Wednesday, February 16, 2005

have a break...

I could not find much time and energy in the last 3-4 days, thats the reason why I am blogging after so long...I have become quiet a fitness freak..going to gym and for jogging daily, it feels pretty good. After joining CA also I am going to continue it this way. Lets see how things work out. This blogging is really amazing , we can keep so many things to remember and read our thoughts later. It is just like the silver bowl in Harry Potter where Dumbledore used to keep his thoughts well preserved...The problem here is that we cant see what we did but can only read...well!! thats more of a memory problem then feasability. Anyways who is going to post his life in movie clips on internet :).

Today Darbari,Anubhav, Deadly and I had a good discussion regarding the growth of our institute. We thought of various issues from improving the policies from studying to placements and also thought of some sort of Alumni Association like in other 'older' and well-established colleges. Most of the alumni of our institute is still in the initial stages of their career and some are still studying at various places like IIMs, Stanford, Columbia etc and soon they will be joining various companies and organizations. Within a span of 3-4 years we will have IIITians all over the companies ranging from start-ups to posts from 'Software Developer' to 'Project Managers' .. This is probably the best time to start an Alumni Association which can meet once in an year or two, with different people telling their experiences in their companies etc...I dont know exactly what will be done in such a meet but even if we leave the technical side of it, it will still be a good way to get-together.

Well! its pretty late right now and due to the strict Exercise Regime I am following under Parida I am pretty tired...I have to get up early and get to work once again...The FYP is coming along at okie-dokie speed...have to keep up the work...

good night once again

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Ashutosh Parida said...

hey chandna,

to build up muscles ,we have to follow strict regime,
Can't help it!

we have to work hard to be 'Sallu'