Monday, February 21, 2005


Before coming to IIIT I had never thought that technology (esp IT related H/W & S/w) can create such wonders as we have seen in these four years@IIIT. Well! we could have only thought of all that if we had known that all this exists. Most of us did not even know that such things exist , then how could be think or appreciate it. After four years in IIIT we have learnt how things work and more importantly how technology works. Take example of this blogging itself. Some of us might have maintained a personal diary before coming to this institute which could have hardly extended till the first year of our course. Then writing into 'Notepad' or something of posting on some mail-box, hyperlinks etc...after this Blogs business started even those who never maintained a diary have started writing quiet frequently into these...

Well! now we take technology for granted...we use it and more than that we misuse it...downloading of movies from internet, chatting to people sitting in next room through 'write' and 'talk', playing games in lab :) , watching movies even before they come on theatres :) ... well to some extent its ok but dont we misuse it.
I guess sometimes we do. But someone would ask what is technology for, if a guy uses 'write' to talk to a person next room , then what is bad in that, he is saving his energy and all that...but dont we sometimes really over-use technology. I dont know...I am not concluding anything here. This is really a debatable topic and we cant really draw a line between use and misuse . More than misuse, we over-use technology which technically is not bad as it does not affect anything.

Our being an IT - institute we just have a habit of using these things. Think of other institutes where people do mechanical , electrical engg etc...they dont know how these things work and these things are not used in their daily life...Almost every person in IIIT has a g-mail account, orkut account, yahoo account, coolgoose account, this account and that account...we read news on google, CNN etc, some of us read Slashdot like newspaper, some people go to EspnStar rather than going through the sports magazine. Instead of seeing world cup, wimbledon on the Hostel-TV we stream it to computers using a remote TV tuner card and play it as videos (afterall rewind/forward has its own utility). We go to Prasads website to book tickets. We see train availabilities every hour before boarding the train. Almost everyone in our institute uses Google atleast 10-15 times a day to search information which we never think of going to Library for. These are some of those things which some people might not have even heard about outside our campus, but they are a part of our daily, is it use or overuse...Life would seem like hell if computers are taken away from us

I guess its not possible for an Average IIITian to live without all it might be overuse but IIITians cant call it misuse for sure...afterall we have seen technology at work and how it really works... :)

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Ashutosh Parida said...

true that we IIITian r using technology as much as we can.

But i guess the day will return when we will crave to return to Books instead of reading it online.

PS: i too a techie and i dont hate the technology but i just think there should not be OVERUSE of it ;O