Saturday, February 12, 2005

Osho and Ranta's Theory

This is an old post from Ranta's blog (Original post) ...inspired by Osho he wrote this...

I have extracted the following stuff from a speech of Osho. I really love
this philosophy. I love Osho's funda of awareness and consciousness.

I don't believe in anything.
I don't have any belief system.
I don't have any creed, dogma.
My whole approach is existential.
One should not have shoulds and should nots. One
should simply exist spontaneously.
Live in the moment. Be Alert, and enjoy whatsoever
happens out of that alertness.
Dont keep an attitude, character, morality, descipline.
Dont fight with you. Dont try to make a structure around
you of character of morality.
Dont descipline you too much. Move with the situation,
respond to the situtaion. Remain loose and natural, floating.
Dont try to impose any thing on you, your being.
If you are too much cultured you will loose all that is natutal.
Then you will be a machenical thing, not floating not flowing.
Live moment to moment. Live with alertness.

Be aware and conscious.

- osho "Buddha of 21st century" [ed]

and this is my comment to it

I support what he says definitely, but the point is that people dont think (or call it meta-think) about their ways, their lifestyles, their life the way they should...they should be a spectator to their thoughts and should drive them and not get driven by them...thats how one becomes happy and finding happiness and joy in everything...not by following the ways and methods defined by this materialistic world and its people...

lots of preaching and stuff ...


ramneek said...

I didn't quite understand your comments....

Even I love Osho's views, but on some other level of consciousness, don't you think we already know all this, and knowingly or unknowingly, even practice it in our lives???

btw, ranta seems to be a fan of this guy. I first heard about this osho guy from him in train - and he had that journal "Osho Times" or sth like that...

Ashutosh Parida said...

Osho's views will have a great effect on the young guys and so on the west people, as he talk of having enjoyment.Whatever u do, feel it to ur subconcious while u enjoy it,and he says that it becomes a prayer.

But I think for internal peace,u will have to return to vedic roots that believes in sacrifice and meditation.Osho's teachings can give u momentary happiness or as long as u r carried away by ur youthfulness.But ultimately u will believe in myscticism.

sandeep said...

His views are really effective if people follow them in their daily life. But the problem is that people dont. They dont think about this issues and are always worried about trivial matters. Afterall enjoyment is just an emotion which we can drive ourselves even in the middle of pain.

I dont know what vedas say about it but what you mentioned as 'sacrifice and meditation' is the extreme of being. I dont support sacrifice but yes meditation is really necessary to find our true self and realize the reasons behind existence. I support Mysticism as well but there is no point in hanging on such beliefs as they will part you away from the physical world and realities.

rohitsahib said...

Osho's impact is on all kinds of people. His main message is medition so that we can know our true being and thus, realise our buddhahood. He wasn't much interested in spiritual theories, he gave many practical techniques so that one can reach one's center. And it's for everyone. todays' youth is very intelligent & western people are really interested in spirituality as they have everying which one can ask for in the materialistic world. But indians are mainly into big spiritual talks which is only part of ego.

Osho is for both momentary & eternal happiness.

Osho is for the future. ; - )