Monday, January 31, 2005

FYP Submission and Treasure hunt

Today was our FYP progress report submission and the Online Treasure hunt. The progress report did not take much of time as I was more than half way through yesterday itself. After LCS class we came to room directly to take part in OTH. It was from 4:00 to 10:00 and will continue in same time slot tomorrow. It was organized very well. Last time there were lots of problems which we faced in organizing the contest. From framing questions to crashing of server by Majji :) but finally it got over well. This time its going with more stability as the rules are more robust. Negative marking is a very good idea to avoid brute-force for most of the questions.

I saw many movies in the last few days...50 first dates, Mindhunters, Sleepy hollow, Aviator ... 50 first dates was the most amazing of all these, it was totally different and pretty romantic. Mindhunters was also good but not very. I got bored while seeing it but overall the movie was good enough, the suspense was mind-blowing and the killings were deadly. Sleepy hollow was scary, we got jerks many times. I saw sleepy hollow in Bothra's room with Ketan,Bothra and Dixit, we ate lots of ground-nuts while watching. It was worth watching. We went to movie club to see Aviator and though I was getting bored like all others I was telling them again and again to wait for sometime but finally I gave up and we came before even half of the movie was completed.

Today it rained pretty heavily, and its still raining. We ordered food from PR in the afternoon which we ate after the class only. 3 paranthas with butter and pickle, i had not eaten PR paranthas for nearly 2 months before today. Last time when it rained I had gone out with Ketan to get his reports and to get his stiches cut. He gave me treat in Pizza-hut where we ate half-N-half double-cheese/chicken-tikka pan pizza and garlic bread. Both of them were awesome. It was pretty heavy as both of us were full after eating it. Then we went to Melting-moments and there we ate an ice-cream with a 'chocolate-truffle' at the bottom and 2 scoops at the top. It was simply 'yummmmmmmmmy'. We brought 2 chocoloate-truffles from which one bothra and pappu ate and for the other they fooled amal and shared with him. I would love to go on such treats more often...lets see who is as good as ketan to take me there :))

Now again I am going to watch a movie, tomorrow is again a 'free' day...busy from 4:00 to 10:00 with treasure hunt...i just saw the result page...visesh is highest till now with 184 points from our group. Tomorrow there will be a tough competition. I also want to go out sometime but we are not getting time. Felicity is also very close now. We wont be able to go out on the three days of felicity as this is our last felicity in IIIT. Who knows next time onwards we might not be able to find time to even attend the fest. Thinking of it reminds me that its only 2.5 months now. February has already started.



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