Monday, January 10, 2005

2005 started...

After completing the holidays when I was coming back to Institute with

Manjeet and Ketan I told them about my feelings. I said that in the past

few days (ie the winter vacations) I realised that we are just 3 months

away from leaving the institute so I want to have full time fun. I asked

him for ways to have fun all the time at all the places. We discussed

things like going out etc.

We came back on 3rd evening, our train was late and we reached institute

at midnight. We met all the friends etc etc. I checked all my mails in

Manjeet's room as he went somewhere :). Then I went to take bath and that

too in supercold water. I was literally freezed. Then I went to sleep. The

first day in 2005 in our institute had already started and I had lots of

incomplete things to do which I had left before going. I had to install

VTK and make it work somehow, I had to prepare the project marks list for

DIP, I had to meet Dr. PJN and Dr. Prasad.

One burden that I was removed from my head was that my Draft was submitted

in time otherwise I would have had to pay 500 rs extra. I came to know in

the night (4th morning 1:30 am) from amal/vardhman that I had to meet Dr.

Prasad urgently. So eventhough I slept at 3:00 AM in the night(or morning)

I woke up at 7:30. I could not sleep properly the reason for which I still

dont know. I got ready and took breakfast and went to meet him. I just had

a brief talk after which I attended his class. We discussed few things

regarding assignments etc. and I came to lab at 11:00 . I had to create

the website/mailing list by evening and had to send instructions to

students on how to install VTK etc. Then I made the Excel sheet and after

sometime went to hostel. Nirnimesh was doing some work with bapu at 3:00

when I went to CVIT to meet Dr. PJN. By the time he got free Dr. PJN had

left. I came to lab and then I was leaving for hostel when ketan took me

to library. I went to library after so long that I dont remember when was

the last time. I read a book by some 'swami s...' - 'mind relax' or sth

which was kept on the table. It was intersting. I also saw stardust in

library for the first time. I tried to find out some intersting books to

take to room but could not find any good ones. After that I came back to

lab at 5:00.I went to CVIT every now and then to meet Dr. PJN with

nirnimesh. But finally when Nirnimesh was not available I came across Dr.

PJN. I was afraid of getting scolded but nothing happened. Then I went to

hostel and from there I went for jogging with Ketan and Dixit. I came to

lab and saw Wimbledon after dinner. It is a good movie. Pretty different

but good. After completing the movie we went back to hostel. I slept

finally at appx 2:00 AM.

This was the very first day...the rest of the days till now (today is

10th) were equally hectic...c the next blogs...


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