Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Picnic and days before/after it

The picnic finally happened. After thinking over the issues with various

places , 'Ramappa Lake' was finalized. Dhola ri dhani was too close,

Runway 9 did not satisfy the purpose and there was no replacement close

enough. So Vidit and I while searching on net stumbled upon this place. It

has been three days now after the picnic. The life continued to be busy

after the trip. The 'Into to visualization' exam, the demo for the same

early in the morning, the Dean's List party and now the FYP deadline. This

whole month was really really the most busiest month since I have joined

the institute.

The 3-4 days before the picnic were really busy. The fixing of caterer,

bus, place for going, collecting money from our lazy batch, finalizing

menu for lunch etc and the toughest of all, arranging all these things.

On 21st (23rd was the picnic) we had to go to arrange bothra's birthday

party. Ketan, Amal and I left for Imran's home as it was 'Id' at 4:00. He

finally called us and we finally took it seriously and thought that if we

wont go now we might not go ever. We reached his home at 5:30 and called

AC from there. We did not have lunch so we were hungry. We ate chicken

biryani, chicken, raitha and after that 'simiyan'(i dont know how to

spell), custard and 'qubani ka meetha' (once again i am not sure).

Everything was delicious. I could have finished all the sweets but thought

better not to. We saw dhoom at his home. We finally left at 7:30.

We dropped Vishnu near sec'bad station and started looking for options. AC

started talking of his experiences of discos at pune which aroused us to

go to a disco after the bday celebration. We had planned to book a room

somewhere in a hotel and get some stuff to eat/drink and watch movies. But

this plan did not seem good to me. We went to 'liquids' to ask about the

disco and came across one giant of a man. He was simply huge. The guy

there told that it closes at 12:00. We roamed around, went to the 'secret

lake' (durgam-cheruvu) to look for discos and could not find anything. We

again came to the plan 'b' of going to ohri's, so we went to ohri's to ask

about some preperation that could be made. The manager told that in such a

short notice he cant do it. We again came to plan 'a' of booking a room.

After taking the cake from 'universal bakery' amal gave an idea to roam

around in the night in the car itself. We finalized it. We went to Agra

sweets corner and got some stuff. Then we started on our way back. We got

cold-drinks too. We reached back at 10:00 and when we went to put the cake

in the coffee-shop's freezer we saw that maliha's cake was lying

vertically :) . We went back and decided to meet again at 11:45 behind

main building.

We met there and celebrated his bday. It was 12:45 already when we came

back to hostel to cut the rest of the cake with rest of the people. Ketan

and I were waiting in main building when we came to know through phone

that the Car got punctured :( . We came back. Tintin and I replaced the

Tyre and finally at 1:20 AM we got into the Car.

We were 8 of us. Would you believe 8 people , that too fully grown like us

in a maruti Car. AC was driving, Bothra was sitting with Piyush on the

first seat. Nitin,Dixit, Amal, Ketan and I were at the back. We started

off and were looking for a Petrol pump all through the way till we came

across 4 closed petrol pumps. We thought of returning as the petrol in the

Car was pretty less. We stopped at a petrol pump thinking of waking up

somebody and filling up the Car. There was noone inside. To our amazement

, the Car did not start after that. The petrol got over.

We got out, ate some stuff we had and all of us agreed to have some

adventure, walking till we find an open petrol pump and coming back with

the petrol. We started off on foot. We must have walked 4-5 kms coming

across a police patrol van which stopped us in between. Finally we came

across a petrol pump with 24 hours service. We got petrol and came back to

institute. It was 3:00 AM and noone had the power or capacity to roam

around more than that.

We came back and stopped in the garden (lawn near the Gate) to eat the

rest of the things. We cut the rest of the cake as well. We ate and drank

and came back to our rooms. I slept at 4:00. The next day had a lot of

work for us.

I got up and had breakfast. Then I met Vidit and Bole to decide upon the

things to be bought and funds to be used for the same. It was 11:00

already when AC came in. I could not even take bath and we went. We ate

lunch in AC's home. Food was great . In two days (the previous and this) I

got the opportunity to eat home-food. Luck is putting in extra hours for

me. We left at 12:30 to meet AC's father and there we met some guy who

gave us the location for the Travel agency. We went to secundrabad station

to see the Bus and finalize it. The bus looked ok and the music system was

fine. We gave advance and came to institute. We reached at 3:15. I missed

the 'LCS class'. Ranta was working on his master-plan with others.

I went to hostel to freshen up a bit. I had to come back soon to give

money to people who were leaving to get things. Swati, Ranu and Devi went

to get the gifts. I left with Bole to get the fruits,paper plates etc.

Vidit and Majj went to get the rest of the things and lost the bike keys.

After searching for bole and talking to him I went to the LCS tute in

which I was thrown out of the class becoz I did not have a notebook and the

TA seemed to hate my N-Gage. Good that it happened, I did not want to attend

the class anyway. I am feeling proud of these improvements happening in me :).

I took Adi's bike and went to mehdipatnam with bole to help them out. When

we reached there , they had already got the keys. We took some stuff from

them and came back to hostel after ordering 3 Kgs of Chips in indra nagar.

It was 10:00 already.

We went to the 2nd floor to pack gifts and all for various games. Vidit

wasn't back yet. Bole and I went to Indra nagar at 11:20 to get the chips.

We came back and started working on the gifts. At 12:30 appx, the driver

called on my Cell. The bus was in campus. Vidit and I took Bread /butter

etc. to prepare sandwiched. It was my and Deadly's idea to prepare them

ourselves. Maliha, Manjusha started working on it. The gift packing was

almost over, thanks to Lahari, Manjeet, Bole, Majj and Manjusha. Tarun and

Vidit brought hot water to heat the butter. Bothra, Tarun, Nirnimesh and I

were working on the tambola numbers. Vidit and I went to get Tea/Coffee

for all. At 2:00 or so the sandwiches were prepared. Vidit and I had

brought two cartons to put sandwiches from the coffee-shop. We arranged

them and cleaned the mess we had created.

Some gifts were still left to be packed so we packed them. We also added

some 'weird' gifts :) for some fortunate people. It must be 3:00 when only

Maliha,Manjeet,Tarun,Vidit and I were left. We came to the coffee

shop and sat on the chairs to discuss few more things. We did not have

time to sleep. We sat there with mosquitos biting us everywhere to discuss

about the pacing the parcel and the tambola numbers. At 4:30 we had to

wake up everyone. Maliha brought some cake which we all ate. Most of the

things that had to be discussed were over. So we came back to hostel to

wake up everyone. Within no time everyone woke up and got ready. Almost

all of us got into the bus at 6:00. We finally left for the picnic at 6:30

or so.

The trip was good enough. We went to the 'thousand pillar temple' in

between. We reached Ramappa temple at 12:00. It was a beautiful ancient

temple, and was almost at the brink of falling. We climbed to the top of

it where there were broken stones for cealing. We played dodge ball in

which I fell down very badly. We went to the Lake at 2:00 where the

caterer was waiting. Everyone had a nice lunch there. After lunch we had a

ride in the boat. We gave the boat-wala extra money to take us two rounds

instead of one. People waiting for him must be cursing us. We had a water

fight in the boat and most of us got wet pretty much. After that we came

back to the temple where we played Tambola, passing the parcel etc. Ketan

and I left to sleep in the bus before these got over. I dont remember when

everyone got into the bus and when we started . When I got up we had

already started our journey. We stopped at some place in between, close to

warangal. I served cold-drinks to all and one full glass almost fell on

me. When we started again we were recharged. Dixit,Gupta, Parivesh,

Rakesh,Nirnimesh, Piyush, Ranta and I danced for a long time on all vague

songs possible. We even danced on some advertisements' songs. The journey

ended at 11:30 when we reached our hostel. We were so tired that the only

place we wanted to be in was our bed. This picnic will be a memory


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