its 4:45 AM and I guess some serious holi players will start waking up in an hour so its the right time to go to sleep.

good night and happy holi

happy holi...

Holi! A 'festival of Colors' ... There was a time when I used to like this festival more than Diwali , when I used to buy balloons fill them with water and just 'disturb' others by throwing those at them for the whole month before Holi. That time we never cared about how irritated others would get . Before coming to IIIT I had never played a holi with lots of colors . My holi was simple and sober, with balloons , water, gulal thats it. I never liked the idea of applying so much color on faces (and at every other place) that it takes days to remove it. This also goes on the similar lines as bursting crackers on diwali. Obviously when I was a kid I used to like crackers alot . But then I realized that we are not only wasting money but also affecting the environment. That might sound too idealistic but thats true and every one should realise that. I obviously wont go into 'global warming' and stuff but these little things have long term effects on ecology. Similarly, everyone knows about the adverse effects of colors on skin etc but still people like wasting money on colors.

The only time I have played such a holi was in First year. Not that I wanted to , but obviously I was made to. I was woken up by Ranta, Bole and group at 5:30 or 6:00 when we guys were in NBH. We were on 1st floor. Then we went to Ketan, Manjeet's room and just colored everyone. Everyone was totally pinkish. After playing with colors for long time, we went for breakfast . After breakfast we went out and everyone got his T-shirt torned. It was 'fun'. We went to the underground water-tank which was being used for the NBH construction and everyone jumped inside.

That holi was made quiet memorable because of our act of 'Vandalism' of hostels. We were made to clean the hostels ourselves (raw-material was given). It took us one whole afternoon to clean up. Think of 80-90 people washing a hostel and it takes one whole day so how badly we must have played holi. That was the time when playing holi was made prohibited in hostels.

The next and its next time, my holi was not like this. I still like playing holi only with water (gulal at max). Festivals always bring a feel-good factor with them, either you celebrate them or not. Now in Ranta's terminology this is all 'psychological'.

This time also I dont plan to play holi. Little bit of pouring water etc is fine because atleast you will like playing in water when its so awfully hot around. I hope nobody will pull me to the grounds where there will be colors all around.

Anyways...A very happy holi to one and all

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Today Deadly and I went to get tickets for home. We have got reservation in AP together. Ketan , Dead and me. The reservation took hardly 10 minutes and we were out of the RC at 6:30 so we thought lets roam around for sometime. So we went to Big bazaar and saw some stuff etc. We ate dahi papdi and chat outside the Mall. We wanted to buy grapes from BB but they were not available. So we bought grapes from Mehdipatnam . We also bought a big Watermelon. Mostly that watermelon was to make people like .... and ..... to get tempted and to force them to come for seeing movie _together_ but unfortunately these guys are dumb enough to not to realize the glory of the last few days@IIIT, the glory of being together for atleast some time. They just want to roam around doing nothing and just eating other people's heads.

Manjeet had FYP presentation next day but he still came. Ketan , Deadly and I were already there. We had thought before Manjeet came that we will not cut the water-melon but as we were 4 of us, we decided to. It was delicious,juicy and too much. I am still getting a taste of it on my taste-buds. We saw 'The girl next door' (Yes! it was my 3rd time in the past 5 days) . I dont know why but there are somethings in that movie which are tempting me to see it again and again. One major thing is the feeling of 'the last' few days before graduation which has been emphasized in the movie. They talk about 'going nuts' , 'doing crazy things' etc which I like most. Though I am not doing anything that can fall in those categories but I would really love to. What can I say about it. Nitin has finally started getting that feeling , even bothra has to some extent but rest are as dumb as ever.
I have even stopped expecting anything from these rest of the guys now.

Monday, March 21, 2005

life s...

Only 15 or so days are left before all of us will leave IIIT . This is the reason why I am trying to do some different things than usual. I have started playing CS, age has almost stopped, We do so much masti in LCS class that if Prof sees a recorded video of our masti he will hang himself. In the evening/afternoon/night whenever I am in lab I keep on roaming around doing NOTHING. Dont know where all the time goes. Today itself we played CS for so long, first in Lab and then in hostel then I watched 'Incredibles' with Nitin in my room. This was the 5th time when I was seeing this movie _fully_ . Some special scenes I have seen many more times.

Nitin and I have been discussing many things nowadays...I guess the last few days has affected us quiet a lot ... but Amal,Dixit,Manjeet do not look affected by this. They are living their life the way they did before.

Today we got our tickets for home too, but we have to get them postponed for 12th or so. After about 4 years I am going to spend one full month together at home. Looking forward for a good holiday :) with lots of eating and sleeping and watching TV and old memories...

Sometimes I really feel like going to my childhood days again..those days are so tension free, full of innocent masti all the time, no responsibilities. What do we get by growing old anyway...more tensions, responsibilities etc which noone likes after a limit. Well! if we continue this we will again reach the root question..whats the use of lets just stop it here

Friday, March 18, 2005

Runway 9 and Dhola ri dhani

We started off at 2:30 after lot of ado. First of all the taxi was not on time,
then we could not transfer images from Aswin's Cam to PC, then everyone took more
time than expected. We had planned this trip just two days back thinking of doing
something different on Ketan's birthday. Already we had to go to Runway 9 so we
thought this is the right time. AC got a qualis booked and we planned out everything.
SMR and Jagan could not come as they had some work. Finally AC,Manjeet,Piyush,Ketan,
Nitin,Amal,Dixit,Manoj,Visesh got on board and we left.

Free Image Hosting at
Finally 10 of us left for the excursion

We reached runway 9 at about 3:30 and it was pretty hot weather. Sun was burning
right over us. In the car also we were feeling heated up. Nitin and I were the DJ
for others as we took the front seats. We got pretty frustrated seeing tons of
people travelling in trucks because of the visit of 'Mrs Sonia Gandhi'. Even the
scorching son did not seem to affect the number of people hanging on the trucks.

Runway 9 was looking like a very small place from outside but it was big enough
from inside. More than half of the area is covered by the Go-Karting Track itself.
The place was _totally_ empty except for the people who work there. We entered the
premises and saw the board 'Welcome to Microsoft' for which we pulled Nitin's legs.
We went to the pool-room where 3-4 people were watching Cricket in TV. The cooler's
air was soothing after coming from hot outside. We decided to get tickets for
everything and to get started so we went to the ticket counter.

Free Image Hosting at
After entering Runway 9

Free Image Hosting at
Runway 9's Go karting track

We took tickets for Archery,shooting,Skating,Rock-climbing and off-course Go-karting.
Tintin was the first one to try his hand on Archery and he came out to be the best
Archer (longbowman for agers). His score was unbeatable. Ketan also did well. The worst
among all include Dixit,Amal and me :). Visesh did best in shooting. Amal,Dixit,Ketan,
Nitin and I got total zero score
. All this time Majji was a constant spectator owing
to the fracture he got in his hand. He was not supposed to do any such things.
I really appreciate his self-control. We took lots of photos in different funny
poses from Matrix to Ramayana and left for some refreshments.

Free Image Hosting at
best archer...tintin

Free Image Hosting at
top dacoits :) ... veera and appan

Free Image Hosting at
matrix trilogy...ketan , me and piyush

Free Image Hosting at
scene from Ramayana - Ram,Laxman,Hanuman and some co-actors :)

Free Image Hosting at
Best shooters group - score 0

All of us took 'Fresh lime soda' except me. I took Apple juice instead. It looked
like the only restaurant cum pub in Runway 9. The whole place was full of cigaretter
smoke. We saw a very interesting movie that was being played on the projector casting
Jithendra as snake and Danny as some tantrik Mongoose. After sometime we left for
Skating. Amal,Dixit,Ketan,Piyush,Nitin and Visesh went for skating and rest of us
were taking their photos when they were falling all around. Amal never left the support.
Manjeet,AC,Majji and I were having fun in the grass. Dixit also joined us after
sometime. We were lying on the grass and seeing other sk8ers falling.

Free Image Hosting at
the best-fall award goes to Deadly

Free Image Hosting at
1st and 2nd Runner up in the best-fall category

Free Image Hosting at
Sk8er boys

Free Image Hosting at
Grass hoppers...

Free Image Hosting at
guess what are they making

Free Image Hosting at
This is "the" word

After skating we went for Go-karting. As there were only 8 cars and we were 9 we
divided into 4+5. Nitin,Ketan,Piyush and Visesh went first. Nitin left first and
returned first
. He got an extra edge of starting first :) . After them Amal,Manjeet,
Dixit,AC and I went. Bothra was the first to start and first to finish. AC started
second and came third becoz of me :) . Amal started fourth and came fourth. Dixit
started third and came ..... I started last so I got a good opportunity of overtaking.
I managed to overtake Amal and dixit easily as they were skidding all around. AC was
a tough one but I managed to overtake him too. Bothra was too far to overtake so
I could manage only second position :) . Best-gainer award
goes to me :). The guy who was managing the races was a very fast driver.
He showed us by doing two tracks and he never seemed to reduce his speed at
turns. Well! practice makes a man ... exactly!

Free Image Hosting at
The first group of Racers

Free Image Hosting at
The best F1 drivers...Shum4c,D1V3R,skeli (from R to L)

Free Image Hosting at
The "Formula 1" group

Then we went for the last and final thing...Rock-climbing. I was the first one
to try. I somehow managed to pull myself till the top but coming down was more
difficult. My fore-arms were paining when I reached bottom. Ketan went after me
and he managed to reach the top pretty easily owing to his less weight (63 kg only).
AC went for the difficult one and managed to reach the top. Dixit went after
him and completed pretty easily. He was the only one who did not leave the supports
ever. For this he gets the 'consistent-climber' award :) . While dixit was in the
middle we were betting on how far will Amal make it. I guessed exactly the right
support till which he went after which he said 'I am coming back'. Manjeet
also took the difficult when and made it finally though he had some swelling
in his foot. Good work dude.

Free Image Hosting at
Me Rocking on the rox...

We left Runway 9 and went to Dhola ri dhani which was hardly a KM away from it.
We were welcomed with trumpet and teeka. Some of us were pretty hungry
so we decided to give the time for dinner as 8:00. We started roaming and
came across a stall where there was a glass-ball game (throw ball and all glasses
should fall) and guess what , there was a gift for loosing also. So except Amal,
AC and myself, every one took a chance and only Nitin managed to hit all glasses
in three turns. The gifts ranged from the color-cube,snake&ladder game to scenaries,
guns etc.

We went for the welcome drink and some of us went to the temple as well. I checked
Amal's knowledge for Indian gods which was pretty good. We went to see the
folk-dance which was good enough. Then we went for dinner directly. We were served
24 items as counted by Piyush. It started with 2 kind of pickles,chutney,disco
, ground nuts , jaggery, dahi-vada, chaaj . Then we got a set
of curries. Dal, mixed veg,etc . Then we got sada-parantha, masala
parantha, missi roti
and also some powdered sweet. They also served very
crispy jalebis. Ghee was pouring out from everything. Dal
was really good. They served Khichdi after that and nobody could
eat rice as everyone was full.

We went out and lied on the Khatiyas lying there. The scene was pretty
soothing with lanterns burning, trees all around, darkness at some places, and
the stars and the moon. We went for the magic show after we recovered :) .
The magic show was really interesting. I could not understand most of the magic
though everyone knows that its just tricks. I liked especially the last magic
in which he brought a pigeon in a tokri out of nowhere.

After the magic show we went for boating. 10 of us adjusted in 2 paddle and
one rowing boat. We boated for around 10-15 mins. I was with Majji and Ketan.
After boating we went to play on the joy-rides for kids. Well! in some cases
we do things that only kids could, so here we were. We also took camel-ride,
which was pretty dangerous :) . After that we left the place with good memories
to remember.

While coming back Majji and Ketan slept in the Car. Some guys were singing
with the Stereo. We dropped the idea of going to Ohri's because of the lack
of strength and appetite. While coming back just near gachibowli one of us
whose stomach was a bit in trouble did what he was supposed to do. I wont
name who he was here (those who went know who he was). We reached IIIT at
11:30 and celebrated Ketan's bday.

All in all the day was very pleasant. If it had been a better climate
it would have been best. All of us are looking forward to visiting Runway
9 again for go-karting and next time we will surely take the 8 rounds

The usual suspects

Unusual Movie, good plot, interesting end, nice story. The movie was really interesting. Though it was pretty confusing in the beginning which might cause people to press 'q' in mplayer, ALT-F4 in others but spend some time and you will understand everything. Movie was worth the time spent in seeing.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

finally it got over...

The R&D showcase, finally it got over. After so much of ado, what was required to be demonstrated , was demonstrated. We still have some work left to do but a big headache has gone now. I am feeling a bit free right now. Already I saw two movies after coming back from CVIT. 'The mask of Zorro', 'The girl next door'. Both were good. The second one was very good actually. I had already seen that movie and I liked it. Well! now lets think about what should be done in coming days...we have not many days left with us. But my problem is that not many people around me realize this fact that we have only few days, and they live every day just like any day. We should do sth different, sth gr8 each of these days to remember these last few moments all through our lives. When I talk like this to someone he agrees with me, but finally nothing happens. Well! I dont know what to do about this. What should we movies, go out, go for movie, go for shopping...crap!! we have been doing this already quiet a lot. Then what should we do...sth freaky...sth like what we did on bothra's birthday, we cant forget that ever...

now some basic stuff...
R&D Showcase was extremely boring...most of the audience were students only with questions like 'what is opengl', 'what is rendering' etc which really freaked everyone out. It looked pretty useless to have such a thing. Either we should have only limited audience with proper background or only people from corporate areas, otherwise its nothing but waste of time, atleast for the people demonstrating stuff there.
Last time we spent many sleepless nights to complete the project in time for R&D showcase , but this time it was not much like that...though we set up the wall only on the last day :) , everything worked fine...

yesterday after days (or weeks) I slept for 12 hours straight. It was good. I had a pretty sound sleep. Though I should not spend all this time in sleeping as we have very less time left :) (Ranta's theory) but still sleeping is bliss.

We had quiet good time in showcase (leaving the demo part which was boring) . Suryakant, Ranta, Bedi, Shiben, Somu, Nir and myself were together for most of the time cursing someone or other, we roamed around, we chatted for long, we made fun of funny people :) etc...

I dont have any plans for the coming days...thats bad but I cant help it..havent put any thought on it. lets see what the coming days have for us..

good to blog again :)

Monday, March 7, 2005

long time...

I have nt slept in time from a long time...this is pretty usual for many of my batch-mates but it was not a habit for me sometime back. Thinking of those good old tension free days when I was studying in 5th , 6th standard reminds me of those days when I used to sleep at 10:00 or maximum 11:00 . That time there was nothing to do except watching some stupid DD1,2 programmes, chitrahaar, news , eating, drinking milk (arghhh) and sleeping. Those days were really tension free but we never used to have the type of fun which we have now. I would have never expected that I will go out for dinner at 1:00 quiet commonly when I would be in my final year. Things are so amazingly complicated. As we grow up, the tensions surrounding us increase in number as well as magnitude. But the amount and quality of fun that we have also increases. Waking up at 6:00 was normal then. Even on sundays. Sundays had there own charm, bringing chitrahaar in the early morning , a good breakfast at home , disney adventures, mahabharat (oh! god, do you remember those battles with bow and arrows)....All this without the cable-connection, I had not even heard of computers at that age . Getting up early is something I did even in 10th,11th etc when I used to have coachings. Even in first year, sometimes in second too. But getting up at 6:00 now really seems a herculian task. Its 2:47 right now, how can you expect me to get up at 6:00. More importantly, what will I do by getting up at 6:00, I will sleep again after breakfast :) . Thinking of it, I missed 3 breakfasts in these 8 days already..I was not like this before...not at all...are these changes for good or.......

it will be better if I sleep now


Few days back I pasted this postor in my room's wall...I bought it in chandigarh...well dont remind me of the place I will get it goes...I am in a dilemma right now lets see how things shape up in future...came to know today only that the FYP demo is from 18th to 24th, felt bad that we will be bound to FYP for few more days...FULLY FREE days are decreasing every day....I needed atleast one full month to chill out...Seems that I will get only 20 days :((

if you think you are beaten, you are,
if you think you dare not, you don't,
if you like to win, but you think you can't ,
it is almost certain you won't...

If you think you'll lose, you re lost
for out of the world we find,
success begins with a fellow's will
it's all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed , you are,
you've got to think high to rise,
you've got to be sure of yourself before
you can ever win a prize

life's battles dont always go
to the stronger or faster man,
but sooner or later the man who wins
is the man who thinks he can

Saturday, March 5, 2005

night out

Its 5:10 right its obvious that I did not sleep till now..Though I came back from lab at 1:30 itself, so many things happened that I could not sleep . First we saw majji with fractured hand so we started chatting and lot of us gathered in octagon...then we went to Vidit's room...There was some plan for going out for dinner , or you can call it post-dinner..but it got cancelled...Bothra was in my room till 3:00 or so as he was hungry and we were trying to get something to eat from somewhere...Amal came and we threw him out...then I called Nirnimesh whose mobile was unreachable...Then I called ranta and told him to bring nir's keys so that we can make maggi in his room...and he came here with Sachin and Vardhman....we started off at 3:30 with Maggi and ended with Tomato soup...Good that nirnimesh did not come to room during that time otherwise he would have thrown the boiling hot water on each of us as a reaction to seeing his room so dirty...but we cleaned it finally...and now it looks everyone is happily doing his work...and I am going to sleep...good night...

PS: If someone sees this post before 10:00 AM , 6th March please wake me up :))

Wow! today is sunday, have fun

latest happenings

First and foremost....Amal got into! and he is going to get an awesome package...guess what ..7.8 lacs per annum...thats really huge for a b-tech grad. This job was made for him in heaven really, it just came and fell in his lap. But it proved that he is 'the best' programmer/algorithmic guy of our batch...may be after jagannathan the gr8. A big party is in waiting

Today we particpated in 'Google code jam - round 1' , out of those 500 I got around 2?? rank...that really sucked...I got one program wrong unnecessarily , just 2 more minutes and I would have reached a rank of 60-70, though it would not have mattered as only 50 top would be considered. But I felt really bad about it. Jagan ans Sashi got through...cheers IIIT . Anyways...I learnt alot from this 'defeat' was an experience.

"Excitement of Research" started today and will continue tomorrow as well. Thinking that I would be busy with FYP , I did not participate but I did not really do anything in FYP as well. There were some really gr8 personailities who gave talks,lectures etc. I will surely attend Dr. PJN's talk tomorrow.

Thinking of it, tomorrow is sunday. I cant just imagine how free I will be next sunday with only the report for FYP to be submitted. Next sunday will be the 2nd and last day of R&D showcase.

Today I went to gym/jogging after 3 days ... yesterday I was prepared to go but becoz of this 'Trilogist' Amal who fooled us by saying that he did not get through I could not. We thought he might be feeling bad about being rejected so we went to reciece him at airport and guess what he brought for us...a good news, a really good news...Just waiting for this week to end, we will surely bankrupt him once we are free.... :))


Tuesday, March 1, 2005

finally i am at top of the world...

Few days back I tried a lot to reach there but could not...then I just forgot it...and now after a month or so...when I looked today see what I got...

I typed 'Sandeep Chandna' in Goolge and the top results were...
Sandeep Chandna's Blog ->
Sandeep Chandna - Homepage ->

and few more pages related to me...have a look...

Result of searching me

time to pump some iron...bye...

google code jam

Google is going big in India and I like their idea of finding good coders...
Google Code jam organized by Topcoder is really awesome. We participated in the qualification round 2 days back (27th) and all of us got through. The next competetion is the challenge phase and only 50 people will get through it out of 500 . The prizes are also awesome...have a look

Competitor(s) Prize
1st place finisher* - Tournament Champion Rs. 3,00,000
2nd place finisher* in the Championship Round Rs. 2,00,000
3rd place finisher* in the Championship Round Rs. 1,25,000
4th place finisher* in the Championship Round Rs. 75,000
5th place finisher* in the Championship Round Rs. 50,000
6th - 10th place finishers* in the Championship Round Rs. 35,000 each
11th - 20th place finishers* in the Championship Round Rs. 25,000 each
21st - 30th place finishers* in the Championship Round Rs. 20,000 each
31st - 40th place finishers* in the Championship Round Rs. 15,000 each
41st - 50th place finishers* in the Championship Round Rs. 7,500 each

well...its really awesome...even 50th person is getting 7500 which is equal to the first prize in most of the programming contests...
the challenge phase is on 5th and finals will be in bangalore on 26th march....

treasure hunt..over

Well! I will say that they did a good job. But they 'should' have done better than that. I know that getting lots of 'good' quality questions is pretty tough and to make them 'un-googlable' is tougher but the way these people found for making the questions 'un-googlable' was stupid or more so absurd .

Some questions were so awfully difficult or I will blatantly say that they were IMPOSSIBLE to solve the way they had framed them. Well! no organizer will like people solving questions at 1/minute and finshing off the whole treasure-hunt in an hour , but doing what they did was not a good way.

Questions at later levels were so twisted that __nobody__ could solve them. I will write one question here which I remember

After passing through the doors somehow , Alice fell into a deep well. While falling she saw some more things falling with her. Few perfectly spherical, rich Velvet color balls with a key on each. Alice took down all the keys and when she reached the bottom of the well she started analayzing the data. She found that a network has been laid at the end of the well. The numbers represented the ids of the routers. She found that some numbers were missing, so she tried to find the correlation between the numbers. Yahoooooooooo!!! she found the missing numbers. Can you??
3, 5, 3, 3, _ , _ , 4, 3, 2 , 2 , 1, _

well! we thought of everything from the ip address of yahoo's server to the routing tables,RFCs,etc...well we ate the helpline's head to get a hint...and they gave a hint telling some 'desert' or something...

after racking our brains for sometime we asked again and got this...

minimum ever total
maximum ever margin
think with bent elbox

Wow!! to decode the hint itself we would have required a hint...once again we tried, and tried and tried...and asked for another hint...and we were told that its related to 'cricket'...

Only last 5 minutes were left and we were still thinking...when we got something (which was still wrong) , the time got over...

When we asked that guy what the answer was..he was the 'runs' made by the indian team when they scored the least...

I agree that my knowledge related to sports is not at all good...but still I can bet that many people who have that knowledge would have had a hard time solving it...

May be the people in IISC are awfully good that they can decode such terribly encrypted and twisted information...but I dont think rest of the world is gifted with such skills...

Nearly 10 hours of waste of time...and all we (4 of us,amal,nitin,manjeet and me) get is a lousy T-shirt as consollation prize...