Thursday, February 3, 2005

chutneys and our_wing@today's dinner :))

Yesterday we went to chutneys, I had expected to have more fun but the evening

was one of the most boring evenings. Every one was so dead, I dont know why.

Tintin was complaining about everything from eating to roaming, Amal was

quiet for most of the time initially and was watching a stupid match being

shown on the giant screen on the wall. Dixit was quiet for the whole evening

almost accept showing his flashing smile sometimes. Bothra was as usual cool,

with his not so sense-ful fattas. Ketan was as usual laughing at everything.

I tried to make everyone talk in the middle of our Buffet and before everyone

started talking we were done. We went to Reebok showroom and then to Hyderabad

Central to get two pairs of funky T-shirts for us but could not find a suitable

one. Finally we came back and started seeing 'Clueless' which Amal stopped in

between to solve the crossword. After getting some words and not getting others

we got frustrated and filled all funny things. Guess what we were just 4 below

the highest score :) . If only we had tried more... :))

Today at dinner table I started boasting of our wing and the people. We started

off just like that and it turned out to be pretty amazing. See the stats.

Our wing is so diverse with people from Bihar,UP,Bombay,Chennai,Rajasthan,

MP. We have 2 CRs, a sysadmin, a cultural secretary, a finance secretary

from our wing. We have representatives of almost all companies that came to

our campus. TCS,CA,IBM,GE-JFWTC,Virtusa,Microsoft,Deloitte,Wipro,Novell,Adobe

and now the new in the list Trilogy. We have 3 MS and rest of us are BTechs.

Four people from our wing were in Dean's list. Four out of the 6 who went

for ACM this time were from our wing, Three out of 4 who went to GE for

internship were from our wing. Last semester we had 8 TAs from our wing!!! the list seems endless...

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