Monday, February 7, 2005

Felicity over, ranta's birthday

Today is (9th feb) Ranta's birthday. He got lots of bumps of all kinds at all places . But still he was as usual, he kicked Amal and was still jumping all around...and he did something so ugly that I cant even write it here. Well! I hope he gets what he wants most in life (I wont write what it is here).

Today was just another day but this day has added confidence in me regarding my FYP. I had been thinking about my FYP for more than a week till yesterday but was not doing anything for it. Today I did quiet well. The new systems got transferred to the new CVIT (CVIT-III) which was IRL before. The imageMagick code started working without disk writing of images. The program was not running as fast as expected but on removing the printfs from the code the performance improved 5 times . I also realised that using a macro like

#define printf //

can work wonders.

Dr. Prasad is going tomorrow and he will take the last class of the course tomorrow. It was nice working with him.

I have to meet Dr. PJN tomorrow to decide upon the deliverables for the next few weeks. The last 5-6 days of threads/felicity passed so fast that it looks like its still 1st of feb. But this felicity will be the most memorable of all.

good night :)

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