Monday, February 28, 2005

Treasure Hunt@IISC bangalore

Today morning started with a meeting with Dr. PJN. It lasted for more than 1 hour 15 mins as he was discussing the other project with nirnimesh also for a long time. I came back to hostel after that and we ordered food from PR. The Treasure hunt was already started but Nitin,Manjeet and Amal had not started till then. We started off and one by one we overtook everyone...We were at the top for more than 4 hours when everyone got stuck up at 11th level. I am sure that the organizers made it unsolvable so that people get stuck up without any hint. When they finally gave hint , it was too abstract and absurd. We are still stuck up at that question . Their server crashed later and they had to postpone the contest due to 'technical difficulties' . Well it is a more diplomatic way of saying that their server got crashed. Now it will continue tomorrow afternoon. Lets see what happens...

Today is Pelu's Bday (1st march) . Nitin and Ketan went to get the cake and sweets and all. The food in mess was AWESOME. I could not even eat a single chapati. So I ordered Chola-batoora from PR. We told bothra to bring it as he had already gone there. After celebrating his bday I simply , jokingly asked Vidit to 'go for icecreams'..and to my surprise he agreed immediately...and though I was not at all feeling like going (was planning to sleep early) I had to go...Amal,Vidit,Visesh and me on Jayaram's and Adi's bikes. We went at 1:30 and reached there at 1:50 or so. It was already closing when we entered. We ordered ice-creams (bull's eye for me,titanic for Visesh and i dont remember what for Vidit and Amal)...we ate our icecreams and Visesh's icecream which was the gigantic most...We were planning to order some hot-chocolate etc when we were told that its CLOSED. Well! we did not have an option , so we left. I was not feeling like driving at all so I told Amal to drive...I gave him tutorial on what to do and he did everything pretty well. He brought the bike till institute with both of us in one piece.

Bothra was watching 'My Sassy girl' again...that movie is really good...tomorrow I have to attend LCS class at 11:30 in the morning so I should go to sleep now...good night

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