Wednesday, January 19, 2005

majj's talk

First majji invited everyone for a talk which he said he will give to improve interaction among batchmates and it worked. We played dumb charades and enjoyed being together. But that was last week. This week we had another such evening. This time we termed it as 'Darbari's darbar' . We played Antakshari with dance, a different type of dumb charades with people acting other people (students,professors) then we had a sort of 'truth or dare' session after which evening ended. Dixit and I went for a long walk and I am feeling very tired now.

We went for the 'yoga' session today, it was tiring and relaxing as we did more of an exercise then the actual yoga. We are looking forward to attending next class. We have to figure out how we will continue our jogging as the yoga teacher suggested to have yoga OR exercise as there rules are totally opposite. Its like building muscles vs relaxing them. Lets see what can be done.

Tomorrow we have to for passport and finally I have to meet nirnimesh and get to work in the morning after such a huge break. Picnic preperations are not coming along very well...we are meeting and meeting and doing nothing though it wont take much time...bye for feeling sleepy, by the way I am watching 'broken arrow' right now.


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