Sunday, January 23, 2005

the busy week

The description of 4th is already given in the last post. The whole of
this week went in travelling around. I went out in all the days of this
week. Lets start from 5th.

It was wednesday. I woke up , took breakfast and was in the hostel itself
roaming around. We had to meet Dr. PJN regarding the project so we got
ready and we came to CVIT at 12:15. Sir was already there. First we had a
discussion on VLC and then we went to Sir's office for the 'Display Wall'
project. We had a discussion for 1/2 hr and sir told us about what is to
be done in the project in future. The fatehpur sikri model on 4 displays,
breaking of large size (resolution) videos into 4 etc etc.

I had to go to give my personal computer also for repair so I was finding
someone for a bike and Jayaram , Kaka and I did a lot of chatting in that
regard. Jayaram gave me a full 3 Rupees to get his system repaired. I was
supposed to hold 2 machines sitting at the back of the bike. Wow! .

I finally found adi to go with as he had to go to his uncle's place to
meet them. So finally we went at 4:30 or so after eating snax in Ketan's
room, me, bothra and amal. We went to the shop and found that my
motherboard had a problem. From there we went to Adi's uncle's place. We
had extremely hot but good coffee there. There's looked like a very happy
family.We left at 6:00 or so and came back to institute. I had to contact
deadly or manjeet and tell them that I was coming to hostel but my phone
had exactly 0.0 balance. Adi's cell had 2.67 balance. We finally reached
institute at 7:10. The traffic was killing. I went to hostel washed my
face and went back to lab. Amal was sleeping in ketan's room for all this

Finally we went for 'The Polar Express'. The first 3D movie for me. I had
already heard a lot about it. We weant in 2 autos. Amal, ketan, manjeet,
nitin, visesh, dixit, piyush and me. Jagan could not come as he had to go
in the meeting for tsunami relief fund. I got down at IMAX to get tickets
with Nitin and we got 9 tickets for 1575. 1 for jenny also. Then we went
walking to 'The Eat Street' for eating. We did not even try to find out
others and ordered 'pav bhaji' and 'chola bathoora' for us. Then
Ketan,amal and dixit saw us and came to us. We had good time eating so
many things, from corn to cold coffee, frankies to raj kachori. We left
eat street at 9:45 and reached IMAX at 10:00. The movie started with 3D
numbering from 10 to 1. That itself gave us the feeling of 3D.

The movie was awesome, in all respects. Story was fine, there was too much
of everything. The thousands of Reindeers on the track or the lacs of
elves they did not compromise on numbers. The train was also great with
all its twists and turns. After the movie we came back with the awesome
memories of 'The Polar Express'.


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