Thursday, February 10, 2005


I am not feeling like working at all...again and again my mind gets drifted...mind is an evil thing afterall
Today morning itself I was working on integration of jpeg lib with my code and when I did not find any possible way to do that I left it and started this...its bad...our mind is full of stupid thoughts which does not seem to get clear

R&D showcase is coming closer and closer and the time is passing like thoughts...whats gonna there was news of 'Sania Mirza' doing well in tennis and getting better at a good pace. There were comments about the dead night life of hyderabad. I hope to see more of night life after entering the corporate world. We have heard lots of comments about the life in a company... no time, tensions, only weekends etc . I wish that we have a good time there as we are used to having it in IIIT...these memorable days will always remind us of all the quality time spent here. The fall and the rise, the fun and tensions, the work and the running from it...

Sometimes I wonder where would all of us be after 5 years from now... some would be CEOs, some Entrepreneurs, some software engineers, some technical consultants, some project managers, some social workers... ... where will you be??

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