Thursday, February 3, 2005


The tech events in felicity went very well this time. Online programming contest

was awesome, though we could not solve a question till 2 hrs of contest but it

was really good. We ended up with 37 rank :( out of 700 or so teams. Online

treasure hunt was another good contest, we had to solve 30 questions in 6hrs x

2 days. We had a pretty good effort put in by Ranta,Sreejith,manjeet,deadly,

visesh,suman,ketan,amal and me. Guess what, we won!!! a full 6000 Rs. We could

have won more but this is good enough. Equity-pulse went well too, but none of

us made anything from it. I was 140th when the contest ended. Bad luck or

strategy I dont know. Parida had managed to reach 16th rank but then his luck

turned around. It was a good exercise, now we atleast know the costs of few

shares and how to invest. But I wont try it the same way with real money.

There were plenty of teams from IIMs as well. Online quiz and crossword looked

too tough to me, but they were not actually.

Well, technical contest is almost over. Felicity is starting from tomorrow.

These coming 3 days will be full of fun. I have taken part in dumb-charads,

antakshari...etc etc...We are planning to go to runway 9 with the money

we won in the contest. Lets see how it turns out. This is the last felicity

of ours in institute. It reminds me of the felicity of previous year. In the

first felicity we went for campaigning to HCU, we pasted posters all around,

those green/orange and yellow colored postors. That felicity was a memorable

one as it was the first time we were enjoying in a fest like that thousand kms

away from home. We had a DJ night which was also memorable. In the second

felicity we went for sponsorships. Bothra, Nitin,Parry,Bhargava, and few more,

we all went together to panjagutta for sponsorships. I still remember that

walking on the road when Parry was getting frustoo and my feet were paining.

In the third or the last year's felicity our batch was the main organizer. We

organized online treasure hunt for the first time in our institute which went

quiet well. This time we have mostly participated only. Tomorrow

'Bombay Vikings' group is coming for the performance, it will be fun.

CU at felicity...


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