Saturday, January 15, 2005

I scream , you scream , we all scream for ice-cream

Finally Vidit took me for the ice-cream party that was due for a long time. He promised to give this party last year(dec-2004) when he got calls from 2 IIMs and was delaying it because of his 'busy' schedule. But finally he did find time for it.

Today Majj gave a talk.

He called all the batch people in the basket ball court and we all played dumb-charades there. We were around 40 of us and we had a nice time. The best performance was of darbari's 'casablanca' which was guessed in record time of 7 seconds. It happened because we had just discussed the movie. I got 'bruce ... male....' from parry which seemed impossible to act. I tried but noone was able to guess.

After doing all this Vidit and I went to Ohri's for icecreams. We ate 'Bull's eye' and a special icecream comprising of 7 different flavours. 'Bull's eye' reminded me of the day when Amal and I went for icecreams. I had just 130 rs and my ATM card was deactivated. We went as fast as possible to reach 'melting moments' in time and we were successful. We had one icecream only because of money constraint. I had agreed for two so I withdrew 200 Rs from my ICICI ATM card and we went to Ohri's where I had 'Bull's eye' for the first time. It is one of the best icecream I have eaten.

Vidit and I discussed lots of things important to our future life but could not come to any conclusion. We were still in doubt about most of the things. What to do and what to avoid and bla bla bla...

Finally we came back to institute at 2:30 AM and I went to bothra's room where he was watching 'wimbledon'. I sat with him for some 1/2 an hour and came back to my room. Now it is 3:24 AM and I have to go to CVIT for FYP at 10:00 so I will go to bed now. Bye!


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