Wednesday, February 9, 2005

one lazy afternoon

Yesterday night I saw Cube, it was also like K-Pax, ie incomplete. The movie had suspense, some scenes were very shocking and exciting but once again there were lots of loose threads. Till the end it was not clear who made the Cube, why he made it, who was the bad guy and who was good, what happened with the final survivor when he walked in the light, was that light the light which people see in NDEs( Near death experiences ) , did it lead to the heaven or hell. I was left wondering to figure out what really happened in the movie..I dont know why people make movies they dont know how to comprehend properly and how to conclude properly. The problem is people still like movies like this. It is like the cube itself. The movie starts in one room and starts revolving around it and when it ends you make ur own conclusion, the director need not take the pain of finding a conclusion for you. He gives you the flexibility of creating your own conclusion for the movie.

As I slept pretty late yesterday and I had been to the Gym also in the evening my body was aching quiet a lot when I woke up. Gaurav was also in same condition. When I slept in the afternoon after eating poori-chole I woke up directly after 3 hours. Even then my body was not responding to my brain and was lying on the bed as if I was drunk. But finally I woke up and 'Here I am'.

FYP: The jpeg lib which we have found out looks pretty good, it provides functionality to flip/rotate the image in compressed domain itself ie without finding DCTs etc. We are trying to make some changes to get the cropped images by using same code so that we need not waste any time finding DCTs. This is a bit involved but it will be over soon.

Have to go for jogging after sometime, cya soon .


PRC said...

dude where is kpax and cube?? i wanna see!!

sandeep said...

kpax was in 2.85 few days back
and cube i got frm 5.31
have a good time...