Saturday, February 5, 2005

feeling better

After I spent around an hour getting more frustrated we went to the ground again. We sat for sometime and roamed around and ate chicken barbecue pizza and drank flavoured milk. After that we went to see the 'Rock show' by our own institute's rock band. It took an hour or so for them to set it up properly. They sang around 8-9 songs out of which I liked only 'Californication','brick in the wall','Zombie' . But the best part was that by the end of the show I was not frustrated anymore...I was feeling refreshed. When we came to know that its gonna be DJ for sometime we went directly to 'dance'. Todays DJ was better than yesterdays ( the time of post is correct, but I am talking about today as 5th feb only) and we had lot of dancing...we got tired after sometime and when we went to rest he played the last we had to get up again and we danced our last steps for the day. We came back to hostel and went to Bothra's room. We searched around alot and finally decided to see DDLJ itself. It got over 10 mins back. It reminded me of those times when I was 'more' childish. Those innocent days. My life has changed alot since then and I am sure other's lives must have also changed since they saw this movie for the first time.

Yesterday I saw K-Pax, it was intersting enough but the director left some loose threads, some unanswered questions left for the audience to guess...that was one major part I did not like abt that movie...While I was watching the movie yesterday I was dead eyes were closing again and again but I completed it. Now also I am feeling very sleepy and tired.

We have to get up early for Antakshari at '10:00' and dumb-charads at '11:00'. Considering the delays happening since yesterday and the experience I have of being here , I am sure antakshari wont start till 11:00 and dumb charads atleast till 12:30. Lets see.

cya tomorrow.

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PRC said...

hey where can i find the movie?? whose pc??