Monday, February 28, 2005

Treasure Hunt@IISC bangalore

Today morning started with a meeting with Dr. PJN. It lasted for more than 1 hour 15 mins as he was discussing the other project with nirnimesh also for a long time. I came back to hostel after that and we ordered food from PR. The Treasure hunt was already started but Nitin,Manjeet and Amal had not started till then. We started off and one by one we overtook everyone...We were at the top for more than 4 hours when everyone got stuck up at 11th level. I am sure that the organizers made it unsolvable so that people get stuck up without any hint. When they finally gave hint , it was too abstract and absurd. We are still stuck up at that question . Their server crashed later and they had to postpone the contest due to 'technical difficulties' . Well it is a more diplomatic way of saying that their server got crashed. Now it will continue tomorrow afternoon. Lets see what happens...

Today is Pelu's Bday (1st march) . Nitin and Ketan went to get the cake and sweets and all. The food in mess was AWESOME. I could not even eat a single chapati. So I ordered Chola-batoora from PR. We told bothra to bring it as he had already gone there. After celebrating his bday I simply , jokingly asked Vidit to 'go for icecreams'..and to my surprise he agreed immediately...and though I was not at all feeling like going (was planning to sleep early) I had to go...Amal,Vidit,Visesh and me on Jayaram's and Adi's bikes. We went at 1:30 and reached there at 1:50 or so. It was already closing when we entered. We ordered ice-creams (bull's eye for me,titanic for Visesh and i dont remember what for Vidit and Amal)...we ate our icecreams and Visesh's icecream which was the gigantic most...We were planning to order some hot-chocolate etc when we were told that its CLOSED. Well! we did not have an option , so we left. I was not feeling like driving at all so I told Amal to drive...I gave him tutorial on what to do and he did everything pretty well. He brought the bike till institute with both of us in one piece.

Bothra was watching 'My Sassy girl' again...that movie is really good...tomorrow I have to attend LCS class at 11:30 in the morning so I should go to sleep now...good night

Friday, February 25, 2005

My Sassy girl...

Well! what should I say about the movie...In one word it was 'romantic' ,
to add one more it was 'awesome'...The movie was too simple but still
unpredictable, It was really good to see a happy-ending...

The movies that comes in this 'romantic' category are those few that give
the audience a hope to see better side of this world. Where love exists,
relations exist, emotions are respected, hope exists. DDLJ,RHTDM fall in
same category, seeing such movies make people believe in Love. Everyone
feels good after seeing such movies. We also have movies like 'page 3'
which showcase an entirely different form and class of relations. Where
emotions are not respected, people are treated according to their status
etc. Those movies display the bad side of society and human nature. But
movies like 'my sassy girl' will always re-kindle the spirit of love in

STATUTORY WARNING: Too much of such movies (and being philosophical) can
be !(injurious) to health.

good night...its 3:45 AM already

long time no post

Well! my last post was when...let me see...february 21st...thats 5 days back...time for a new post then :))

Dixit and I went to PR + Melting moments on 22nd (Dixit's Bday), PR as usual sucked, Melting moments as usual rocked...we came back to IIIT at 12:30 or so and I watched a movie probably (i dont remember)...

We also went to Green Park the day was not at all worth the money...I saw 'page 3', started 'the family man' and want to see 'my sassy girl' (heard a lot abt this movie) ... Page 3 was really showed the so called 'high society' people's lives and the life behind what is visible on page 3. I can only hope that the movie was exaggerated because I really dont want to live in an environment like that...where people talk of their parties on funerals...that life was hollow...without a meaning...but I guess whoever has a life like that is living like that not becoz he likes it or he enjoys it, but becoz he has seen everyone around him living like that...such people do things not because they like doing it, but becoz it 'looks cool'...why cant everyone be himself and live for himself instead of living for what you like, what you enjoy and what you think is cool...That life will be more fulfilling and enjoyable then any other and it will also give you all the satisfaction that one needs...

Enough of this :) ... Many readers of my blog said that I always write about my 'FYP' on this blog but I cant help it...FYP is taking more than half of my day so I cant have many other things to write here goes :)) ... I added buffering (for parallelism) into the code to make it work faster...though I expected more but its giving only 15 fps for 800x600 imgs...There must be some loophole somewhere which is eating up time...I have to figure that out...

Amal finally got a call to go to Bangalore...and he is finally going next Friday...I hope he gets it....we will surely have a grand party after that...
We just had our lunch from PR...2 chola-bathoora, one paneer parantha ... I wanted to go to lab after lunch, but such a heavy meal has killed my brain cells and I am feeling drowsy...going to sleep now...will go to lab at 4:00...

good night )--))

Monday, February 21, 2005


Before coming to IIIT I had never thought that technology (esp IT related H/W & S/w) can create such wonders as we have seen in these four years@IIIT. Well! we could have only thought of all that if we had known that all this exists. Most of us did not even know that such things exist , then how could be think or appreciate it. After four years in IIIT we have learnt how things work and more importantly how technology works. Take example of this blogging itself. Some of us might have maintained a personal diary before coming to this institute which could have hardly extended till the first year of our course. Then writing into 'Notepad' or something of posting on some mail-box, hyperlinks etc...after this Blogs business started even those who never maintained a diary have started writing quiet frequently into these...

Well! now we take technology for granted...we use it and more than that we misuse it...downloading of movies from internet, chatting to people sitting in next room through 'write' and 'talk', playing games in lab :) , watching movies even before they come on theatres :) ... well to some extent its ok but dont we misuse it.
I guess sometimes we do. But someone would ask what is technology for, if a guy uses 'write' to talk to a person next room , then what is bad in that, he is saving his energy and all that...but dont we sometimes really over-use technology. I dont know...I am not concluding anything here. This is really a debatable topic and we cant really draw a line between use and misuse . More than misuse, we over-use technology which technically is not bad as it does not affect anything.

Our being an IT - institute we just have a habit of using these things. Think of other institutes where people do mechanical , electrical engg etc...they dont know how these things work and these things are not used in their daily life...Almost every person in IIIT has a g-mail account, orkut account, yahoo account, coolgoose account, this account and that account...we read news on google, CNN etc, some of us read Slashdot like newspaper, some people go to EspnStar rather than going through the sports magazine. Instead of seeing world cup, wimbledon on the Hostel-TV we stream it to computers using a remote TV tuner card and play it as videos (afterall rewind/forward has its own utility). We go to Prasads website to book tickets. We see train availabilities every hour before boarding the train. Almost everyone in our institute uses Google atleast 10-15 times a day to search information which we never think of going to Library for. These are some of those things which some people might not have even heard about outside our campus, but they are a part of our daily, is it use or overuse...Life would seem like hell if computers are taken away from us

I guess its not possible for an Average IIITian to live without all it might be overuse but IIITians cant call it misuse for sure...afterall we have seen technology at work and how it really works... :)

Sunday, February 20, 2005


one more post devoted to fyp...

today I sat in lab for 4-5 hrs at stretch with just one bournvita-break...Ranta and my fight got over yesterday when I sent him a mail asking for the reason for which we were not talking . His reply was funny but true. He wrote 'I dont know, but its all psychology'. Well! I agree , it was psychology...anyways...Today I was trying to optimize the code to work faster and I was successful to some extent but still I have to put in some more time for the same...When this gets over I have to concentrate more on Chromium and Camera part as well. Life is not going the way I wanted. Though I am not afraid of bad grade but I want to complete this project fully and properly before R&D showcase. I know it will be over by then somehow. Well! we are pretty good at finishing priority work before deadlines. Projects are the only thing that we do ourselves, rest of the things are just....yes u got it...anyways...I have LCS exam on wednesday and have no time or mood to study. Last time I studied for hardly a day and got 21/50 , I guess studying on teusday will fetch me atleast that much marks.

Going for dinner right now, have to go to CVIT once again after dinner...cya....

Saturday, February 19, 2005


today an article was published in TOI regarding 'Relationships'

I was forced to think on this issue after reading the article. Why is the marriage issue so over-hyped and the divorces have become so common. Why cant people stay together for their lives even when they start off pretty well. Why do expectations change. Why do break-ups happen. In today's world marriage is really not very important in one's life, anyone can live without it. But still its like following the traditions etc that forces people to marry. I am not against marriage , but I am against breaking up. Its just the Psychology of people that forces them to break such a 'sacred' relationship leading to chaos of their own and their dependant's lives.

Read the full article at

Year book

After so much ado we finally started working on the 'Year book' for our batch. Our senior's did something similar last year which is available on . Vardhman,Shadab,Suman are putting in quiet a thought and work for the same. They have started working on the design etc already. Hopefully it will be over within a week or so and we will start posting on it...

Today most of the time got the afternoon we had class and after that a game of Age...thats it...I worked for sometime after dinner...tomorrow I have to devote more time to movies..nothing...:((

Friday, February 18, 2005

"What Lies Behind Your Eyes? (With Pics, See All Results!)"
In your eyes, people see brightness in
everything.... and I mean... EVERYTHING! You're
so optimistic and think of everything as just a
new adverture! You're very energetic, happy,
fun, and loving. Everyone seems to want to be
just like you because you're a great example of
people who live life to its fullest! You don't
really have a sanctuary... That is... Besides
the whole world >.< You love to have a good
time and enjoy yourself among your friends,
family, even strangers or by yourself! However,
being so happy and energetic can also be your
downfall... Some people might see you as a
crazy person who doesn't take anything
seriously, but that's so not true! Just because
you see life better than them doesn't give them
the right to act crabby. Keep living life to
its fullest and hopefully you can drag some
other people along with you ^-^

What Lies Behind Your Eyes? (With Pics, See All Results!)
brought to you by Quizilla

R&D showcase

Now that the R&D showcase is pretty close (11th march) old days are back again. For knowing what exactly I mean by old days just see the time of post...I just came from CVIT after finishing off one module of FYP ... finally jpeg splitting started afternoon I had posted a funny mesg here and nite it got over...The memories of last 'show-case' are still fresh in our minds when Nitin,Amal,Shekhar,Majj,Jagan,Visesh , almost whole of our wing spent sleep-less nights haunting the old CVIT lab...with people sleeping for 1-2 hrs only , that too sometimes (or mostly) in lab itself...Tintin and I were together in our hons project and we also put quiet a lot of work to get things working...the project finally got over just one day before R&D showcase and just the previous night I downloaded a good dataset (WTC mis-hap videos) for demonstration. Finally it all went well. Those two days were pretty busy with people flocking in from all around. Students to companies , there were lots of people...This time I have to demo Chromium's graphics cluster and the Video-splitting cluster on 2x2 monitors...The performance is a big bottleneck when we go to such high I have to add in lots of optimizations at places...

I am a bit disappointed to see that mostly in the nights the CVIT lab remains empty which was not the case last year. This time we have so many systems in lab, whereas last time there were far less. Today afternoon only I was very much frustrated because the code was not working properly...everything I was expected did not happen...but tonite I started again and it worked like a wonder...I know everything will be over before R&D showcase but still when things dont work out the way u want them to, u feel frustrated...but we should not lose hope...

Today we went to GYM and I had no plans to exercise, already my arms were paining. But parida made me exercise so much that it started paining more. Above that I am sleeping so late now and will get up in time in the morning which will make the pain worse...afterall no pain no gain...Thanks to parida and p-pandey that I am liking this exercise routine in GYM otherwise going to gym was really useless...

Now I feel like watching a movie, but considering the time I think it will be better for me if i good night...bye

Thursday, February 17, 2005

how funny we are

we dont realize how many times we joke in a day , if we start writing in this blog it will take years to type....we started off with discussing such a serious issue like my FYP....

we were discussing the removal of disk read/writes from the jpeg compression and making it main memory writes/ i said 'I will try to remove the disk read/write otherwise we will sit together and do it...Nirnimesh was playing the song 'saaki saaki' so he starting singing...

'try karne par na ho to
zid pe adiyo na....'

so i contd...

'disk write kariyo na
disk read kariyo na'....

well this does nto sound funny on reading but it was really funny when it happened....

bye then..going for lunch

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

have a break...

I could not find much time and energy in the last 3-4 days, thats the reason why I am blogging after so long...I have become quiet a fitness freak..going to gym and for jogging daily, it feels pretty good. After joining CA also I am going to continue it this way. Lets see how things work out. This blogging is really amazing , we can keep so many things to remember and read our thoughts later. It is just like the silver bowl in Harry Potter where Dumbledore used to keep his thoughts well preserved...The problem here is that we cant see what we did but can only read...well!! thats more of a memory problem then feasability. Anyways who is going to post his life in movie clips on internet :).

Today Darbari,Anubhav, Deadly and I had a good discussion regarding the growth of our institute. We thought of various issues from improving the policies from studying to placements and also thought of some sort of Alumni Association like in other 'older' and well-established colleges. Most of the alumni of our institute is still in the initial stages of their career and some are still studying at various places like IIMs, Stanford, Columbia etc and soon they will be joining various companies and organizations. Within a span of 3-4 years we will have IIITians all over the companies ranging from start-ups to posts from 'Software Developer' to 'Project Managers' .. This is probably the best time to start an Alumni Association which can meet once in an year or two, with different people telling their experiences in their companies etc...I dont know exactly what will be done in such a meet but even if we leave the technical side of it, it will still be a good way to get-together.

Well! its pretty late right now and due to the strict Exercise Regime I am following under Parida I am pretty tired...I have to get up early and get to work once again...The FYP is coming along at okie-dokie speed...have to keep up the work...

good night once again

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Osho and Ranta's Theory

This is an old post from Ranta's blog (Original post) ...inspired by Osho he wrote this...

I have extracted the following stuff from a speech of Osho. I really love
this philosophy. I love Osho's funda of awareness and consciousness.

I don't believe in anything.
I don't have any belief system.
I don't have any creed, dogma.
My whole approach is existential.
One should not have shoulds and should nots. One
should simply exist spontaneously.
Live in the moment. Be Alert, and enjoy whatsoever
happens out of that alertness.
Dont keep an attitude, character, morality, descipline.
Dont fight with you. Dont try to make a structure around
you of character of morality.
Dont descipline you too much. Move with the situation,
respond to the situtaion. Remain loose and natural, floating.
Dont try to impose any thing on you, your being.
If you are too much cultured you will loose all that is natutal.
Then you will be a machenical thing, not floating not flowing.
Live moment to moment. Live with alertness.

Be aware and conscious.

- osho "Buddha of 21st century" [ed]

and this is my comment to it

I support what he says definitely, but the point is that people dont think (or call it meta-think) about their ways, their lifestyles, their life the way they should...they should be a spectator to their thoughts and should drive them and not get driven by them...thats how one becomes happy and finding happiness and joy in everything...not by following the ways and methods defined by this materialistic world and its people...

lots of preaching and stuff ...

life is complex

This life is so amazingly complex that nobody can understand it. Yesterday I was not feeling like working at all and we went out. The code was not working and I did not feel like racking my brains on it....Today after LCS class also I had so many things in my mind unrelated to my FYP but I went to CVIT-III and I got an urge to work on the project as soon as I started working on the new machines. 19 inch monitors, AMD 64 bit monitors, 1600x1200 pels resolution. It was mindblowing ...I started off and Chromium started working...I felt great. After sometime I came back to hostel and slept as I was not feeling very well. We went for jogging and I was feeling weak. Ranta is right afterall in saying all the things about psychology . I could not complete even two rounds today and went to GYM. Now was that psychological weakness or physical I dont know.

We came back from gym and went for dinner after some time. Now take the example of dinner itself. Nobody liked the food. Some people must have taken snax in mess, some must have gone to the dhaba outside, some to the coffee shop. In short only few of them were actually hungry. I was famished after the exercise and so I liked the food. Now what do you call this, psychological or not...

We did not go for movie as noone was willing to so we went to CVIT-III. I made the videoSplitting code working on AMD 64 and Ranta and I did lot of timepass there. Finally we came back to hostel. Ranta had to call her , he had got 63 missed calls.

tomorrow its bitwise, wont get time for writing blogs...nowadays it has become a habit for me...Day after tomorrow its the Valentine's plans yet, and I dont think there will be any plans even later....only one month left for the FYP demo now...lets get to work.

well! time for movie now

Friday, February 11, 2005

far east...

Today Vidit took us to 'Far East', the chinese restaurant in Ohri's . The food was delicious . The best part was the taipaie chicken (i dont know if i am spelling it correctly). Amal, vidit, ketan , Adi, Rocky and I were there. We discussed lots of things from the best girl to the best guy from our batch etc etc....we had got a seperate cabin for 6 of us so we could do lot of timepass...the food was really good...the soup (some chicken soup) was good with the non-veg starter...Then we took schezwan rice, noodles etc and manchuria...we went down and ate 'moong dal halwa' and 'gAlab jamun' (that A is intentional :)) )

I had to meet jagga and Vardhman for PR project report to finish it off finally but I came back at 12:30. I knew that they will not start by any chance without me so I went to lab and got them working. We finally completed the report . The PR course is officially over just the grades are left now .

I have to work on my FYP tomorrow and day after fully to utilize this weekend properly...I am feeling very tired right now as I played lot of TT today and we went for jogging/gym too...

good night


just came across an old mail...

read on...

#define MAAL beautiful_bandi

goto college;

if(bandi == MAAL)
while( !reply )
printf("I Love U");
if(reply == "GAALI")
main(); // go back and repeat the process
else if(reply == "SANDAL")
else if(reply == "Coochie Coo" || "I love You")
lover = MAAL;
love = (heart*)malloc(sizeof(lover));
goto restaurant;

pay->money = lover->money;
if(time <= 3.00)
goto park;
else return(college);



have fun

Thursday, February 10, 2005


I am not feeling like working at all...again and again my mind gets drifted...mind is an evil thing afterall
Today morning itself I was working on integration of jpeg lib with my code and when I did not find any possible way to do that I left it and started this...its bad...our mind is full of stupid thoughts which does not seem to get clear

R&D showcase is coming closer and closer and the time is passing like thoughts...whats gonna there was news of 'Sania Mirza' doing well in tennis and getting better at a good pace. There were comments about the dead night life of hyderabad. I hope to see more of night life after entering the corporate world. We have heard lots of comments about the life in a company... no time, tensions, only weekends etc . I wish that we have a good time there as we are used to having it in IIIT...these memorable days will always remind us of all the quality time spent here. The fall and the rise, the fun and tensions, the work and the running from it...

Sometimes I wonder where would all of us be after 5 years from now... some would be CEOs, some Entrepreneurs, some software engineers, some technical consultants, some project managers, some social workers... ... where will you be??


Today after hearing 'good' from Dr. PJN I was happy . We had a meeting at 10:00 but we had forgot that we had a class at same time. We went for class, it was pretty long and somewhat intersting. I was sleeping after having lunch with ranta's ghee when someone knocked my door. I was expecting it to be Nirnimesh as we had to go to meet sir regarding project and I had told him to wake me up for the same. But it was some Police guy who came for verification for the passport. We ran around for getting signature and photostate. I ditched Nitin and Manjeet and went to meet Sir. After that I went to lab and from there I went out with Dixit. I cant write here what we went for but we went for appx 2 hrs . After coming back we got ready and went for movie.

We had expected that we wont get tickets and it happened. Except 'Black' everything was available . Its good that we had seen Shabd yesterday otherwise we would have taken its tickets . Shabd was simply terrible . The movie, dialogues, theme everything was awful. Aishwarya was looking beautiful as usual. We had completed Shabd in almost 40 mins. Well! we went to AC's home and told him through phone to find out if tickets are available somewhere. Tickets were available in Sensation and the show was at 10:00 so we took dinner at ACs home. Pulao,Chutney,Raitya,Achar, the dinner was awesome . We ate to limits and then Nitin and I left for getting a gift for Nitin's sister's anniversary. We came back and we went for the movie.

The movie was pretty intense for general audience. It was more for those who can see such movies patiently without expecting any melodramatic twists. The acting of all the people was pretty natural. The movie also gave a big lesson that 'nothing is impossible' in this world. I feel that many people wont have patience to complete the movie but if you see it fully you will feel good.

We came back at 1:15 or so and now I am here. Tomorrow is also a holiday almost. Lets see what happens.
I have to integrate the JPEG compressed domain processing code with the video-splitting code and see the performance. If its acceptable than I am at 9th cloud else I have to work harder to reach there.

good night

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

one lazy afternoon

Yesterday night I saw Cube, it was also like K-Pax, ie incomplete. The movie had suspense, some scenes were very shocking and exciting but once again there were lots of loose threads. Till the end it was not clear who made the Cube, why he made it, who was the bad guy and who was good, what happened with the final survivor when he walked in the light, was that light the light which people see in NDEs( Near death experiences ) , did it lead to the heaven or hell. I was left wondering to figure out what really happened in the movie..I dont know why people make movies they dont know how to comprehend properly and how to conclude properly. The problem is people still like movies like this. It is like the cube itself. The movie starts in one room and starts revolving around it and when it ends you make ur own conclusion, the director need not take the pain of finding a conclusion for you. He gives you the flexibility of creating your own conclusion for the movie.

As I slept pretty late yesterday and I had been to the Gym also in the evening my body was aching quiet a lot when I woke up. Gaurav was also in same condition. When I slept in the afternoon after eating poori-chole I woke up directly after 3 hours. Even then my body was not responding to my brain and was lying on the bed as if I was drunk. But finally I woke up and 'Here I am'.

FYP: The jpeg lib which we have found out looks pretty good, it provides functionality to flip/rotate the image in compressed domain itself ie without finding DCTs etc. We are trying to make some changes to get the cropped images by using same code so that we need not waste any time finding DCTs. This is a bit involved but it will be over soon.

Have to go for jogging after sometime, cya soon .

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

FYP meeting

Today we met Dr PJN and the meeting went for almost 1 hour. We discussed about the display-Wall and the Streaming project. Today sir told us that we have to complete the setup of chromium as well as the video-splitting completely before R&D showcase and the final deliverable will have a library for Video-splitting. It will take a conf file and will do everything automatically. The input is frm video, images, camera or anything, how to divide it in no of tiles and all required information. I also have to look for compressed domain processing of jpeg files to improve upon the efficiency.

We went for jogging after very long today, and we went to Gym also. We always have big plans but the implementation is difficult part. Yoga is closed for 10 days as the teacher is going out. We have planned to go for jogging/gym in the morning. Every morning. Lets see if that can be done :) . We also played TT today, just one match but it felt good. I defeated Gaurav 16-21 . I still remember the time when I was new to this game in second semester. Though I still dont play very well but still I manage to get few points. We also recalled our time at GE when we used to play lot of TT in the evening/afternoon. Today I also orkutted after many days. We are planning to go for Black, have heard good comments from nirnimesh about the movie.

Have to go to do FYP in sometime...cya later...Ranta is sitting in my room(as usual) and we are eating cookies..

Monday, February 7, 2005

Felicity over, ranta's birthday

Today is (9th feb) Ranta's birthday. He got lots of bumps of all kinds at all places . But still he was as usual, he kicked Amal and was still jumping all around...and he did something so ugly that I cant even write it here. Well! I hope he gets what he wants most in life (I wont write what it is here).

Today was just another day but this day has added confidence in me regarding my FYP. I had been thinking about my FYP for more than a week till yesterday but was not doing anything for it. Today I did quiet well. The new systems got transferred to the new CVIT (CVIT-III) which was IRL before. The imageMagick code started working without disk writing of images. The program was not running as fast as expected but on removing the printfs from the code the performance improved 5 times . I also realised that using a macro like

#define printf //

can work wonders.

Dr. Prasad is going tomorrow and he will take the last class of the course tomorrow. It was nice working with him.

I have to meet Dr. PJN tomorrow to decide upon the deliverables for the next few weeks. The last 5-6 days of threads/felicity passed so fast that it looks like its still 1st of feb. But this felicity will be the most memorable of all.

good night :)


This year's Felicity was the grandest for me. For the first time in my
life in Felicity I participated in so many events. Technical as well as
non-technical. The best part is that we did well in most of the events. In
technical we participated in Online Treasure Hunt(Cache-in) which we won.
We took part in code-craft in which we came 37/700 which is good enough.
took part in equity-pulse but could not do very well or you can say that
my luck was not very kind to me during that period. I came 140 out of
somewhere around more than 400 teams. Though my rank reached 65-70 for
some time but that did not last long. Manjeet and I took part in Hacking
but could not clear the prelims. Anubhav and I were together once
again in Debugging contest( Debug the cbug ) . Last time we could not
clear the prelims :(( and this time we took revenge and won the contest
:)) though the competition was higher this time. Ranta and Amal came
second. We had partcipated in online crossword and quiz also but did not
do much in that.

In cultural events also we participated actively. I participated
in Dumb-charads with Ranta and manjeet but could not get through the
prelims. Manjeet, Maliha and I were a team for Antakshari in which there
were more than 30 teams and we could not get selected in top 7. Manjeet
and I also took part in collage-making but though our collage was better
than others we could not make it to top 3 :( .

For the first time in my life I also sang a song on the stage,
though it was in group. After lot of thought we decided on singing 'Main
koi aisa geet gaoon'. The evening was okie dokie with instrumental,
solo/group dance by many people. The Mr/Miss felicity was also better than
ever keeping in consideration the grand prize for winners. Free stay in
Goa for 3 days 4 nights in a resort. Wow! its awesome.
After this got
finished I went for a walk with Dixit who was was a bit frustrated today
for no particular reason. Once again we discussed lots of things , from
our future to the stupidities of Amal. (Amal was roaming around
offering chillies to people and giving them chocolates if they eat
them). After waiting for some more time in the Ground we came back to

I have a big day tomorrow as Dr. Prasad is going day after
tomorrow. I have to get some things ready for him like CD having all reqd
data for the course, assignment evaluation etc. I hope that I will wake up
before 8:00 tomorrow or else I will be ....

good night

Saturday, February 5, 2005

feeling better

After I spent around an hour getting more frustrated we went to the ground again. We sat for sometime and roamed around and ate chicken barbecue pizza and drank flavoured milk. After that we went to see the 'Rock show' by our own institute's rock band. It took an hour or so for them to set it up properly. They sang around 8-9 songs out of which I liked only 'Californication','brick in the wall','Zombie' . But the best part was that by the end of the show I was not frustrated anymore...I was feeling refreshed. When we came to know that its gonna be DJ for sometime we went directly to 'dance'. Todays DJ was better than yesterdays ( the time of post is correct, but I am talking about today as 5th feb only) and we had lot of dancing...we got tired after sometime and when we went to rest he played the last we had to get up again and we danced our last steps for the day. We came back to hostel and went to Bothra's room. We searched around alot and finally decided to see DDLJ itself. It got over 10 mins back. It reminded me of those times when I was 'more' childish. Those innocent days. My life has changed alot since then and I am sure other's lives must have also changed since they saw this movie for the first time.

Yesterday I saw K-Pax, it was intersting enough but the director left some loose threads, some unanswered questions left for the audience to guess...that was one major part I did not like abt that movie...While I was watching the movie yesterday I was dead eyes were closing again and again but I completed it. Now also I am feeling very sleepy and tired.

We have to get up early for Antakshari at '10:00' and dumb-charads at '11:00'. Considering the delays happening since yesterday and the experience I have of being here , I am sure antakshari wont start till 11:00 and dumb charads atleast till 12:30. Lets see.

cya tomorrow.

bad time...

My mood is very bad right now, this is the second day of felicity and nothing gr8 happened...Though I dont feel like how I am feeling when something like what happened happens but still I am feeling like that...cant help...I know I will be out of this soon...feeling like going for a walk...alone...

Thursday, February 3, 2005

chutneys and our_wing@today's dinner :))

Yesterday we went to chutneys, I had expected to have more fun but the evening

was one of the most boring evenings. Every one was so dead, I dont know why.

Tintin was complaining about everything from eating to roaming, Amal was

quiet for most of the time initially and was watching a stupid match being

shown on the giant screen on the wall. Dixit was quiet for the whole evening

almost accept showing his flashing smile sometimes. Bothra was as usual cool,

with his not so sense-ful fattas. Ketan was as usual laughing at everything.

I tried to make everyone talk in the middle of our Buffet and before everyone

started talking we were done. We went to Reebok showroom and then to Hyderabad

Central to get two pairs of funky T-shirts for us but could not find a suitable

one. Finally we came back and started seeing 'Clueless' which Amal stopped in

between to solve the crossword. After getting some words and not getting others

we got frustrated and filled all funny things. Guess what we were just 4 below

the highest score :) . If only we had tried more... :))

Today at dinner table I started boasting of our wing and the people. We started

off just like that and it turned out to be pretty amazing. See the stats.

Our wing is so diverse with people from Bihar,UP,Bombay,Chennai,Rajasthan,

MP. We have 2 CRs, a sysadmin, a cultural secretary, a finance secretary

from our wing. We have representatives of almost all companies that came to

our campus. TCS,CA,IBM,GE-JFWTC,Virtusa,Microsoft,Deloitte,Wipro,Novell,Adobe

and now the new in the list Trilogy. We have 3 MS and rest of us are BTechs.

Four people from our wing were in Dean's list. Four out of the 6 who went

for ACM this time were from our wing, Three out of 4 who went to GE for

internship were from our wing. Last semester we had 8 TAs from our wing!!! the list seems endless...


The tech events in felicity went very well this time. Online programming contest

was awesome, though we could not solve a question till 2 hrs of contest but it

was really good. We ended up with 37 rank :( out of 700 or so teams. Online

treasure hunt was another good contest, we had to solve 30 questions in 6hrs x

2 days. We had a pretty good effort put in by Ranta,Sreejith,manjeet,deadly,

visesh,suman,ketan,amal and me. Guess what, we won!!! a full 6000 Rs. We could

have won more but this is good enough. Equity-pulse went well too, but none of

us made anything from it. I was 140th when the contest ended. Bad luck or

strategy I dont know. Parida had managed to reach 16th rank but then his luck

turned around. It was a good exercise, now we atleast know the costs of few

shares and how to invest. But I wont try it the same way with real money.

There were plenty of teams from IIMs as well. Online quiz and crossword looked

too tough to me, but they were not actually.

Well, technical contest is almost over. Felicity is starting from tomorrow.

These coming 3 days will be full of fun. I have taken part in dumb-charads,

antakshari...etc etc...We are planning to go to runway 9 with the money

we won in the contest. Lets see how it turns out. This is the last felicity

of ours in institute. It reminds me of the felicity of previous year. In the

first felicity we went for campaigning to HCU, we pasted posters all around,

those green/orange and yellow colored postors. That felicity was a memorable

one as it was the first time we were enjoying in a fest like that thousand kms

away from home. We had a DJ night which was also memorable. In the second

felicity we went for sponsorships. Bothra, Nitin,Parry,Bhargava, and few more,

we all went together to panjagutta for sponsorships. I still remember that

walking on the road when Parry was getting frustoo and my feet were paining.

In the third or the last year's felicity our batch was the main organizer. We

organized online treasure hunt for the first time in our institute which went

quiet well. This time we have mostly participated only. Tomorrow

'Bombay Vikings' group is coming for the performance, it will be fun.

CU at felicity...