Tuesday, February 8, 2005

FYP meeting

Today we met Dr PJN and the meeting went for almost 1 hour. We discussed about the display-Wall and the Streaming project. Today sir told us that we have to complete the setup of chromium as well as the video-splitting completely before R&D showcase and the final deliverable will have a library for Video-splitting. It will take a conf file and will do everything automatically. The input is frm video, images, camera or anything, how to divide it in no of tiles and all required information. I also have to look for compressed domain processing of jpeg files to improve upon the efficiency.

We went for jogging after very long today, and we went to Gym also. We always have big plans but the implementation is difficult part. Yoga is closed for 10 days as the teacher is going out. We have planned to go for jogging/gym in the morning. Every morning. Lets see if that can be done :) . We also played TT today, just one match but it felt good. I defeated Gaurav 16-21 . I still remember the time when I was new to this game in second semester. Though I still dont play very well but still I manage to get few points. We also recalled our time at GE when we used to play lot of TT in the evening/afternoon. Today I also orkutted after many days. We are planning to go for Black, have heard good comments from nirnimesh about the movie.

Have to go to do FYP in sometime...cya later...Ranta is sitting in my room(as usual) and we are eating cookies..

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