Saturday, February 12, 2005

life is complex

This life is so amazingly complex that nobody can understand it. Yesterday I was not feeling like working at all and we went out. The code was not working and I did not feel like racking my brains on it....Today after LCS class also I had so many things in my mind unrelated to my FYP but I went to CVIT-III and I got an urge to work on the project as soon as I started working on the new machines. 19 inch monitors, AMD 64 bit monitors, 1600x1200 pels resolution. It was mindblowing ...I started off and Chromium started working...I felt great. After sometime I came back to hostel and slept as I was not feeling very well. We went for jogging and I was feeling weak. Ranta is right afterall in saying all the things about psychology . I could not complete even two rounds today and went to GYM. Now was that psychological weakness or physical I dont know.

We came back from gym and went for dinner after some time. Now take the example of dinner itself. Nobody liked the food. Some people must have taken snax in mess, some must have gone to the dhaba outside, some to the coffee shop. In short only few of them were actually hungry. I was famished after the exercise and so I liked the food. Now what do you call this, psychological or not...

We did not go for movie as noone was willing to so we went to CVIT-III. I made the videoSplitting code working on AMD 64 and Ranta and I did lot of timepass there. Finally we came back to hostel. Ranta had to call her , he had got 63 missed calls.

tomorrow its bitwise, wont get time for writing blogs...nowadays it has become a habit for me...Day after tomorrow its the Valentine's plans yet, and I dont think there will be any plans even later....only one month left for the FYP demo now...lets get to work.

well! time for movie now

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