Friday, February 11, 2005

far east...

Today Vidit took us to 'Far East', the chinese restaurant in Ohri's . The food was delicious . The best part was the taipaie chicken (i dont know if i am spelling it correctly). Amal, vidit, ketan , Adi, Rocky and I were there. We discussed lots of things from the best girl to the best guy from our batch etc etc....we had got a seperate cabin for 6 of us so we could do lot of timepass...the food was really good...the soup (some chicken soup) was good with the non-veg starter...Then we took schezwan rice, noodles etc and manchuria...we went down and ate 'moong dal halwa' and 'gAlab jamun' (that A is intentional :)) )

I had to meet jagga and Vardhman for PR project report to finish it off finally but I came back at 12:30. I knew that they will not start by any chance without me so I went to lab and got them working. We finally completed the report . The PR course is officially over just the grades are left now .

I have to work on my FYP tomorrow and day after fully to utilize this weekend properly...I am feeling very tired right now as I played lot of TT today and we went for jogging/gym too...

good night

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