Sunday, January 16, 2005


Today was sunday and I had planned to work on my FYP in the morning itself. But because of the late night yesterday I could not get up early. I woke up late and we had a meeting regarding the requirements of the picnic. Finally we decided to go to 'Ramappa Lake' near warangal. We decided upon the snax, food, bus etc. today and now we have to start working on the games to be played there. We had quiet a long meeting for this. The number of people coming for the picnic seems pretty huge. Just some time back Amal forwarded Priyanka's mail in which she wrote that girls are not coming. Lets see what can be done about this. Finally after the meeting I slept (second time since morning) . I woke up at 6:30 and after eating biscuits in Parida's room we went for jogging. I came back , had dinner, and then I took bath. I went to lab finally to work on the FYP. The new system seemed to have problems in windows. Though we did not do much but we decided on doing somethings. Tomorrow we have a meeting with our project guide, lets see how much he scolds us :).

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