Monday, February 7, 2005


This year's Felicity was the grandest for me. For the first time in my
life in Felicity I participated in so many events. Technical as well as
non-technical. The best part is that we did well in most of the events. In
technical we participated in Online Treasure Hunt(Cache-in) which we won.
We took part in code-craft in which we came 37/700 which is good enough.
took part in equity-pulse but could not do very well or you can say that
my luck was not very kind to me during that period. I came 140 out of
somewhere around more than 400 teams. Though my rank reached 65-70 for
some time but that did not last long. Manjeet and I took part in Hacking
but could not clear the prelims. Anubhav and I were together once
again in Debugging contest( Debug the cbug ) . Last time we could not
clear the prelims :(( and this time we took revenge and won the contest
:)) though the competition was higher this time. Ranta and Amal came
second. We had partcipated in online crossword and quiz also but did not
do much in that.

In cultural events also we participated actively. I participated
in Dumb-charads with Ranta and manjeet but could not get through the
prelims. Manjeet, Maliha and I were a team for Antakshari in which there
were more than 30 teams and we could not get selected in top 7. Manjeet
and I also took part in collage-making but though our collage was better
than others we could not make it to top 3 :( .

For the first time in my life I also sang a song on the stage,
though it was in group. After lot of thought we decided on singing 'Main
koi aisa geet gaoon'. The evening was okie dokie with instrumental,
solo/group dance by many people. The Mr/Miss felicity was also better than
ever keeping in consideration the grand prize for winners. Free stay in
Goa for 3 days 4 nights in a resort. Wow! its awesome.
After this got
finished I went for a walk with Dixit who was was a bit frustrated today
for no particular reason. Once again we discussed lots of things , from
our future to the stupidities of Amal. (Amal was roaming around
offering chillies to people and giving them chocolates if they eat
them). After waiting for some more time in the Ground we came back to

I have a big day tomorrow as Dr. Prasad is going day after
tomorrow. I have to get some things ready for him like CD having all reqd
data for the course, assignment evaluation etc. I hope that I will wake up
before 8:00 tomorrow or else I will be ....

good night

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