Monday, January 31, 2005

FYP Submission and Treasure hunt

Today was our FYP progress report submission and the Online Treasure hunt. The progress report did not take much of time as I was more than half way through yesterday itself. After LCS class we came to room directly to take part in OTH. It was from 4:00 to 10:00 and will continue in same time slot tomorrow. It was organized very well. Last time there were lots of problems which we faced in organizing the contest. From framing questions to crashing of server by Majji :) but finally it got over well. This time its going with more stability as the rules are more robust. Negative marking is a very good idea to avoid brute-force for most of the questions.

I saw many movies in the last few days...50 first dates, Mindhunters, Sleepy hollow, Aviator ... 50 first dates was the most amazing of all these, it was totally different and pretty romantic. Mindhunters was also good but not very. I got bored while seeing it but overall the movie was good enough, the suspense was mind-blowing and the killings were deadly. Sleepy hollow was scary, we got jerks many times. I saw sleepy hollow in Bothra's room with Ketan,Bothra and Dixit, we ate lots of ground-nuts while watching. It was worth watching. We went to movie club to see Aviator and though I was getting bored like all others I was telling them again and again to wait for sometime but finally I gave up and we came before even half of the movie was completed.

Today it rained pretty heavily, and its still raining. We ordered food from PR in the afternoon which we ate after the class only. 3 paranthas with butter and pickle, i had not eaten PR paranthas for nearly 2 months before today. Last time when it rained I had gone out with Ketan to get his reports and to get his stiches cut. He gave me treat in Pizza-hut where we ate half-N-half double-cheese/chicken-tikka pan pizza and garlic bread. Both of them were awesome. It was pretty heavy as both of us were full after eating it. Then we went to Melting-moments and there we ate an ice-cream with a 'chocolate-truffle' at the bottom and 2 scoops at the top. It was simply 'yummmmmmmmmy'. We brought 2 chocoloate-truffles from which one bothra and pappu ate and for the other they fooled amal and shared with him. I would love to go on such treats more often...lets see who is as good as ketan to take me there :))

Now again I am going to watch a movie, tomorrow is again a 'free' day...busy from 4:00 to 10:00 with treasure hunt...i just saw the result page...visesh is highest till now with 184 points from our group. Tomorrow there will be a tough competition. I also want to go out sometime but we are not getting time. Felicity is also very close now. We wont be able to go out on the three days of felicity as this is our last felicity in IIIT. Who knows next time onwards we might not be able to find time to even attend the fest. Thinking of it reminds me that its only 2.5 months now. February has already started.



Thursday, January 27, 2005

My homepage

Finally I completed my new homepage

have a look at

i hope you like it...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Picnic and days before/after it

The picnic finally happened. After thinking over the issues with various

places , 'Ramappa Lake' was finalized. Dhola ri dhani was too close,

Runway 9 did not satisfy the purpose and there was no replacement close

enough. So Vidit and I while searching on net stumbled upon this place. It

has been three days now after the picnic. The life continued to be busy

after the trip. The 'Into to visualization' exam, the demo for the same

early in the morning, the Dean's List party and now the FYP deadline. This

whole month was really really the most busiest month since I have joined

the institute.

The 3-4 days before the picnic were really busy. The fixing of caterer,

bus, place for going, collecting money from our lazy batch, finalizing

menu for lunch etc and the toughest of all, arranging all these things.

On 21st (23rd was the picnic) we had to go to arrange bothra's birthday

party. Ketan, Amal and I left for Imran's home as it was 'Id' at 4:00. He

finally called us and we finally took it seriously and thought that if we

wont go now we might not go ever. We reached his home at 5:30 and called

AC from there. We did not have lunch so we were hungry. We ate chicken

biryani, chicken, raitha and after that 'simiyan'(i dont know how to

spell), custard and 'qubani ka meetha' (once again i am not sure).

Everything was delicious. I could have finished all the sweets but thought

better not to. We saw dhoom at his home. We finally left at 7:30.

We dropped Vishnu near sec'bad station and started looking for options. AC

started talking of his experiences of discos at pune which aroused us to

go to a disco after the bday celebration. We had planned to book a room

somewhere in a hotel and get some stuff to eat/drink and watch movies. But

this plan did not seem good to me. We went to 'liquids' to ask about the

disco and came across one giant of a man. He was simply huge. The guy

there told that it closes at 12:00. We roamed around, went to the 'secret

lake' (durgam-cheruvu) to look for discos and could not find anything. We

again came to the plan 'b' of going to ohri's, so we went to ohri's to ask

about some preperation that could be made. The manager told that in such a

short notice he cant do it. We again came to plan 'a' of booking a room.

After taking the cake from 'universal bakery' amal gave an idea to roam

around in the night in the car itself. We finalized it. We went to Agra

sweets corner and got some stuff. Then we started on our way back. We got

cold-drinks too. We reached back at 10:00 and when we went to put the cake

in the coffee-shop's freezer we saw that maliha's cake was lying

vertically :) . We went back and decided to meet again at 11:45 behind

main building.

We met there and celebrated his bday. It was 12:45 already when we came

back to hostel to cut the rest of the cake with rest of the people. Ketan

and I were waiting in main building when we came to know through phone

that the Car got punctured :( . We came back. Tintin and I replaced the

Tyre and finally at 1:20 AM we got into the Car.

We were 8 of us. Would you believe 8 people , that too fully grown like us

in a maruti Car. AC was driving, Bothra was sitting with Piyush on the

first seat. Nitin,Dixit, Amal, Ketan and I were at the back. We started

off and were looking for a Petrol pump all through the way till we came

across 4 closed petrol pumps. We thought of returning as the petrol in the

Car was pretty less. We stopped at a petrol pump thinking of waking up

somebody and filling up the Car. There was noone inside. To our amazement

, the Car did not start after that. The petrol got over.

We got out, ate some stuff we had and all of us agreed to have some

adventure, walking till we find an open petrol pump and coming back with

the petrol. We started off on foot. We must have walked 4-5 kms coming

across a police patrol van which stopped us in between. Finally we came

across a petrol pump with 24 hours service. We got petrol and came back to

institute. It was 3:00 AM and noone had the power or capacity to roam

around more than that.

We came back and stopped in the garden (lawn near the Gate) to eat the

rest of the things. We cut the rest of the cake as well. We ate and drank

and came back to our rooms. I slept at 4:00. The next day had a lot of

work for us.

I got up and had breakfast. Then I met Vidit and Bole to decide upon the

things to be bought and funds to be used for the same. It was 11:00

already when AC came in. I could not even take bath and we went. We ate

lunch in AC's home. Food was great . In two days (the previous and this) I

got the opportunity to eat home-food. Luck is putting in extra hours for

me. We left at 12:30 to meet AC's father and there we met some guy who

gave us the location for the Travel agency. We went to secundrabad station

to see the Bus and finalize it. The bus looked ok and the music system was

fine. We gave advance and came to institute. We reached at 3:15. I missed

the 'LCS class'. Ranta was working on his master-plan with others.

I went to hostel to freshen up a bit. I had to come back soon to give

money to people who were leaving to get things. Swati, Ranu and Devi went

to get the gifts. I left with Bole to get the fruits,paper plates etc.

Vidit and Majj went to get the rest of the things and lost the bike keys.

After searching for bole and talking to him I went to the LCS tute in

which I was thrown out of the class becoz I did not have a notebook and the

TA seemed to hate my N-Gage. Good that it happened, I did not want to attend

the class anyway. I am feeling proud of these improvements happening in me :).

I took Adi's bike and went to mehdipatnam with bole to help them out. When

we reached there , they had already got the keys. We took some stuff from

them and came back to hostel after ordering 3 Kgs of Chips in indra nagar.

It was 10:00 already.

We went to the 2nd floor to pack gifts and all for various games. Vidit

wasn't back yet. Bole and I went to Indra nagar at 11:20 to get the chips.

We came back and started working on the gifts. At 12:30 appx, the driver

called on my Cell. The bus was in campus. Vidit and I took Bread /butter

etc. to prepare sandwiched. It was my and Deadly's idea to prepare them

ourselves. Maliha, Manjusha started working on it. The gift packing was

almost over, thanks to Lahari, Manjeet, Bole, Majj and Manjusha. Tarun and

Vidit brought hot water to heat the butter. Bothra, Tarun, Nirnimesh and I

were working on the tambola numbers. Vidit and I went to get Tea/Coffee

for all. At 2:00 or so the sandwiches were prepared. Vidit and I had

brought two cartons to put sandwiches from the coffee-shop. We arranged

them and cleaned the mess we had created.

Some gifts were still left to be packed so we packed them. We also added

some 'weird' gifts :) for some fortunate people. It must be 3:00 when only

Maliha,Manjeet,Tarun,Vidit and I were left. We came to the coffee

shop and sat on the chairs to discuss few more things. We did not have

time to sleep. We sat there with mosquitos biting us everywhere to discuss

about the pacing the parcel and the tambola numbers. At 4:30 we had to

wake up everyone. Maliha brought some cake which we all ate. Most of the

things that had to be discussed were over. So we came back to hostel to

wake up everyone. Within no time everyone woke up and got ready. Almost

all of us got into the bus at 6:00. We finally left for the picnic at 6:30

or so.

The trip was good enough. We went to the 'thousand pillar temple' in

between. We reached Ramappa temple at 12:00. It was a beautiful ancient

temple, and was almost at the brink of falling. We climbed to the top of

it where there were broken stones for cealing. We played dodge ball in

which I fell down very badly. We went to the Lake at 2:00 where the

caterer was waiting. Everyone had a nice lunch there. After lunch we had a

ride in the boat. We gave the boat-wala extra money to take us two rounds

instead of one. People waiting for him must be cursing us. We had a water

fight in the boat and most of us got wet pretty much. After that we came

back to the temple where we played Tambola, passing the parcel etc. Ketan

and I left to sleep in the bus before these got over. I dont remember when

everyone got into the bus and when we started . When I got up we had

already started our journey. We stopped at some place in between, close to

warangal. I served cold-drinks to all and one full glass almost fell on

me. When we started again we were recharged. Dixit,Gupta, Parivesh,

Rakesh,Nirnimesh, Piyush, Ranta and I danced for a long time on all vague

songs possible. We even danced on some advertisements' songs. The journey

ended at 11:30 when we reached our hostel. We were so tired that the only

place we wanted to be in was our bed. This picnic will be a memory


i also updated my webpage

have a look...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

the busy week

The description of 4th is already given in the last post. The whole of
this week went in travelling around. I went out in all the days of this
week. Lets start from 5th.

It was wednesday. I woke up , took breakfast and was in the hostel itself
roaming around. We had to meet Dr. PJN regarding the project so we got
ready and we came to CVIT at 12:15. Sir was already there. First we had a
discussion on VLC and then we went to Sir's office for the 'Display Wall'
project. We had a discussion for 1/2 hr and sir told us about what is to
be done in the project in future. The fatehpur sikri model on 4 displays,
breaking of large size (resolution) videos into 4 etc etc.

I had to go to give my personal computer also for repair so I was finding
someone for a bike and Jayaram , Kaka and I did a lot of chatting in that
regard. Jayaram gave me a full 3 Rupees to get his system repaired. I was
supposed to hold 2 machines sitting at the back of the bike. Wow! .

I finally found adi to go with as he had to go to his uncle's place to
meet them. So finally we went at 4:30 or so after eating snax in Ketan's
room, me, bothra and amal. We went to the shop and found that my
motherboard had a problem. From there we went to Adi's uncle's place. We
had extremely hot but good coffee there. There's looked like a very happy
family.We left at 6:00 or so and came back to institute. I had to contact
deadly or manjeet and tell them that I was coming to hostel but my phone
had exactly 0.0 balance. Adi's cell had 2.67 balance. We finally reached
institute at 7:10. The traffic was killing. I went to hostel washed my
face and went back to lab. Amal was sleeping in ketan's room for all this

Finally we went for 'The Polar Express'. The first 3D movie for me. I had
already heard a lot about it. We weant in 2 autos. Amal, ketan, manjeet,
nitin, visesh, dixit, piyush and me. Jagan could not come as he had to go
in the meeting for tsunami relief fund. I got down at IMAX to get tickets
with Nitin and we got 9 tickets for 1575. 1 for jenny also. Then we went
walking to 'The Eat Street' for eating. We did not even try to find out
others and ordered 'pav bhaji' and 'chola bathoora' for us. Then
Ketan,amal and dixit saw us and came to us. We had good time eating so
many things, from corn to cold coffee, frankies to raj kachori. We left
eat street at 9:45 and reached IMAX at 10:00. The movie started with 3D
numbering from 10 to 1. That itself gave us the feeling of 3D.

The movie was awesome, in all respects. Story was fine, there was too much
of everything. The thousands of Reindeers on the track or the lacs of
elves they did not compromise on numbers. The train was also great with
all its twists and turns. After the movie we came back with the awesome
memories of 'The Polar Express'.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

majj's talk

First majji invited everyone for a talk which he said he will give to improve interaction among batchmates and it worked. We played dumb charades and enjoyed being together. But that was last week. This week we had another such evening. This time we termed it as 'Darbari's darbar' . We played Antakshari with dance, a different type of dumb charades with people acting other people (students,professors) then we had a sort of 'truth or dare' session after which evening ended. Dixit and I went for a long walk and I am feeling very tired now.

We went for the 'yoga' session today, it was tiring and relaxing as we did more of an exercise then the actual yoga. We are looking forward to attending next class. We have to figure out how we will continue our jogging as the yoga teacher suggested to have yoga OR exercise as there rules are totally opposite. Its like building muscles vs relaxing them. Lets see what can be done.

Tomorrow we have to for passport and finally I have to meet nirnimesh and get to work in the morning after such a huge break. Picnic preperations are not coming along very well...we are meeting and meeting and doing nothing though it wont take much time...bye for feeling sleepy, by the way I am watching 'broken arrow' right now.


Monday, January 17, 2005

Trip to Shimla

finally the trip to simla happened...after so much of hussle

we made it happen...parry agreed, parivesh also agreed , darbari could

not come because of his fyp demonstration...

we were 14 of us...ketan,manjeet,amal,sunil,vidit,pankaj,rocky,parivesh,

khare,vardhman,adi,parry,kunal and me...

As a whole the trip was good enough, i cant compare it with the goa trip

as both were different experiences altogether...goa was filled with fun..

whereas simla trip was difficult and cool..we almost travelled for 1400 kms

in 6 days...which included mainly chandigarh,pinjore,kalka(just visited),

solan,simla,diroti(in tikkar - a small but nice village)...these are the

places we actually stayed in...and spent our time started on 16th from

delhi at 10:00 am or so and finished in ghaziabad at appx 8:00 am...for 8 of us

it was a great amount of travelling in train/qualis ... we almost spent half

of us our time in travelling only...we actually started from hyderabad and

ended up at our respective was almost 10 days more

place that we stayed in was kanpur...that was vidit's home...

we started off from hyderabad on 13th of december by AP express in the morning

at 7:10 ... we had gone out the previous night for dinner and some shopping..

i love shopping when i have good company...the train journey was intersting..

we played dumb-charades for almost 3-4 hrs...all good movies(eng,hindi) got

exhausted...ranta came out to be the best actor..and parry was best movie was fun...we had all the 8 seats of the block so there was noone

to disturb...ranta was maintaining the accounts...we ate alot...we had poori-aloo

in breakfast ... it was ok-ok...we were hungry afterall...then all of us went

to sleep...i was made to get up at 12:30 or so..and after that i just had a

small nap , not more than that...we ate cutlets, noodles, etc etc

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Can he really open his eyes ever...

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The unforgettable Train journey

we played dumb-charades for most of the time and all time passed...then we

had a good dinner in itarsi...its the best station for eating and stuff...

we had pooris again and some sweets and all...after chatting and all for some

more time we went for sleep again as our station was supposed to come at

about 2:30...we had to get down at jhansi station and board pushpak express.

It was the best option as we could reach kanpur by 7:00 in the morning...the

other option was taking a bus by which we would have reached kanpur around

12:00 in the afternoon...pushpak was on the opposite platform when we reached

jhansi...the train was full of people and we had to sit near the doors of some

bogie...we paid 800 rs to the TT and still did not get seats :( ... we spent

our time reading last year acm kanpur's paper...ranta was reading algos book,

cormen. Vidit was reading fountain-head. Manjeet was listening to hum-tum/kal

ho na ho casette. He would come every now and then and switch to speaker, this

frustrated parry alot :). It was hardly a 5 hrs journey but each one of us was

exhausted. We reached kanpur station at 7:30 where we met vidit's parents and

his younger brother aditya. We went to vidit's home and got relieved.

The house was huge. There was so much of vegetation that could feed a family

for one season :). All of us were too lazy to take bath and all and we drank tea

without even brushing :). Atleast some of us brushed. I remember, rocky brushed

before drinking. Then it was time to take bath. Kunal went first, I went after him.

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Comic time...back to kindergarten :)

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Enjoying the Sun...good morning guys

I was already suffering from mild cold which i knew would turn into the same

cold that I mostly get. I got cough also. I was feeling pretty bad about it.

All of us got ready and had a good breakfast. Then we went to IIT kanpur for

warm up session arranged by them. We reached there at appx 1:00. All 8 of us.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Grand Break-Fast.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

IIIT Hyderabad at IIT Kanpur

We saw the lab where the contest was to be held. Then we went to the control

room where we were supposed to report. The warm up was from 3:00 to 5:00.

We told others to leave and me,ranta and amal went for lunch. The menu was

similar to our mess but the quality looked a bit better.

We walked our way to the computer lab and were well before time. We sat on the

staircase and few other teams also copied us. Finally we entered the lab and

the contest started(warm up session). There was only one problem which was very

easy , we submitted it at 3:10 or so and started editing .bashrc,.vimrc etc.

Vidit had given his mobile to me which I had kept on silent so I missed 4 of his

calls. I just saw it at 3:15 and made a call to vidit. They cancelled their program

of going to lucknow in the afternoon and were waiting for us. We got out and the

Qualis was waiting for us. We reached home at 4:30 or so. Kunal and parry were

sitting in sun reading archies. Rest of the people were sleeping. Then one by

one everyone woke up .

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Bade miyan,chote miyan...Vidit and his younger brother Aditya

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Amal was last to take bath I guess..that means everyone is ready :)

The lucknow plan was postponed to next day and we all

went to roam around in kanpur itself. We went to the 'Mahal of Tantya tope' behind

which the great 'Ganga' River was visible. It was a stunning Mahal. We were literally

stunned :) .

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

That makes 4 of us...

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The Great Tantya-Tope's Fort/Mahal

We went to a multiplex called 'Rave' then

we went to some market. I wasnt feeling well at all. I just wanted to go back

and sleep. People were purchasing monkey caps, inner wear etc to fight cold in

simla. Finally the shopping got over and we went back. We had a good dinner and

gulab-jamuns in the end.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

No food for Rocky :)

I gargled to avoid worsening of my throat and took a

medicine which vidit's father gave me for cold. Ranta,me and Amal slept together

in one room.We three had a big day ahead.

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Still Sleeping...

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Bathing for the first time...

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Woke up early...bad habits never leave.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Ranta - The Sleeping beauty...

We got up pretty early. The contest was from 10:00 to 3:00. We reached IIT at

9:25. Rocky and Vidit came with us. The contest started, we had divided the problems

into 3 sets. Amal had to read first 2, i had to read last three and ranta middle three.

We solved one question after more than an hour. One question which Ranta coded

had some minor problem due to which it wasnt getting accepted. The contest got

over at 3:00. We were 13th at that time. Before the contest I felt that we should

perform to our best and should not feel that 'we could have done better' as I dont

like that feeling. But after the contest I was getting that feeling only. Lets

just forget it.

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They had fun in Lucknow... without us :(

We came back and after having tea I went to sleep. These people came frm lucknow

after I slept. I wasnt feeling well at all. There were two things in my mind, one

was the contest and the other was that if I dont get well by morning I wont go

to simla trip. Uncle again gave me some medicines which worked like wonder.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Leaving time...:( we still miss the good food Vidit.

We finally took the train at 10:30 PM from kanpur central station. All of us

were tired and we went to sleep. The other group of 6 people were to come to Delhi

by AP express. They had to join us there. We finally got up when the station came.

I wanted to sleep more and I can bet that everyone wanted the same.

We came to the wimpy's outlet where the taxis were supposed to come. Bothra told

me to take my phone out and when I did it was able to connect. I called my sister

and she told taxis will come any minute. Finally the taxis came after so much of

waiting and after putting the luggage and all I went with mom/dad and sis to

wimpys ditching all my friends :) ... the other 6 also came at appx 9:15 because

of the delay of AP express. After they made phonecalls and all we started our

journey in 2 jeeps(Qualis) to chandigarh. The plan was changing every now and then.

So thinking where we r going and all was useless. Just sit in the car and reach

some place, after reaching there think about wt to do.

We were very excited from the start of the road trip itself. We were singing

songs, shouting, drinking (coke only :( ) and obviously eating. The driver was

also cool, he participated actively in most of the things we did and added to

the fun. I was sitting in the middle row with Manjeet and Ketan, Amal was with

Vardhman in the back and Parivesh was with Pankaj in the front.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Lunch time....

We stopped for lunch in a dhaba and ate a lot. Here by saying a lot I am not

at all exaggerating. We had lots of paranthas, chicken biryani, veg fried rice

already and Ranta had ordered rotis also. We had to leave 2 full biryani

packets there. The kheer was the best part of the meal. It was one full bowl

and only some of us were eating. The spoons were pretty small so we switched

to the 'brute force' approach ie Pick up the bowl, start drinking. Finally it

got over. We had tea there and then we left of for chandigarh.

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Money matters...

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

After eating till no more entered the mouth...

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

I have left hope....he wont wake up..

In no time we reached chandigarh. After eating we were all feeling sleepy but

we played antakshari. Manjeet started flirting with ketan as usual with his

ultimate love collection. Parivesh and Pankaj also had a very good old songs

collection. We reached chandigarh around 5:00 or so. As soon as we entered

chandigarh the driver had a small fight with a 'sardar ji' who were too

willing to come under our qualis.

The 17th sector market was the 'best' market I have seen for the very 'obvious'

reason. We roamed there for 2-3 hours. Amal bought chocolates for ketan and

'chicky' for himself which obviously we did not let him eat. Ketan was also

kind enough to share the chocolates which was very unusual :). We went to the

sweet shop where we ate lots of sweets like 'gajar ka halwa','moong daal ka

halwa' and gulab jamun. We also came across a girl for the third time there

who seemed to be following us. We were staring at her again and again as she

was also looking :). After roaming for sometime we came back to the place

where the taxi was parked. We found a bench where we sat, the four of us and

discussed lots of things which I dont remember now.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Resting in peace :) after roaming for 3-4 hrs.

Slowly everyone started

coming and ranta came with his brother Susheel who looked pretty different

from Ranta. His hands were pretty solid which I found in a hand-shake. Some of

us were tired and thought of retiring to the hotel and so we went. The hotel's

name was 'City Plaza' in which we had 4 rooms.

Amal , Ketan , Manjeet and I took one room. We watched spiderman on HBO and

after that we slept. We woke up the next morning and got ready pretty early

(only 1 hour late from the expected time). As usual after forcing everyone to

get ready Ranta went to take bath :) . We kept all the luggage in one car

itself to make more space in other. Bothra and I went for a small Jog while

everyone was coming. We started off once again with Amal,ketan , me , bothra,

rocky and susheel in one car. After crossing Panchkula we stopped for a small

time in pinjore and continued. I was thinking of all the holidays which I

spent in Panchkula. We crossed pinjore garden and while crossing the border

something unexpected happened.

We were stopped because we were travelling in a private vehicle. Rocky got

down and mistakenly told that guy that Manjeet has hired the car and unluckily

when manjeet got down he told a different story. After around 1/2 hour of

requesting he came down to 300 from 6000 which was his first demand. In the

mean time almost everyone from the other car had come down to see what

happened. Some of us ate bread-omlette there.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The HP border where we paid fine...nice view

The next stop was near Parwanoo

where there was Timber-Trail. It was a 2 Km ropeway between two hills. We went

all the way up thinking every now and then of falling :). Everything was

looking so small as if we were looking from Moon. The highway changed to a

thick line, then to a thin line and then it vanished. Others who were left

behind changed from 100 Pixel area to 0 in no time . It was exciting and

interesting. There was a holiday-resort there living in which would be


Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Picture from the trolley..think what would have happened if...:()

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Another view from the timber-trail

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The starting point from Final Destination

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Top of the world...from top of timber-trail

From the top the whole chandigarh was visible except that there was

lot of fog. We did the most stupid thing that could be done in a place like

that, we played tennis. Almost all of us got a chance of playing and all of us

played badly obviously. It was a fantastic place. We left after sometime and

came back down. Khare was looking quiet nervous. The journey down was as

exciting as the journey up. After everyone joined in we started for Solan.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The 2 kms journey in air...

After lot of travelling, mostly up-hill we reached Solan. We

probably must have pursued the wrong way atleast 2-3 times. Finally

we reached Nauni where we (or Ranta) was supposed to meet

someone. It was almost 1:00 by the time we reached there. Rocky , Kunal and I

went for some 'important' work in the library of that college. The college was

pretty good with roads,buildings on the hills and there was lot of calmness in

the air. Some of us walked our way back to the main gate where we had to take

lunch. Parivesh was not feeling well at all. Here only Parivesh produced an

ultimate fatta when someone told him that he is having stomach-ache. He said

"abe yaar band-aid khale pet ke dard ke liye". The food was pretty good, there

was rajma, mushroom, tandoori roti, chawal, kadi just for 25 rs or so. After

eating a hell lot we had tea and once again we started off for shimla.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Finally he woke up.....

We reached shimla at appx 5:00 and went directly to the 3-4 floored parking

lot which seemed to me the centre of the whole place. From there we took off

the hotel where we had to stay. The room was quiet comfortable with a small

balcony facing the city. After freshning up we went to the mall road and it

was already dark. We broke up into small groups and started roaming. Manjeet,

ketan and Vardhman were with me. Mall road again was a good market for the

same 'obvious' reason. Manjeet purchased a lot of things. We also had soup on

the way and I had 'masala tea' which was either horrible or it was made

horribly. It was a pretty big market and good for those who love shopping.

While coming back we sat on a bench from where the whole Shimla looked

glittering. We had to reach 'the scandal point' at 8:00 from where Ranta had

some plans for us.

Ranta took us to the 'lakad bazaar' which mostly was similar to mall road. The

tomato soup was too good. We bought key rings and other small things made of

wood. The behaviour of most of the shop-keepers was curious. Those who were

closing shops were not willing to sell anything while closing. This behaviour

looked pretty amazing to me and bothra. Bothra , me and ketan had decided not

to go for 'Swades' as planned by Ranta and so we had a small dinner of

burger/soup and we went back to hotel. Once again we retired to our bed and

slepped at 10:30 or so after watching TV for sometime.

In the morning ranta came again to disturb us and once again he got ready

after everyone else. We had tea and the plum cake which Amal had bought from

somewhere. Now we had to go to Ranta's home. We went directly to 'Jhaku

temple' where there were lots of monkeys. The roads to the temple had lots of

sharp curves and it was a bit difficult for driving. As soon as we entered the

temple a nasty monkey jumped on Parry and took away his glasses. Initially

Parry did not realize but when he found out he was in a bit of shock. A guy

selling 'parshad' threw a packet on the monkey and the monkey left the glasses

and ran away. When we went up we found even more monkeys. The place behind the

temple was very soothing. There were ice-capped hills visible on all sides.

There were lots of tall trees all around. Ranta's brother gave some 'parshad'

to the monkey and the monkey ate it happily. Then Ranta, Google all offered it

the same. While coming back Amal also slipped on the stairs as he was wearing

Ranta's shoes instead of his own which were pretty slippery. His leg was

bleeding. Now we had to go to the 'Indian Institute of Advanced Studies' where

post-doc people research on Social Sciences. We reached the place at 12:00

appx and walked a long way to reach inside.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Alumni of Advanced studies :)

The place was very intersting , it

was made by the first Viceroy of India. Everything inside the building was

made of wood. We saw the library, the conference room where the discussion

for the partition took place, the table on which the partition was signed,

there were few preserved pictures of various people and events also. Rocky also

got a crush on the girl who was our guide in that place (did not ask her name).

Everything displayed there was '116' years old, including the wallpaper that did

not seem to be affected by all these years. The lawn in front of the place was

also awesome. We had a round around the place with the mysterious staircase

and a small canteen where Bothra, Ketan, Rakesh and I ate sandwiches.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting


The place must have looked really intersting during nights in the moonlight,

especially when there is no electricity. After IIAS we started of for Kufri.

We stopped in Kufri where we had lunch. The view from the restaurant was

mindblowing. Everyone seemed to be getting a shock in that restaurant. Many

people got an electric shock from the tap. Vidit got it when he touched

ketan, wow!. The water was too cold to be touched by naked hands :).

After lunch we had tea in a small dhaba and we went to visit some tourist

spot in kufri. It was nearly 4:00 already. When we reached there we found

out hundreds of horses which looked more like donkeys and few yaks.

It would have taken more than an hour if we had taken the rides and visited

places so we thought of returning. Bothra , vardhman, kunal and adi went for

rides though. Bothra was happy to see the pakistan-india border from the

top of the hill. We were waiting in the parking lot sitting in the car.

Parivesh , pankaj and all were playing with a monkey sitting near the car.

Finally eveyrone came back and we continued our way to Ranta's home.

Vidit,Ranta,Amal and I was sitting in the back. Vidit tried a lot to take the

'mysterious' photo of the girl on mountains and succeeded to some extent.

Ranta was telling stories about his school, his apple orchards etc. We stopped

in 'Narkanda' for having some tea etc. The ride was pretty bumpy at some places

as the road condition was not very good. There was something visible pretty

far from the road on a hill that looked like fire. It was visible from various

angles in the journey. Amal was not agreeing that its fire but finally agreed

to it when he saw it from Ranta's home. I still dont understand how could we

see the same fire for such a long time. We also came across some people

walking aimlessly on the road which we thought were ghosts. The whole way was

pretty dark and there were forests all around. The slope was very steep which

was not visible but ranta told later. After travelling for a long long time

and ranta saying after every ten minutes that 'only 10 kms are left' we reached

'Tikker' and then 'Daroti'. Ranta was right only once when he said in Tikker

that now 'its just a matter of seconds'.

The cars stopped and we came out, there was no house visible as such except

few lights here or there. We walked or trekked our way to Ranta's house as

there was no direct road till there. The apple orchards were all around

with the trees without any leaf or Apples. Parry was quiet nervous while going

down the path. Finally we entered the house. It was made of wood mostly. There

was a charcoal fire where we sat and nobody seem to be taking his hands/feet

away from it. One by one all of us washed our hands/face and went to the room

where we had to sleep. It was quiet a big room and was very comfortable. It

had two double beds in the two ends of the room , a sofa set in the middle and

carpets on the floor, and to everyone's convenience there was a heater also.

The dinner was served in this room itself. Ranta brought apples for us and

everyone ate atleast one. There were lots of delicious things in the dinner

which made all of us overeat. There was rajma ( or 'dal' called by Ranta),

Matar Paneer, Rice, Rotis with 'Ghee' and custard in the end. After

having such a good dinner we all retired to our beds.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The morning view...things that were invisible the previous night

The next morning was beautiful. Though getting up from the bed was difficult

but one by one all of us got ready. The surroundings of the place which were

not visible the previous night were now visible covered in fog. It was simply

awesome. We had decided upon going for trekking to a nearby place 'Giri-ganga'.

Susheel had said already that going for 2 days trekking would be impossible as

the temperature at night would be killing. We had 'Poori-Aloo' and Halwa for

breakfast and once again we ate a lot. As I had got ready quiet early , we were

sitting in the lawn on the 'Jhoola' and watching the scene which we might not be

seeing for months after going back. The view was magnificent. We left for trekking

at about 11:00 AM and reached the place at around 1:00 PM. It was pretty far, as

it took us so much time to reach there. We had to go up a hill and there was

no road , it was full of mud and was slippery. There was a steep fall just

beside the path. We travelled in the cars for 6 kms up the hill and then

parked the cars there. Then we started on foot. Ketan and I had to come back

to leave some stuff and take water so we got behind. Others had already left.

Manjeet, Ketan, Amal, Ranta and I were together. We were getting tired and out

of breath as the oxygen in air was pretty less. Manjeet and Ranta took a

shortcut and reached early. Ketan , Amal and I reached pretty late. We met

Khare, Parivesh, Pankaj, Ranta where they were resting. Then we continued and

finally reached the Temple which was surrounded by a pool of ice. There was a

small half-freezed river flowing nearby.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Freezing Rocky ;)

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The frozen river....

We went up through stairs and got

what most of us were looking for, the Snow. We played in snow and continued

upwards. Parry got tired so he left with Amal. There was a small wooden

structure which looked abandoned. There were trees all around and it looked

to be an intersting place to visit at night :) . We went further and stopped

on a small clear patch of land to rest.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Cool guys in cool place...parry what are you thinking

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The achievers

Everyone left except Khare , Manjeet

and myself. Khare had hurt his foot in the frozen pool and probably that was

the reason why he was so quiet. We talked rubbish for sometime and laughed at

ourselves and then we also retraced our steps backwards. We reached back at

4:30 or so. Amal and Parry were sitting inside the Car. Someone said that its

freezing cold so I gave an idea of starting a small fire to warm up and to

pass time. Driver had the match-box and so we started. The driver was pretty

skilled in starting a fire. We had a good time sitting around the fire and

discussing crazy things. We were waiting for others as the sun-set was near.

Rakesh, Ketan and Adi also came. We were having good time with both the

drivers making us laugh with all stupid talks they were indulged in.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The people who reached top of the hill.

Finally, Ranta, Nishchay, Susheel, Parivesh, Kunal , Pankaj came and we got

into the cars to get back to Ranta's house. We had to refill the tanks as the

cars were running out of diesel. We played antakshari again during the whole

journey. It was fun. We reached home and the dinner once again was delicious.

There was Mutton in the dinner which only some of us ate, others being

Vegetarian. We went back to room and I was feeling very sleepy. Ketan and I

slept pretty early. In the morning Ranta,Bothra,Vidit,Amal, Ketan and myself,

all were sleeping on the same bed jumping around tickling each other.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Cat eyes...

It had rained last night with snowfall in some nearby hills. It seemed that

the snow-covered hills that were looking far the previous day had come closer.

The nearest peaks were covered with snow. The fog around the hill was looking

like clouds. It was awfully cold and the water was freezing.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The god's gift for us...the Snow

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The heavenly view from Ranta's house.

Ranta and I spent

some time on the 'Jhoola' again and discussed the question which I had. Why do

people live here. I guess now I kind of know why they live there but still not

fully sure. The climate was going berserk and more snowfall was expected which

would have led to blocking of roads therefore we changed our plans and decided

to leave the same afternoon instead of next day. We thought of staying in

Simla. As we were running out of cash, Parivesh talked to his father to get

accomodation in the Government Guest house in Simla for a night. We had to

contact those people for confirmation. There were some complications but we

finally got accomodation.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Parivesh trying his luck on JUDO

We bid adieu to the 'Ranta family' after taking some family/group pictures.

Everyone came till the road to see us off.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Ranta's Family

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

and the 'IIIT finally'

As the journey started towards

simla we found lots of snow nearby. We stopped in a place to have a look at

the snow and we were gifted snow-fall by god. It was an eternal experience.

That was the first snow-fall for most of us. We went farther and got more

snow. We had a small snow-fight with the best shots of Vidit. He threw a whole

one kg of snow on my face and my ear started ringing. After playing in the

snow and taking some more pictures we continued...

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The Snow Fall...

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Snow, snow we started playing with it

We reached Simla finally at 5:00 or so. We parked in the same 3 storeyed parking

lot and went to call up the Guest house. They mistakenly had booked only 2

rooms for us. We also ate bread-omlette without anyone else's knowledge :) as

they were waiting upstairs. Finally we reached the guest house which was appx

5 kms from Mall road. The guest house was very comfortable and it looked more

like a resort than a guest house. There was a big lawn in front of the main

entrance. Most of the cars parked were VIPs' cars. There was lot of security

as the CM was coming to stay there itself. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (President) was

also coming to stay in the same guest-house the next day. After lots of

negotitations we got two more rooms. We took the last room in the wing which

also had a small balcony from where there were trees and small part of Simla

visible. The room was pretty big with everything available. We went for the

dinner in the Guest-house' Restaurant. We ate quiet a lot as we were very

hungry. Kunal got a call from Darbari for the good news. Vidit and Kunal had

got above 99 percentiles in CAT. Vidit promised to give a treat depending on

the no of calls. We discussed on what should be done the next day. We had 3

options. First , to leave the place asap , leave ketan in Chandigarh and reach

Delhi in the night itself. Second option was to leave for chandigarh early

morning, leave ketan there and roam around in chandigarh till late and travel

during the night. Third option was to roam in Simla in the morning, Chandigarh

in evening and travel overnite.

We took the second option and went to sleep. The movie 'Rockford' was being

played on some channel. I wanted to see that movie but the dinner time did not

allow me to. We got up early the next morning and left for Simla. I asked

Parivesh for the bill and he said everything is done. Thanks to Parivesh , we

saved 2500 rs appx which would have been a big difference in the whole

expenditure. Bothra, Vidit and Khare had planned to take the Train from Simla

to Kalka that passes through 105 tunnels. But Vidit and Khare had ditched

bothra. When we went to the station to get the tickets, Amal had already

decided to join bothra. Google was also intersted, I also joined in. Then

Vidit,Kunal, Adi and parivesh also came with us. It was just 37 rs ticket.

Initially the journey seemed intersting but we started getting bored after

sometime. So we started playing Dumb-Charades. We drank Tea in 'kullhad', had

'moong-fali','matar',etc.. The time passed very quickly and finally we reached


Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

The Simla-Kalka train.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Parivesh in Simla-Kalka train....koi mil gaya!!!

The driver was waiting for us. We got into the car and started off. I had

thought of meeting 'Nana-ji' while going back but we had to meet others at

5:30 and so we had to hurry up. It was decided that we will go to Pinjore

garden which seemed to be changed alot since my last visit 6 years down the

lane. There were many 'people' inside. The place was more lively than last

time. When we went to see the animals in the cages we were amazed to see the

'invisible' animals. All the cages were empty to our disappointment. But it

was OK as we really were not intersted in seeing animals. We took some

photographs, in one of which we had the invisible monkey with us. Vidit and I

kept our hands around the invisible monkey's neck.

Image Hosted by Cool Photo Host - FREE Photo & Image Hosting

Pinjore garden, the invisible monkey sitting between me and Vidit.

After sometime we came out. We ate 'icecream ke pakode', sounds freaky does n't

it. I dont know how he made it, but they were BAD. Instead we could have

eaten the icecream itself. While coming back we stopped by at my 'Nana Ji's'

place. I had thought of stopping for 5 minutes which naturally got extended to

15-20. I had planned to show the garden's of Panchkula to them but we had no

time. We went back to chandigarh where everyone was sleeping in the Car.

Khare,Parry,Pankaj had visited 'Rock garden' and Khare particularly was

'appreciating' it alot. Once again we went to the sweet shop for having a

small dinner. Vidit,Bothra and Parivesh were with me. We got place to sit and

ordered. The first round had one 'chola batoora', one 'raj kachori' and some

more stuff, in second round we ordered another chola batoora and a raj kachori

as they were delicious. We also ordered gulab jamun, moong dal ka halwa, gajar

ka halwa and ras-malai if I remember correctly. Then we came back to the taxi

as Vidit,khare and Bothra had to go to Kalka station to board a train.

Amal,Aditya and I went with these people to drop them in Kalka station. We

gave bumps to Amal in front of the station and after chatting for some time we

left. We had to bypass chandigarh and take the route directly towards Delhi

and we had to meet the other car at some dhaba. Some of us who were hungry ate

in the dhaba and we started off for Delhi.

We reached Delhi station at 6:00 AM . I and Rocky took one car and left. I

dropped Rocky and came home. After 10 minutes Amal and Pankaj also came after

dropping others in Nizamuddin. We had Gobi paranthas in breakfast and then we

went to sleep. Pankaj and Amal's train was at 6:00 and 6:40 resp. They reached

the Delhi station at 5:45. Pankaj's train was 3 hours late in which I dont

know what he did. Finally everyone reached home after such a LONG trip.

Hope you enjoyed reading it...


Sunday, January 16, 2005


Today was sunday and I had planned to work on my FYP in the morning itself. But because of the late night yesterday I could not get up early. I woke up late and we had a meeting regarding the requirements of the picnic. Finally we decided to go to 'Ramappa Lake' near warangal. We decided upon the snax, food, bus etc. today and now we have to start working on the games to be played there. We had quiet a long meeting for this. The number of people coming for the picnic seems pretty huge. Just some time back Amal forwarded Priyanka's mail in which she wrote that girls are not coming. Lets see what can be done about this. Finally after the meeting I slept (second time since morning) . I woke up at 6:30 and after eating biscuits in Parida's room we went for jogging. I came back , had dinner, and then I took bath. I went to lab finally to work on the FYP. The new system seemed to have problems in windows. Though we did not do much but we decided on doing somethings. Tomorrow we have a meeting with our project guide, lets see how much he scolds us :).

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I scream , you scream , we all scream for ice-cream

Finally Vidit took me for the ice-cream party that was due for a long time. He promised to give this party last year(dec-2004) when he got calls from 2 IIMs and was delaying it because of his 'busy' schedule. But finally he did find time for it.

Today Majj gave a talk.

He called all the batch people in the basket ball court and we all played dumb-charades there. We were around 40 of us and we had a nice time. The best performance was of darbari's 'casablanca' which was guessed in record time of 7 seconds. It happened because we had just discussed the movie. I got 'bruce ... male....' from parry which seemed impossible to act. I tried but noone was able to guess.

After doing all this Vidit and I went to Ohri's for icecreams. We ate 'Bull's eye' and a special icecream comprising of 7 different flavours. 'Bull's eye' reminded me of the day when Amal and I went for icecreams. I had just 130 rs and my ATM card was deactivated. We went as fast as possible to reach 'melting moments' in time and we were successful. We had one icecream only because of money constraint. I had agreed for two so I withdrew 200 Rs from my ICICI ATM card and we went to Ohri's where I had 'Bull's eye' for the first time. It is one of the best icecream I have eaten.

Vidit and I discussed lots of things important to our future life but could not come to any conclusion. We were still in doubt about most of the things. What to do and what to avoid and bla bla bla...

Finally we came back to institute at 2:30 AM and I went to bothra's room where he was watching 'wimbledon'. I sat with him for some 1/2 an hour and came back to my room. Now it is 3:24 AM and I have to go to CVIT for FYP at 10:00 so I will go to bed now. Bye!


Monday, January 10, 2005

2005 started...

After completing the holidays when I was coming back to Institute with

Manjeet and Ketan I told them about my feelings. I said that in the past

few days (ie the winter vacations) I realised that we are just 3 months

away from leaving the institute so I want to have full time fun. I asked

him for ways to have fun all the time at all the places. We discussed

things like going out etc.

We came back on 3rd evening, our train was late and we reached institute

at midnight. We met all the friends etc etc. I checked all my mails in

Manjeet's room as he went somewhere :). Then I went to take bath and that

too in supercold water. I was literally freezed. Then I went to sleep. The

first day in 2005 in our institute had already started and I had lots of

incomplete things to do which I had left before going. I had to install

VTK and make it work somehow, I had to prepare the project marks list for

DIP, I had to meet Dr. PJN and Dr. Prasad.

One burden that I was removed from my head was that my Draft was submitted

in time otherwise I would have had to pay 500 rs extra. I came to know in

the night (4th morning 1:30 am) from amal/vardhman that I had to meet Dr.

Prasad urgently. So eventhough I slept at 3:00 AM in the night(or morning)

I woke up at 7:30. I could not sleep properly the reason for which I still

dont know. I got ready and took breakfast and went to meet him. I just had

a brief talk after which I attended his class. We discussed few things

regarding assignments etc. and I came to lab at 11:00 . I had to create

the website/mailing list by evening and had to send instructions to

students on how to install VTK etc. Then I made the Excel sheet and after

sometime went to hostel. Nirnimesh was doing some work with bapu at 3:00

when I went to CVIT to meet Dr. PJN. By the time he got free Dr. PJN had

left. I came to lab and then I was leaving for hostel when ketan took me

to library. I went to library after so long that I dont remember when was

the last time. I read a book by some 'swami s...' - 'mind relax' or sth

which was kept on the table. It was intersting. I also saw stardust in

library for the first time. I tried to find out some intersting books to

take to room but could not find any good ones. After that I came back to

lab at 5:00.I went to CVIT every now and then to meet Dr. PJN with

nirnimesh. But finally when Nirnimesh was not available I came across Dr.

PJN. I was afraid of getting scolded but nothing happened. Then I went to

hostel and from there I went for jogging with Ketan and Dixit. I came to

lab and saw Wimbledon after dinner. It is a good movie. Pretty different

but good. After completing the movie we went back to hostel. I slept

finally at appx 2:00 AM.

This was the very first day...the rest of the days till now (today is

10th) were equally hectic...c the next blogs...