Friday, February 25, 2005

My Sassy girl...

Well! what should I say about the movie...In one word it was 'romantic' ,
to add one more it was 'awesome'...The movie was too simple but still
unpredictable, It was really good to see a happy-ending...

The movies that comes in this 'romantic' category are those few that give
the audience a hope to see better side of this world. Where love exists,
relations exist, emotions are respected, hope exists. DDLJ,RHTDM fall in
same category, seeing such movies make people believe in Love. Everyone
feels good after seeing such movies. We also have movies like 'page 3'
which showcase an entirely different form and class of relations. Where
emotions are not respected, people are treated according to their status
etc. Those movies display the bad side of society and human nature. But
movies like 'my sassy girl' will always re-kindle the spirit of love in

STATUTORY WARNING: Too much of such movies (and being philosophical) can
be !(injurious) to health.

good night...its 3:45 AM already

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Maddy said...

ya !! u r right that too much of being philosophical can beinjurious to health but what about too much of blogging and blog reading...becoz i m blogging too much these days.