Thursday, February 10, 2005


Today after hearing 'good' from Dr. PJN I was happy . We had a meeting at 10:00 but we had forgot that we had a class at same time. We went for class, it was pretty long and somewhat intersting. I was sleeping after having lunch with ranta's ghee when someone knocked my door. I was expecting it to be Nirnimesh as we had to go to meet sir regarding project and I had told him to wake me up for the same. But it was some Police guy who came for verification for the passport. We ran around for getting signature and photostate. I ditched Nitin and Manjeet and went to meet Sir. After that I went to lab and from there I went out with Dixit. I cant write here what we went for but we went for appx 2 hrs . After coming back we got ready and went for movie.

We had expected that we wont get tickets and it happened. Except 'Black' everything was available . Its good that we had seen Shabd yesterday otherwise we would have taken its tickets . Shabd was simply terrible . The movie, dialogues, theme everything was awful. Aishwarya was looking beautiful as usual. We had completed Shabd in almost 40 mins. Well! we went to AC's home and told him through phone to find out if tickets are available somewhere. Tickets were available in Sensation and the show was at 10:00 so we took dinner at ACs home. Pulao,Chutney,Raitya,Achar, the dinner was awesome . We ate to limits and then Nitin and I left for getting a gift for Nitin's sister's anniversary. We came back and we went for the movie.

The movie was pretty intense for general audience. It was more for those who can see such movies patiently without expecting any melodramatic twists. The acting of all the people was pretty natural. The movie also gave a big lesson that 'nothing is impossible' in this world. I feel that many people wont have patience to complete the movie but if you see it fully you will feel good.

We came back at 1:15 or so and now I am here. Tomorrow is also a holiday almost. Lets see what happens.
I have to integrate the JPEG compressed domain processing code with the video-splitting code and see the performance. If its acceptable than I am at 9th cloud else I have to work harder to reach there.

good night

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