Monday, December 26, 2005

pyasi zamin par paani ki boond..or boondein

So many weekends had passed without watching any good movies.The last few movies we had seen were all terrible. But afterall we had to do something to kill the time. So we were never left with any choice but to go for pathetic movies. Ranging from 'shaadi no 1's utter nonsense comedy' to illogical 'Garam masala' to irritating Vivek oberoi in 'deewana hua pagal' to the unending suspence of 'the skeleton key'. Huh! we lived after seeing all these, its an achievement in itself.

This weekend was different. It was pretty good actually. After going to the institute and doing some masti with old pals we decided to go for BluffMaster. Now that we have bikes to ride on, we were not ready for compromises. Thinking that Sensation Insomnia is playing Bluffmaster we went there and to our amazement it was playing 'Dosti'. No we were not ready for a Compromise. We went to Ramakrishna and guess what? we got the tickets in White. I mean not in Black. I dont remember the time when we saw a movie in Ramakrishna without buying in Black. Anyways. Gaurav and Amit also joined in. We were 6 now including them and Manjeet, Manoj , Abhishek (Nitin had gone to Bangalore for solving some 'secret'/'special' issues, for more info call him).

The movie was good. I am writing 'good' for a movie after a long long double time (those who know C will know what it means to add a double). Anyways, dinner at Kamat was more fun. We enjoyed pretty much. AC , Manoj and Gaurav went back to their respective places and we came back home. After doing some more masti we went to sleep. I had planned to wake up as late as possible. So I didnt put any alarms, put the phone on mute and slept.

When I woke up in the morning and saw that morning has come afterall, the time was 12:15 PM. I thought 'ohhh cool, I slept for so long after so long'. I went and woke up Dixit and called Bothra too. We went to Hot Rottis for lunch and Bothra left for saloon from there. I just came back home and found my bed too tempting and slept again without taking my shoes off :) . When I woke up again it was dark :( . I thought its better to do something and not spoil the weekend doing nothing. So I got up and went to Dixit. We had thought of going to Shilparamam as there was some craft's mela. So we decided for that and Dixit and I went there. Bothra was supposed to join us 'later' as he was busy with 'other' stuff.

We entered the place at 7:00 and thought 2 hours should be good enough for us to pass our time. The place was soooo crowded that we were seeing only people in all the stalls. It seemed that they were displaying the same stuff in all the stalls. Carbon copies. In 15 minutes we reached the other end of the ground and Dixit gave this idea of going for movie. I said 'wth, tomorrow we have office, it will be late , bla bla, good idea :)'.

We decided for Dosti (arggh!!) in Skyline but on the way to the theatre I called up Dixit and changed it to Apaharan@Santosh. We reached the theatre at 9:10 and got tickets luckily. After entering the theatre we felt 'ohh' we didnt eat till now. The movie was okies, much better than the standard movies that come nowadays. We were relying on the 2 maggi packets that were left at home and went home. Dixit as usual gave this idea of going to Ohri's on the way. Huh! I recalled later that these people had a holiday on monday unlike me. Poor me. We went to Ohri's and ate the great 'Bull's eye'. The place was pretty crowded for a Sunday. Afterall it was Christmas. We came back home at 1:45 or so and prepared Maggi and ate. I finally slept at 3:00 and was feeling sleepy all the time in office the next day :)).

I feel we can do with some more bad movies in the coming weekends :)

Next weekend is the NeW YeAr EvE...lets see how it goes..

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

my bike..have a view...

Thought of putting some pics of my kewl goes..on my left is bothra's bike..the guy taking the photos was not pro enough..thats why the quality and surroundings...

how does it matter..when it feels like god

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I forgive...

Feel like God! Yes! I am talking about my new Vehicle..The Avenger! I got it finally. Silver color, 180 cc DTSi engine, too heavy for me :( but still ok. Looks great. The odd one out, stands out of crowd. The whole yesterday Me and Bothra were riding through the roads of Hyderabad. From Kondapur to Madhapur to Jubilee hills to Panjagutta to begumpet to tirumalgerry to back home. Then there was this M$ party in Hitex, went there too. I got my bike not more than 2 days back and have already scored a century of Kilometers .. Though the bike is pretty comfortable but this pollution/dust and traffic makes it a tiresome ride. We were pretty tired in the evening and still danced at DJ piyush's music for more than an hour. I slept finally at 3:00 after talking to Dixit for some time.

Though I was planning to roam a bit more on sunday but time just passed by. We went for breakfast (or lunch) at 12:30 and I was cordially invited to the office for work. Came directly to the office. Working since then. The more fortunate colleagues who had reached office more than 1 hour before I did ate pizzas in office :( . I missed it, but gulped 2 pieces anyway. Manjeet is sitting in institute doing I dont know what. My eyes are paining right now because of our great CRT screens and our great cities flying dust. One full sunday went to recycle bin. We were planning for a movie in the evening but it all went in vain. Manjeet and me both are feeling sleepyy...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Company Picniccccc

10th December was my company's 2nd anniversary in hyderabad. We had a grand carnival in Ramoji for celebrations. I finally arranged for 4 friends to come. Nitin,Dixit, Gaurav and Vidit. Manoj came with Raj. So our gang was rocking. The day started out in a bit of mess. I was thinking that the buses will leave at 1:30 but they had to leave at 12:30. We came to know about this only at 11:45. We ran and ran and reached in time. It was messy but ok. The journey was fine, the destination was good.

Already many people had reached the place. I was with so many kewl friends after a long time. We had snax and then started doing our standard masti as usual. Amit was participating in a skit. He did damn well. He was 'jaan bahadur' , an office guard and was fultoo mast in that. Even his dance number was kewl. There were some funny (read - stupid) games played on the stage by some employees too. The dinner was also kewl. The best part was the gulabjamun+icecream combination. After dinner, there was DJ. We danced hardly for an hour when I came to know that our route's last bus was leaving. So we had to leave. Well! the day was kewl and the journey back home was kewl too. We were pretty tired after coming back and went to sleep in no time.

Such parties should just keep weekend is M$'s party..hoping to have some more fun ;)

AC's bday in Wang's kitchen

This happened last to last saturday. Didnt blog since then so doing it now. The party was planned for evening. But when you have a plan for evening you end up doing nothing till then. Thats what we did. We were at home all the time doing nothing. I was left alone at home as I had to go out with Vidit to meet somebody but that plan got cancelled. Finally everyone came home at 7:30 and we started AC's bday celeberations. AC as usual had some game plan to get rid of bumps in which he succeeded for the nth time. We all finally decided to go to Wang's kitchen in Hitec city.

The Food was Good. I ate so much non-veg after a very long time. Starting from lung-fung soup (simple but yummy) we ate chicken lollipops, shanghai chicken, american choupsey and one some 'ou-mou-chou rice' (dont remember the weirdo name). It was kewl. Talked to sis for sometime about some 'issues' and then came outside with Dixit for some other 'issues'. We finally came out after having bulging tummies at about 10:00 or so. Had plans to go to CCD (read cafe-coffee day) but the plans got cancelled.

Finally AC,dixit,nitin, ketan and I went to roam around in AC's car. Another night-out/hangout :). While we were on the way I gave the same standard idea we had implemented 2-3 weeks back. Go to eat-street , enjoy for sometime and then come to ohri's for ice-creams. We didnt have lot of time to spend in eat-street but we spent more than an hour and half in ohri's. The icecreams were cooool. Finally we came back home and Dixit/Nitin went to sleep. I was sitting with AC and Ketan. Now when AC is there, one cant stop talking really. Thats what happened. We were chatting till 8:00 in the morning. Chatted about some 'issues' and many stupid things. AC was in enthu and wanted to go for breakfast, but i forced him to sleep for sometime as he had to go for practice for the dance number for CA-picnic. I finally woke up at 12:00 :) that too when somebody called. Rest of the sunday just passed without doing much...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Rakesh's post: Tagged Again..

Influenced by Rakesh's post, I thought it would b interesting if everyone posts something like this on their here goes..

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die…

  1. see as many places as possible including beaches, mountains, hills, this that
  2. go for lot of vacations with my 'loved one' and/or friends
  3. find that 'someone somewhere made for me' - first priority ;))
  4. make people around me laugh/happy - this is continuous

7 This I Can Do…

  1. talk a lot .. just get me one good listener :)
  2. roam alot..just accompany me
  3. visit new places...
  4. partyyyyyy...i love partying
  5. solving others problems..try me

7 Things I cant Do [to be continued ..]

  1. stay bored
  2. cant see someone close to me sad (especially if the reason is me)
  3. cant sleep endlessly when I could have some fun instead
  4. cant stay without friends or without talking to them
  5. cant leave work for tomorrow (especially if there is a deadline) if it can be done today ;))

7 Things That attract Me To The Opposite Sex…

  1. IQ
  2. nice untied (long may be) hair
  3. fair complexion
  4. good sense of humour
  5. adventurous attitude
  6. caring nature

7 Things I Say Most…

  1. its ok (stolen from rocky :) )
  2. pela saale
  3. kya hai be
  4. hmmmmm
  5. ;) (this one on IM)
  6. kahin ghoomne chalte hain (most frequently used on weekends ;))
  7. paagal hai kya

7 Celebrity Crushes… [though its countless, adding the most favorite ones here :) ]

  1. Aishwarya Rai
  2. Cameron Diaz
  3. Sonali bendre
  4. Gayatri joshi
  5. Rachel weise
  6. Laetitia Casta

7 People I Want To Take This Quiz…

  1. Nitin Gupta..i know he wont take
  2. Manjeet bothra..i know he wont take
  3. Abhishek Dixit..i know he wont take
  4. Ketan Garg..i know he wont take
  5. Amal Raj..i know he wont take
  6. Vidit bansal..i know he wont take
  7. SMR and few more..already took

Thursday, November 24, 2005

A forwarded mail..

Got this mail from a friend 2 days back, opened it that day morning, read half of it by evening. Liked it so left it as I was getting only half the stuff as half of my mind was busy doing some work. So read it again today finally. Here goes...

It was raining heavily outside. Dark clouds gathered in the sky and nature was in its ominous best. I took a break from my work and went to the pantry to grab a cup of coffee. I had a sip and went near the window to see the rain pouring down heavily outside the glass structure. I was inside our huge office building, unruffled by even the fierceness of the nature. Through the heavy transparent glass, I could see a small girl trying to hold on to her umbrella which the wind was snatching away from her. I felt sorry for the girl, and was happy that I was not in a similar pathetic situation. Yes. I take pride for the fact that I am a software engineer. . I have everything which a common man would envy; money, status, respect, you name it I have it. I always wanted to be software professional and here I am, working for one of the best firms in the world. But then, am I really happy? Now, I could see an imprint of my palm on the other glass window, through which I reminisced my past, basked in the warmth of the sun shine.

My childhood was so much of fun. I vividly remember those rainy days, when I hugged my mother tightly during sleeping listening to all the stories told by her. Now, I have a big house here, but then it is just a house, not a home. My parents are pretty far away from me now. I have a cell phone to talk to them everyday, but then I really miss those dinners which I had with my family everyday. I could easily afford to taste all the different cuisines these days, but the best of food there, lack the love and affection which is present in the food prepared by my mother.

I threw a lavish party for my colleagues for my birthday, but then they would never replace the birthdays when my friends secretly brought a cake and at the end, half of the cake would have ended up on my face. The couple of hundred bucks that u save for a long period just to give a treat to your friends in the road side chat shop can never give the pleasure even after spending a few thousand bucks these days.

The scene of me crying and refusing to have dinner on the day when I fought with my best friend came to my mind. Today, she has gone far away from me, taking away my love and with it my life, but I am sitting and coding here with a false smile on my face. Everyday I meet new people, but then I long ceased to make a new friend.

It's true that I have a lot of things now. I have a nice bed, but no time to sleep. Lots of money, but no friends to spend it with. The latest designer clothes, but a worn out body. Quite a few to flirt, but no one to love. Awards for technical excellence, but no reward for the crave for peaceful ambience. A confident demeanor, but a reluctant and apathetic mind. Full of rain, but no sunshine even in the farthest distance.

Now, I could see the small girl on the road enjoying in the rain with her umbrella firmly in her grip. She might not have all the comforts which I have, but then she has the innocence and fun which I lost a long time back. I have decided to come out of this false fantasy, even if it is at the expense of losing the tap of the software engineer. I am going to again enjoy my life. I am going to go out in the rain and play with the small kid now. I removed my tie, and went near my computer to shut it down. Just then, I saw a new mail alert in my mail box. I slowly opened outlook and I found a message from my manager with an attachment saying that there was a critical defect in the code and I have to fix it soon. I convinced myself that I am not going to get bogged down again by these pressures and stick to my decision. I ignored the mail and went to the rest room. After a couple of minutes, the software engineer in me came out, his shirt tucked in with the perfect tie knot, sat before the computer, and started typing,

I am looking into the defect and will send the patch files before EOD.


Is that all life is..

Friday, November 18, 2005

a yummy night out ;)

Few days back I got this idea of going out in AC's car to have some fun. I never thought Dix/tin would agree for that on a weekday but to my amazement they agreed. Gaurav is fun-loving so I knew he would not create a problem. And no doubts about AC. It was when AC told that his parents will come 4-5 days later that i got this idea. We finally left our place at 9:00 and picked Gaurav from hitec to go to eat street....

We sat in one of the tables and AC started his 'games' (ask piyush/manjeet/me for more on his games). He had already played lots of them in the Car while driving. By the way, the stereo was playing the Aashiq banaya apne songs continuously for us which everyone just loves. So we ate some stuff and sat in eat street for more than 2 hours continously. All this time we were not aware of the people around us. I was shouting like anything to counter AC's statements as he was lying again and again. We talked about lots of things and were mostly focussed on one single topic. Well! that topic is a bit censored to be written here so I wont :( . At 11:45 we went to this Lipton shop in the adjacent garden to have some tea etc. We took tea and AC got us some stuff to eat, I dont remember what Ac was calling it, 'jhaljhala' or sth like that. We stayed there for some 20 minutes when police siren started ringing to vacate the area.

As we were left with no option but to leave, we went to our second decided place. Ohri's banjara. We went there and ate 'Bull's eye'. It was awesome. Its even better than the 'Autumn dreams' served in Melting moments. I just love it. We stayed there for around 1 hour and started for home around 1:15. We came to the durgam cheruvu road thinking of staying for some more time but didnt stop there and came back home directly.

After freshening up Nitin and Dixit went to sleep. AC, Gaurav and I chatted for around 2 hours :D. We finally slept at 4:00 and had to get up to come to office. AC was complaining just now as he had meetings all day ;). I am not feelin sleepy though. We finally came to office in AC's car at 10:45 again listening to the same Aashiq banaya aapne tunes :). Life is not that bad afterall. But I got one news just sometime back. I have to come to office tomorrow. "Fate it seems is not without a sense of irony." I have spent my saturday already yesterday so I have to spend my saturday in office now. Life is not that good too it seems ;).

Thursday, November 17, 2005

significance of 15552000

6 months or 180 days or 4320 hours or 259200 minutes or 15552000 seconds. I have finally completed 6 months of industry experience. Sounds good, bad, ugly, great, none of these. I dont think it really matters. But yes, I have learnt/experienced lot of things in these 6 months which I never could in the 4 years of bachelors life. There are so many twists and turns, so many options and so many parameters in life when you are in industry that its difficult to think about them and decide what actually you want. Life is not as easy as it was in academics, where everything was defined. You just had to chose - vision or DE, this course or that one, thats it. But now its different. Many people are confused about what they want and what they are doing but they just dont get time or they just avoid to think about it. We find alternate ways to keep ourselves busy and absorbed. Those who think about it , either end up having a drastic change in their lives or end up compromising. I dont know what I am writing. So I will better stop now.

why did i stop killing

around an year back, I never gave a damn about it. Around 6 months back I went through a transition and I am here again re-thinking my decision. I had been eating non-veg since birth (i mean when i was 5-8 years old) and never thought it to be bad or anything. Manjeet used to comment every now and then whenever me/amal/ketan ate non-veg. That we dont trust any religion or God or something like that. It never affected me though Amal used to avoid it whenever bothra was serious. But I came to an abrupt halt when I was at home. I was roaming with my sister in the car and it was raining outside. I saw a lorry filled with around 100 chickens ready to be slaughtered. I thought about it and felt bad. I felt that we should not kill them just because they taste good. They are afterall living beings if not human beings. So I stopped eating nonveg and became a Veggie.

Many times I felt that urge to eat non-veg and because of some great people like Amal who tempted me to eat, I ate also. But I have hardly eaten nonveg for 2-3 times in the past 6 months. There are no religious or any traditional issues. It was just on moral grounds. But I always feel like eating it whenever I go to some places where nonveg is good :). Yesterday I went to green park to attend a seminar on performance tuning of applications where we got a free lunch buffet :). They had nonveg all around and my colleagues were eating it like animals :( . I felt like eating but i didnt.

Then in the night I was chatting with one of those nonveggies Gaurav. He, being a supporter of nonveg community was talking about the benefits. I agreed to most of them. And thought again about my decision which I took 6 months back. Come on yaar, I dont have to avoid non-veg altogether. I dont have to find reasons to support but afterall as Gaurav says "life is too short buddy, have the dessert first". So why do i need to restrict myself. I should avoid it on moral grounds but eating once in a while is OK. Though one murder is as good as 10, but I think I have already murdered more than 10 :) then why stop ;). How can I be so insensitive. Whatever! I hope atleast nonveggies will support me ;).

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

kyonki!! we are back from diwali holiday..

first things first...if u havent seen "kyonki" until now..plz plz plz dont see it. Details will come by the time this post finishes..

now about the holidays :) .. well home has always been a great place to "hangin" (well hangout is to hang out, so hang in means to stay indoors :D ) .. I have always liked sleeping and eating as the two major things to do at home...this time also I did both of them alot...but not as much as I used to...i dont know any specific reason..maybe there is none..

Didnt do anything worthwhile at home so wont write much about it..except that I met my old Bhaiya after a longgggg time..that too just incidentally..he gave me some good tips to follow...the one i liked most was the one about not doing work at office for 3 days and then stying back late the next day to finish the piled up stuff...others included to keep 7-11 in the evening as ur time and invest it in urself...go out with friends, go for shopping, read, invest time in ur hobbies and stuff and for god sake, dont waste time in watching great thing he said was.. when spending 7-11 starts looking difficult to you, thats the time u shud think about getting married ...huh!! is that the case...anyways...after talking to him I felt that I was really wastin my life...I shud do something and spend my time in better ways...have to figure out in what still :) .. of the time at home I spent in thinking about "trivial" things..the train journey back to hyderabad was also like that...I read "Eragon" for sometime and slept for the rest...after reaching home, I had to go to see this stupid movie "Kyonki" for which Gaurav and dixit had already bought finally without eating much, we went for movie....If you are mad, go and see the movie..because it wont affect you, but if u r not, and u go for the movie, you will be mad just after seeing the good luck to those who are going to see it and no comments for those who have already made the mistake :D

Gaurav is shifting with Rammy and Parida...Tin came back on monday finally...
my company is goin to build the new campus finally (most probably in gachibowli)...
orkut got blocked today...gtalk got blocked yesterday :((..i dont know how i will survive ..
talked to amal for 32 minutes yesterday, he was as usual frustrated...
had 3 meetings with our SVP in the morning, second a small team meeting and third town hall meeting in which we came to know about our new office...

Read 150 pages of One night @ call centre yesterday and slept at 3:30 (feeling sleepy now), I felt it was ok, though not v good...better than Gaurav's comments...

planning to go for shaadi no 1, garam masala, harry potter, some shopping and to institute to meet some ppl this weekend...huh! shud learn some time management...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

1 2 3 4 5 5 and half............break

After completing almost 6 months in corporate life..I am going to have a breakkkkkk....I had gone home only once in the last 4 years for diwali..luckily..I am going this time is not that bad eh!! .. i have not taken a single medical/paid/* holiday till now .. Atleast prof. Govindrajulu wil be happy to hear this as I am maintaining my old habits :)... no plans as of now on what I am going to do in these holidays...anyways.who cares..whenever i have planned something for a holiday, I have never done that .. life at home is all about eating/sleeping/TV/family...Life was so much fun at insti that I never felt home-sick (do i remeber the word correctly)..I wont say that now I have started feeling that..but sometimes I do feel like going home and taking some rest...sometimes i just feel like taking some time off to feel the things around..huh! not the same stuff again..

Yesterday we had a grand party time..Amal/Ranta/Vidit/Ketan had come up with a nice plan (I dont know the originator so no issues :))..they had planned to cook in bothra's apartment...and what a grand treat it was...we had so many things...from Ranta's special Mushroom and Dal ("Rajma ki Dal" - Ranta) to Amal's special milk sweet and paneer bhurji, ketan,amal,nitin,bothra and vidit also prepared paneer and onion 'pakoras'...Thanks to Gaurav and dixit for bringing Tandoori rotis...the food was awesome...and so was the time we took around 3-4 hours totally to prepare evth..but it was worth it...these people started "Munnabhai MBBS" in bothra's room which added some more fun to the evening...finally everyone left with hopes of another such evening sometime in future...

Gaurav and Dixit packed their stuff in the night as they were boarding from Sec'bad in the morning...I also did some packing in the morning and came to office at around 9:15...Ramneek sir had a conf call at 9:00..but what is more important than taking a nice bath and having some extra sleep..he was at cyber tower with me at 9:10 :) .. I just sent some diwali greetings to our batch and few more people...waiting for the right also taking "Eragon" to pass my time in Train...Ghar pe to time aise hi nikal jaata hai..
Bye to all..and best wishes for Diwali...

CAUTION: Bursting crackers is injurious to health (injurious to environment and so injurious to health) avoid them as much as possible..

Thursday, October 20, 2005

An Island full of Treasure...

Yes I am talking about "Treasure Island". When I was in IIIT I saw lots of advertisements of this place..a DJ XYZ or PQL with bhangra mix or western classic..blah blah...but never got an opportunity (or never tried to find one) to go the place..neither did I ever come to know how the place looked like..that was one reason why I didnt have any expectations...Well! Our team outing was long overdue...and we had decided the place with inputs from Ankur (my colleague) who had been there already 19th october 2005..was the day and we started the day with lot of enthu...

We started at 2:00 from office after lunch and we sang all the time in the bus..we were 22 people..we were playing antakshari...the way looked pretty short as the time passed pretty soon..we reached around 2:30..the place was calm and looked like a treasure island really...there was only one guy standing on the main gate to open/close..and inside..there was nobody...we did a depth first search..and reached the place where we were expected to go as every other door was seemed to be a desolated place totally...the kind they show in suspense and horror movies...anyways..we started playing frisbee in the ground..the ground was cool, totally green covered with nice grass..and surrounded by lots of trees and greenery..there was a stage in the corner for events..and one side was a small hangout type place where there were lots of sofas and a small bar ( wasnt open ) .. after sometime people decided to play Cricket , but some of us thought .. huh! why do u need to go to Treasure Island to play we went to the indoor games area...there was snooker,pool, darts, fussball , TT and few TVs for passing time..and so we did pass time in these...after sometime we got bored and went back to the ground where these people were playing Cricket....guess game wasnt enough..they started another...:(( .. anyways..Harsha and Ankur felt like going for Pool so I accompanied them..we took Tea and some snacks from "the Kitchen" (I dont know if it had a name) .. we watched TV and went for exploration..We went to Karting track, the farmhouse full of Hen, a small desolated/broken down place which looked like some stage with a small audience capacity.. there were some small and funny joyrides also for kids..which we tried our luck with :)) thinking that they might break anytime...the whole place was surrounded by jungle...we finally came back again to the ground as it was time for Snax...well! offcourse we ate..there were spring roles, veg manchurian, this that..everything was good...some people were still not done with Cricket so we told them to continue with their snax and we went to the Karting track for some real action :)

It was a great experience..we got approximately 4 rounds each ( I got another 2 later ) .. the track was good, the cars were good..but only 3 at a! not that the track could not handle more..but the cars were took us around 2 hours and everyone got his chance..some people banged into the tyres..some people went a step further and banged into the boundaries also..:) .. one of our team members accidentally banged into the guy who was taking care of the cars...he was a bit hurt..but it was more or less his own fault...that wasnt a track where people would follow the goddamn traffic rules or blow the horn to move people....there was a need for speed :) and everyone got their part of speed...

Half of us wanted to go to the Disco and the rest wanted to stay back for more Karting..obvioulsy the disco people were in more enthu so we gave up ( I was in Karting group ) .. We went to had a nice ambience..with ultraviolet lights shining some odd parts of our clothes...or teeth ;)) .. the DJ was good..the numbers were gr8...the dance floor had enough capacity to hold all of us...we danced .. we dranked (me just softdrinks :D) .. and by the time it got over (after 1 1/2 hours) we were dead tired and were sweating like anything...

We started our way back to Green park at 8:40 .. again singing and chirping like before..this time we were singing..not playing antakshari..we were making songs with people's names in chandu ke chacha for me etc...At 9:40 we were sitting on our Buffet table..with so many dishes to chose from...Alas! this was my first buffet after turning into a Veggie :(( .. how terrible..I had to see every item's name to check if it was non-veg..unlike before when I was a free as in freedom (as "they" say) .. well! this was also my first buffet in corporate life..(if we dont count the unlimited pizzas in pizza hut 2 weeks back) .. but yes..whenever we used to go to Buffets as students we used to eat like pigs (as bothra says 'i can eat like a pig' :D) .. but this time I stopped in just 4 rounds (does it sound very less) .. this 4 here includes sweets (does it sound even lesser) .... anyways..I was full by the time we were done..we started our way back home and I reached home at 11:30 where Ramneek was standing at door to welcome me with Dixit and Gaurav..(Nitin had not come till then :( )....

Now, its the next day..and still i have a hangover (Gaurav will laugh at this word being used here) .... my neck is paining, Sumit's head is aching..though I had enuf sleep in the night..but still .. my body is aching..and this was just 1 hour of compared to 2-3-4 hrs we used to dance on felicity, freshers, this we need a reason to dance..hell no...

Got this news sometime back...Amal passed in TU .. huh! a relief?? .. ask those who know whats happening around him...

Monday, October 17, 2005

melting moments of a happy dusherra

Yesterday was a 'happy dusherra' for us. In hyderabad you would hear lots of different spellings of this festival ranging from dasara to dassarra, to dusherra, but who cares about all that..what we do care of is that we got a Holiday :) . When we were in Institute Dusherra didnt have any meaning, because weekdays were as good as holidays and unless it was a big festival (like diwali,holi) it would be just another day, but now things have changed...

We got up pretty late and thought of taking a nice breakfast somewhere, so all four of us went to Madhapur. Madhapur has a gr8 south indian restaurant namely Aditya (which we also call as Aditya park-inn but any relation between the two is purely coincidential ;)). This restaurant, which is open everytime we go there, be it early morning or late evening, was closed :( . Well! this is just a starting..we thought, its ok yaar..its happy dusherra we told the autowala to take a U-turn and take us to cyber tower..We thought atleast WoW will be open and so came back towards Cyber tower..but huh! it was closed too...Gods were against our health..we reached kothaguda junction to buy some Wheat bread (healthy diet u see) but guess what .. that stupid Village shops did nt even have fresh Milk bread, leave alone wheat bread...finally Nitin/Dixit ended up eating Samosas from a stupid tea shop :D .. and me/Gaurav ended up eating only an apple each :(( ..

Now all companies do not give a holiday on Dusherra .. (lol for Gaurav), so Gaurav didnt have an holiday for Dusherra (optional holiday only) so he had to go to office, but we 3 poor souls with our semi-empty stomachs were sitting at home with nothing to do but to think about food...after some 'important discussions' (rofl) with Tin and Dix we left to have lunch. We had planned to go to Hot rottis@Indra nagar (does that ring a bell), but as I said before that gods were against us, it was closed too...well! life is not that our gr8 PR was open...we ended up eating alot there...palak paneer, dal tadka, and plain paranthas..huh! it was a gr8 after such a gr8 lunch, our body needed some we all went to bed...and were dead for 3 hours .. I finally woke both of them up at around 6:45 when we decided to go somewhere...

We were able to get out of our place by 7:00 and took a bus to usual, nowadays we dont have any plan while we are going out..its all we just took a bus without seeing where it was going..we finally decided to get down at jubilee hills checkpost to go to Melting moments...we walked and walked and reached finally...Me/dix ate Autumn dreams and Tin took butternut crunch....Going to melting moments while we were in institute was totally a different experience..this time it was just like we went just for the sake of going...from there we went to Kesav reddy walking all the way...ate pani puris and grilled sandwich..came home to look forward for another holiday..another weekend..

PS: this post was started on thursday but I could complete it only today i.e. monday 17 october..

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

google adsense

Just added a few Google add links above..was just browsing and came across this adsense while changing my template. I didnt change the template but this surely caught my eye. Thought what is wrong in trying :) .. so here it is...

India shining?? (inspired by Vardhman's post)

Was just browsing the blogroll and came across Vardhman's post on Indian competitiveness. I would call it Indian's ignorance. What is "India Shining" is just for Politicians for there marketing campaigns, exaggerating every small "success" or so you call it. But the crux of the matter can be seen all over the country. Thousands (or millions) of people dont have food to eat, shelter, clothes etc. Villages dont have electricity and people want to take Internet to villages. Just take a walk from Cyber tower (hitec city-hyderabad) to our full-of-activity Madhapur after 10:00 PM in the night. You will come across 10s of people sleeping beside the road. If there are 10s of people on this one single road, how many would be sleeping like this all over the country? Not just that! you go out for office in the morning and while you are waiting for a bus/cab you will atleast encounter 2-3 beggars (mostly a new one daily).

Well! Vardhman's post was on a somewhat different topic, here is my comment to it...

good post..people(read indians) should really realize their potential and start reigning rather than serving the world...the problem with these industries (automobiles and hardware) is that the starting cost is too high and chances to compete in an existing market and still being able to persist are poor. You must have heard of some poor TV etc brands that belong to india like T-series etc..but where did they reach..Even Indian government (like china) should support Indians to start off on their own..India itself has a huge market potential in all the fields now, be it computers, laptops, mobiles or anything...if an Indian company can do well in India it surely can do well globally...

and yes..this India shining sux...india is not at all shining..most of the MNCs that export (read outsource) work to India give only that work which they dont want to waste time in or to get it done cheaper...India is gaining through it, but there is no Innovation in that...I am not saying we should stop it as outsourcing is one chief source of employment..but just doing the outsourced work wont take India (or moreover Indians) anywhere..

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

reading blogs is the only motivation :(

Today is Vinayak Chaturthi and guess what again, I am in office. I did not have any 'official' work that brought me here, but just that 'I didnt have anything to do at home'. I dont remember how many times I might have used the above statement in past few days. Just last saturday I came to office that too without any 'official work' and only 4 days passed and I am here again.

I was just browsing when I opened the Blogroll and saw Sreejith's post on a similar subject. I was about to comment on that when I see few more people agreeing with Sreejith including Kunal and Rocky. Guess what! they are also in office; good to hear that I am not alone. I still remember our meeting with the Alumni in IIIT (I still remember the old glory days) when one of our seniors told us not to make office a hangout. But it seems to be the case with me. I am coming here just like that. Yesterday we released our Alpha build so anyways I dont have lot of work right now.

Atleast we are planning to go for a movie today. Dont know whether the plan will materialize. Our timings are so awfully stupid that we cant just find enough 'common' time to enjoy. Last sunday we had plans of going for movie which we dropped just because the then coming wednesday was a holiday. We thought we will go for movie on teusday night , the late night show (which was the one we mostly saw while we were in IIIT). But guess what, Manjeet reached home at 10:30, Nitin came at 10:00, I came at 9:20 and Gaurav as usual at 10:00.
Now how the hell can we go for a movie after 10:30. Now the plans are up again but Manjeet once again has some 'work' at office so he might not make it. And offcourse if he wont make it, we cant go.

Anyways..The point of this post was the sreejith's blog entry. I definitely agree with Sreejith. Today itself I was reading somewhere that 'Computers were created to ease our tasks and to help us do things faster but its the reverse thats happening'. Ever since we have started using computers we have a time crunch. In Institute it was still OK but now .. huh!! . In the last post itself I wrote that I have been breaking records in taking quick baths. Thats mostly a result of this. We work from almost 9:30 to 9:30 and then who the hell has time to do 'other' things.

Thinking of it, what are these other things. Two days back itself Gaurav was getting frustrated of our lifestyle (I will add that his timings are fixed - 12:00 to 10:00). We have been skipping breakfasts mostly, taking lunch and some crap dinner on weekends or eating pizzas or some crap like that. The only good thing that we do is whenever we go for dinner we take a juice. We have discussed it so many times already and I will quote myself here: "our lives have got sampled down to a cycle of 5,2,5,2 days; we live in office for 5 days for our respective (and 'respected') companies and live for ourselves for the rest of 2 days. And this cycle continues" . Now forget about those 5 days and concentrate only on 2 days. In these 2 days, we want to sleep a lot, watch movies, hang out, chat, blog, browse, eat good food, u name it. So finally we end up doing almost none of these.

In the middle of some discussion we suddenly (mostly its me) realize and raise a point. It has been more than 3 months since we have joined our companies. It seems to be a very small time, but thinking of it, its not that small. Three months was appx a semester for us. Compare both of these now. If I start thinking what I have been doing in the past few days, I would recall only few movie names, few outings, Very few 'BC' sessions and even lesser 'intellectual' sessions. If I keep on going this way, I will be brain dead by the end of this year :( .

I think it will really be a great idea if we take some time off from all these mundane stuff. Going to a place like Goa will really refresh and rejuvenate our minds. Going out for a day to a movie is just like 'bg' for a running process (read 'job'). But if we take even 2-3 days off from our daily life , it will be a 'reboot' to our mind and will really refresh us. I think I should think about it seriously.

Saturday, September 3, 2005

long time no post

Well! I have already written quiet a lot of crap regarding 'not posting', 'not getting time' etc...and if I start with same thing again and again people will continue complaining to me about the lack of different topics in my blog. Many people had a 'misconception' that I used to write only about studies and fyp. But thats not entirely true. But anyways, the point is: today I took my time off from all the trivial things in life and came for a change. This is my first (dont know whether it will be last) saturday in office.

We got up quiet late (around 8:30) and after the daily stuff ;) I started reading newspapers with my computer singing songs for me in the background. At 10:15 Nitin told me that I should get ready fast or else I will be left at home :( . This was the first time when I 'washed clothes' (remember I was talking about 'trivialities' of life) and took bath within half an hour. I think I should go for Guiness book of records. Anyways, I got ready by 10:50 and we left.

Manjeet as usual was in sleeping mood, so he did not come with us. We had to go to the bank for some work so we got down at Cyber tower. We usually take our 'weekend breakfasts' at Aditya restaurant in Madhapur but then we thought why not go to Windows of the world when we are already in Cyber tower. So we ate dosas and idlis and Nitin gave all sorts of fundas of becoming a perfect south indian by eating idlis in the morning. Dixit had 'other' plans of stabbing Nitin in the back (long and secret story ;)) so he did not take breakfast.

Gaurav and I had already made up our minds few days back that we would go to office on saturday which came as a shock to Nitin :) . Nitin was the only one to go back home. He gave lots of fundas about 'not going to office on saturdays' and his Manager telling him to work long hours. But we had already made up our minds.

Office is not as empty as I thought it would be. Sumit was here (he is a colleague from IIT Kharagpur, working with me in the same team) and some more people were visible across cubicles. The first thing I did was to add lots of songs in my playlist. I had plans of getting the headphones and some songs' CDs to office but there was no time. After I dont know how long I am blogging like this without any tension of less time or more work or anything. It feels so good. I dont exactly know why I came to office, I have to figure that out first now :) .

Amal had told me that he will also come on Saturday but I guess he ditched me as he is offline on GTalk. BTW, GTalk is good. I guess Ymsngr has more features and stuff, but I like chatting on GTalk. One best thing it has is that it stores previous messages too and one bad thing about it is that we cant send offline mesgs. Anyways, this blog was not to discuss this. Yesterday I reached home at 10:30 :)) . Mom called me at 10:15 and she was furious to know that I was in office till so long. But I assured her that it is alright, afterall we have 2 holidays in a week :) . It was not only work that had made me stay in office for so long yesterday. Yes! work was there but in parallel I did lots of other things. We went to play TT at 7:45 or so. After playing 2-3 matches I gave the racket to somebody and sat on the sofa to wait for my next turn. Our super-duper (short for 3 years senior :) ) senior Kranthi was sitting there. I had not talked to him for quiet long after joining so I also sat beside him and we started chatting.

After talking about simple stuff like 'wt do u do on weekends' and 'when do u leave generally' I asked him about the guy who was with him. He was Cyrax. I recalled his face from the R&D showcase when I had a looooooong chat with him about my FYP (Display-Wall) in which he was quiet interested. That time we were feeling about him as Ummm! he works with Fx-Labs! wow! must be good. After that I had never seen him. In the mean time Cyrax's TT game had got over and he also joined us. I reminded him of R&D showcase, display wall etc and he finally remembered me. After 5 minutes of again the 'simple stuff' I thought of leaving. But our discussion took a turn and it turned into quiet a serious one.

I stayed there for half an hour chatting with them seeing 3 years of experience speaking candidly. They had been in my state already and knew exactly what it means to be in a big company for 3 months after completing 'fourrr' years in IIIT. Here I have said '3' months and 'fourrrr' years to emphasize the length of the fourrrr years as compared to a trivial 3 months. It was really nice talking to them.

Just added them on orkut. Yeah! so where am I. Hmm! so right now I am going to start some browsing. Will get a tea first I guess.

Good to be back!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Ranta's post on 'education ruined me'

Rantas post on education ruined me

my reply:
Good article...nowadays I hardly read any blog entry fully..but I read this till end...

yeah..i agree with u..we shud keep 'background' processes..moreover..we shud discuss the questions..rather than asking for answers...

The problem is with parents...they narrow down the thinking process of kidz...they shud tel them to explore rather than 'cram' things..

once children gets stuck to this 'cramming' they stop producing ideas..stop thinking abt problems..and just dive into books for everything..

enough! i have stopped writing blogs bcoz of less time or whatever..and am posting a comment so long..

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

working in shifts :)

I remember last week when Nitin told me that he will be leaving for office at 6:00 am for few days (he didnt know for how many) and will come back at the same time. I was loling after hearing this and teased him for long and now its not funny when it has come to me. Nitin never had to go at 6:00 finally. But yesterday we got this amazing piece of news in the morning.

Our TL (team lead) called 2 of us (Kumsu and Me) for a meeting and told us that we will have to work in shifts as the deadline is near. Though I joined the installation group quiet late (2-3 days back) but then I was in it and so could not say anything. Finally I ended up coming to office at 7:00 in the morning (7:05 actually). It was quiet amazing how things change. Gaurav and I had been planning to go for jogging since the day we shifted to our new apartment. But we never made it. We made plans, kept our mobiles on alarm, but never woke up in time. Once/twice when we woke up, God just didnot feel like letting us go and it started raining. But today it was really amazing. The amazing thing was that as I was responsible for getting up in time, even before the alarm went off at 6:00 , I woke up at 5:40 or so and checked the watch. Because I knew that if I sleep again I would wake up at around 8:00 so I didnt get any more sleep. Finally I got up and got ready.

Even at 6:45 the main road of hitech was buzzing with activity. Offcourse it was not as busy as it is all through the day, but there were enough cars, people and yes, how can i forget the deloitte cabs. I did not have any trouble in reaching office.

Office was quiet..there were just 4 people who are in customer support. I took a steaming cup of tea and sat at my desk to get going. Those 2 hours of work without any disturbance were like 5 hours during my normal schedule...

I came at 7 only for 2 days but it was a nice experience...I came at 7:30 once again a few days back but that was for taking part in google codejam which I screwed pretty badly :D ..

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

apartment search ;)

I am missing blogging...There is just not enough time to blog like I used to...There was a time when I used to post 1/2 times daily and now it has changed to a post every 1/2 weeks. Today morning only I was talking to Gaurav when I told him that "today I will find sometime and write a post". And here I am writing it ;). Hmm...So first of all some advice to all those who leave the campus and go to the so called 'Real World'.

These are some of the things I realized while searching for an apartment and some other things I realized after we shifted to that apartment. When you go and see the apartment dont just see how big it is, how many rooms it has but do consider some other things. See if the surroundings are good, there should be some basic shops like a general store, a confectionary, bakery, sweet shop ;) , a bus stop closeby, some easily availble conveyance if u dont own a vehicle, you should also query on how long it will take to complete the apartment if its new becoz u will end up piling up all the luggage in one place and you will have to search for even the basic commodities like a comb or a book in ur luggage. For those who are health conscious and like going for jogging/gymming, see if atleast there is a proper road/garden closeby where u can go for jogging. One can go a Km or 2 away for a gym but jogging track should be close to the house. Dont forget to see the water conditions, drinking and other. Sometimes the water is dirty and u have to subscribe for drinking water from a supplier.

If you are working, then the most important part to think about Sundays (also saturday for IT sector). There should be a simple breakfast/lunch/dinner available within 1 km of ur place to avoid headache. If this is not the case then you will end up eating bread and butter 3ice a day ;) .

There are still some more things to write about which I am forgetting right now but I will add it up once i recall anything. If your apartment is above 2-3 floors, check if lift is in proper working condition when u get ur luggage, otherwise you will end up doing all the physical labour or outsourcing it.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Last day@IIIT

Though we were late in leaving the campus but still we did not have enough of IIIT in these 4 years. 1st July was the date we were supposed to vacate the hostels 'officially' . But then , we do have the concept of IST (indian 'standard' time) and also the apartment we had to shift in was not ready. We were ready to shift on 2nd of July but then we just found out in time that some wood-work and paint is still to b done and so we had no choice but to stay back in campus.

Another weekend just got over on 3rd without doing anything. We had plans for buying lots of stuff for our new place(including utensils ;) ) , but all in vain. We managed to continue our stay in campus for another week and had finalized 9th to be the day when we would shift fully.

The day came, it was a saturday . We started in the morning and it took us about 6-7 hours to shift fully. We were finally done with shifting by 6:00 . The painting work was still going on so we had to place our luggage in the living room which covered more than half of it :D .

We got ready and left for shopping to big bazaar and spent more than 2K to buy some food/cleaning etc items. Still a long way to go...have to take a gas connection, have to arrange for drinking water , laundry .. huh!! the list is just growing every now and then..

Well! we reached our apartment at 11:00 and guess what ? we were dying of hunger. The last time we had eaten was in afternoon and then we had done so much physical labour as we do in a week together. Previously we had thought that we will prepare 'Maggi' , eat bread-butter etc and just go to sleep..but we were not willing to prepare food :) .. anyways..we called PR (punjabi rasoi) and asked if we can come at such late hours of which he agreed happily. We ate to our fullest and were not at all in a state of doing anything else but sleeping. Now the best part, there was no auto-rickshaw/mini-taxi on the road .

The place which seems to be very active generally was all desolated. I was just repeating 'we have come to the real world' slogan :) for which I know I will be kicked by my room-mates. After waiting for 10-15 minutes and asking for a lift to any truck-wala or car-walas we started walking. After walking for 5-10 minutes we came across a parked truck and the driver was nearby. We somehow managed to make him agree for a lift. He dropped us pretty close to our apartment and we walked frm there. The whole area was dead-quiet. The environment in which we were for 4 years , which seem to be full of life till late nights was all gone. All lights in apartments, shops were switched off ..

We reached home and went to bed. Nitin and Dixit were in one room and Gaurav and myself were in the other one. We chatted for sometime and then went to sleep as everyone was very tired ...

Everyone slept very nicely as the weather was pretty cool and cozy and it was raining every now and then. In the morning we got up around 8:30 (except nitin who woke up at 7:30) and were ready for the breakfast.

We started with Bread, butter and jam and soon it got monotonous. So Nitin and Gaurav prepared Maggi. We had eaten so much that we could not even take Lunch today :) . After the breakfast as there was nothing to do and also the workers had to start the paint work we thought of leaving. As there are not many places in hyderabad where you can hang out for long without spending alot we came to IIIT.

We had a good photosession on the terrace .. after which we came to pankaj's room. We told nirnimesh and Dixit to bring Samosa/Jalebi for us as they were going to indra nagar. Samosa/kachodi tast best if you eat them in rainy weather and so we did. We were browsing through airlines' websites and found that airlines are still not very cheap :D . I slept for sometime and now Nitin is sleeping. Gaurav has left to drop Parida who came here for soem passport verification. Dixit left for his stay in Oracle's guest house and I am writing the blog now after so long...

We have some plans of going for dinner tonight..lets see what happens...

Thursday, June 30, 2005

life runs

I dont even remember when was my last post. Afterall 5 days of work in a week does not leave you enough stregnth to write a blog. And when you have just those 2 short days in the weekend , what would you like to do. Obviously, you will hang out, eat out, have all the fun you would like. Then obviously things like blogging takes the back seat and go out of picture. Today after quiet long I got less work in office so I thought of writing the blog again.

I remember the time when I used to write huge posts, expecting to read sometime in future and feeling nostalgic. But what should I write now. 5 days are totally scrapped from a week. And then you just dont have enough time. I have been doing all sorts of stuff lately.

PS: I started this post long back in office and then in the middle someone came and interrupted me, so I dont remember the rest of the post I had in breaking out. bye!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

after so long

I came back from home on 13th of May. Today is 7th of June. Nitin and I came back together in the same train thinking of joining on 16th and 18th respectively. It went as expected with me but Nitin's joining got delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Well! I am 20 days senior to Nitin now :) . It will be full 3 weeks in CA tomorrow for me. Life has passed pretty fast. I am working with U-NSM department (dont ask fullform if you dont know). Life has been hectic, fast and different. Yesterday it was Nitin's first day in office and he also got a glimpse of the corporate world. The experiences are nowhere similar to what we had thought.

My background study of the project is almost over. In a day or two the second phase will start. As told to us, we might not get time to roam around, go back early, etc etc...It will be like the same deadlines we used to get in IIIT...with racking our brains close to deadlines and finishing the work quiet in time. Hope to see a thrilling time ahead...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

welcome back

Huh! After spending almost a month at home I am finally back . This was probably my longest holiday since joining IIIT 4 years back. I agree that life at home is boring but still there are lots of good things about it. You get good food without even asking, you get 24 hrs chatter box (read TV), you can sleep endlessly in not so hot environment. As compared to home what do we get here. Lots of movies to see, a library full of magazines, novels, games , frenz to chat and play with. Mostly in the middle of the semester we like doing such things at the time of leisure but what have we now. Life is full of free time right now. Not that there is no work pending but that we are not doing anything constructive. Why the hell should we? This is our last holiday of BTech and probably last such holiday for some people for their entire life. We should enjoy and only enjoy. But what do you include in enjoying , lets see.

Enjoyment means doing something which interests us, excites us, makes us feel good. So we can call things like roaming around, visiting new places in and out of city, eating good food, shopping , browsing (for some), chatting (again for some). But most commonly these things are done once in a while only and not all the time. Why? because if we do such things all the time then it wont be interesting anymore, it will be routine and everyone hates routine work. This is what is happening right now.

I came to lab today morning after having breakfast and taking bath at 10:00. Compared to being at home where I used to get up at 12:00. Then I completed 'Spanglish' (good movie, interesting plot, good direction). Then I started another movie , 'Enemy of the states' . The movie got interrupted becoz of lunch time. We went for lunch which was quiet good. It was too hot outside that i might not even go to hostel during that time if someone gives me money for that. After coming back I completed my movie and then Amal also came to lab. We played a game of age (after more than 1 1/2 months and I defeated him ) . And now here I am . Listening to songs. Thinking of what to do next. Today is sunday and I usually am in a mood to something different on sundays but we went out yesterday only (saw 'kya kool hain hum' - good timepass).

Ketan is reading his 'Req Spec doc' , Amal is reading Harry potter-5, Nitin is watching WWF videos (I hate them). I might just see another movie right now. Cya then.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

party time/last visit to OBH terrace

Yesterday was probably my last visit to OBH terrace. Though when we were on third floor I used to go there quiet often but after coming to Ground floor it just reduced abruptly. Those days were beautiful when there were not many tensions...but still more probably than what we have now...that time we had more courses, projects, deadlines, expectations, responsibilities...and now we are just passing time.

We had gone for Amal/Jagan's treat to Angeethi for lunch Buffet. We ate to our fullest, sometimes looking around (there was a group of girls also - remember , pinky). Though becoz of some 'collisions' everything got delayed and we were late but we had enough time to fill our tanks. We also realized ( Amal: shit! see there) that more than half of Hyd was visible from Angeethi. After going down we thought and thought for sometime and finally decided to go to NTR park (not again! I remember my experience in 2nd year , it was horrible). Well! we roamed around, saw the so called '3D cinema' (a nice way to fool people) and went for the 'flight-simulator' (which was worse than 3D cinema). We came across a very good fountain which was creating a fog like thing around a plastic tree. It was gr8. We went for the water-ride and some people went twice too. Ranta had to meet pjn and he also got a call from Bedi becoz of which he got frustoo and scolded me and went back to IIIT (though he talked to me later abt it).

We were also frustrated and tired. We were sitting in the lawn with prickling grass below us. Finally we thought of going for 'Lucky' in which a new actress 'Sneha' who looks like Ash sometimes was there. I wanted to see that girl for sure but we did not get tickets. The counter closed as soon as Deadly (first among us) reached there. We came out and in frustration decided to goto 'ice-n-spice' for shakes/ice-creams etc.

We came to ice-n-spice and ate/drank a lot. Grilled sand-wiches, butter scotch/vanilla/mango shakes, mosami juice etc. After that we finally came back to our campus. While coming only Nitin and I were left to come to OBH. I asked him to come to Terrace for sometime and he agreed. So we went.

We directly climbed the tank on the terrace (probably the highest point of obh) and sat there. Our discussions started from something I was confused about to our friendship, then a general friendship, what we expect, what we get, disappointments, masti, experiences, etc. We talked alot. We talked about some past experiences about old friends, the bitter and the good experiences in IIIT, about what we want to do in future, what we want to achieve, what we expect...huh! so, obviously when we saw the watch it was already 12:10 AM. We had climbed that water-tank at 8:00 or so. 4 hrs of nonstop chatting is really something. I even came to think about how many words we would have uttered.

Today in the afternoon Jagan,Ketan and I were watching the history of Pyramids (discovery/bbc) when Vardhman / Jagmohan came. Vardhman had some work related to the treat in the evening but Jagmohan was more worried about BS project. I joined Jagmohan and went to lab to see what could be done.

Sir had given us an idea to work upon and according to hime it would surely work. But it failed (most-expected in CV related stuff) . We checked the code , removed some bugs, modified the technique and now its giving appx 80% accuracy. The system is not too scalable but its ok AFA this project is concerned (thats the scenario mostly). Atleast some results are visible. It was really a good feeling of achievement after it started working. Have to show the project tomorrow and leave day after (actually its tomorrow only now). In any case I cant stay back now even if he says.

Today evening we had a party from Vardhman/Dixit etc. It was fun. A get-together after long time. We played dumb-charads, had a question answer session , and also played 'ankh-micholi'. Those who did not get any question in first round had to go one by one for an open q/a session (I was one of them :( ). I was asked 3 qs.

1) About my crush in IIIT (by manjeet)- well! I told everyone...its ok
2) Why I dont have a girlfriend (by nir) - this got transferred to 1st q
3) why library - its ok :))

I have lots of work tomorrow. Have to meet Dr. PJN and tell him about my going home, have to show BS project, have to packup (last time so its time-consuming :( ), have to write some CDs/HD etc. I am still thinking whether to take my PC home or not. Already Nitin's PC will b there..if we take another it will be too much trouble. Lets see...

Its 3:29 AM now (11th Apr unlike this posts timestamp). I wanted to see some movies before going but am not able to :(( . I wish I could take my pc home..who knows how long I will stay there.


Monday, April 4, 2005

night out..

Yesterday night I had my BS/Post FYP project meetings. These meetings were being delayed so much that I could not stop but to schedule them on the last exam day of my BTech. I was going to lab at 10:00 when I heard someone calling 'chandna'. I turned and went to the coffee-shop where Amal was sitting with Priyanka. I chatted with them for sometime about which job to join. After sometime I got a call from Nir and so I had to leave for CVIT. Amal told that he felt like going out and has money so he was ready to give me a treat :) . I told him to arrange a bike by 12:30 , we would go to Ohri's.

I went to lab and Nir,Vardhman,Ranjith and one senior were discussing sth. I got congrats and all and then just after 5 mins of discussion I got a call from home. I talked for 15 mins about pros and cons of joining one company over other and obviously came to no conclusion. Our meeting continued and because of so many people, 6 of us and pelu,Tarun,Sachin chatting was going on and on. After sometime we came to work and installed Windows on a machine. It took half an hour and in the mean time Ranjith,Vardhman and I discussed lots of philosophical issues in life about 'winning & losing in life' . We installed Network drivers and OpenCV and the old system was ready. Now only the last part has to be done.

Amal came at 12:30 and asked again (he had come before with no bike telling that he will go for sleeping) for going out , he had got a bike. We came out and saw lot of people sitting in coffee shop. Vidit,Dixit,Rocky,Vardhman all were there. They were also willing to come so Vidit and I came to hostel to arrange for 2 more bikes. We got 2 bikes after searching around and by that time others also came to OBH. Vidit went for some 'important' work and came back in 10 mins.

We finally left at 1:30 or so. Dixit was with me, Amal with vidit and vardhman with Rakesh. Pradeep's bike gave us a hard time but finally started. We just crossed the jubliee hills main crossing when Vidit started overtaking me... I also did the same. He was just about to reach Ohri's before me but I finally overtook him and we won :). Rakesh and Vardhman saw half closed shutters of Ohris so did not notice it and went straight past us.. We shouted to stop them and they noticed us.

When we went in we came to know that we will get ONLY ice-creams/coffee/tea. I had thought of taking some 'GOOD' pizzas (to overcome the horrible experience at ice-n-spice) but they ditched me. We ordered 3 bull's eye and 3 maccacinos. Bull's eye was gr8 as usual but the coffee sucked ( others liked it ). Vidit ate Amal's ice-cream almost fully so he ordered another one. We did lot of masti while eating ice-creams and talked about various issues. A point was raised to eat something 'namkeen' on which another point was raised that 'we might get omlettes somewhere' to which Rocky told that there would be some open shops in Hi-tech area. Everyone was ready so we went there.

We started for Hi-tech and again Dixit was with me. He was not talking at all and so every now and then I would curse him so that he starts talking. We stopped in front of Cyber-pearls where there were so many people. There were so many cars, people, and it was looking like 8:00 in the night , not 3 in the morning. We ordered 3 omlettes and tea. Vidit got an urgent call so he went to hostel with Dixit. I told him to come back as we had more plans for morning :) . We ate our omlettes and discussed about the companies, work culture, CA, Oracle, options, etc. Dixit called me and told that they are coming back. We started roaming around after eating. Vidit and Dixit finally came and we settled down again.

We waited for Vidit to eat his omlette and then started for 'Durgam Cheruvu'. We saw so many buildings , some constructed, some under construction, almost all the buildings were lit and people were visible all around. We were wondering how our lives would be after a month or so when we would also be working in such offices which do not sleep. We stopped near the lake and parked the bikes and started doing masti again.

We were discussing about how these companies infy,tcs etc earn so much money that they are building new offices , recruiting thousands and still growing. Vidit raised a good point regarding the over-pricing of softwares in regard to the companies' revenues. We were peacefully chatting when 3 guys wearing shawls came in a tractor and told us that there is going to be a blast and we should leave the premises. We left and went further down the road. I tried locating a place to continue the masti but there was no proper place. Vardhman and I started off on the same road and saw that nobody is coming behind us . We traced our way back and called Dixit to know where they are. They were waiting for us in front of Raheja towers. We crossed them and told that we will meet in front of infosys.

We came to the road beside the institute and stopped to wait for Vidit. We did masti on the road for sometime and after half an hour or so we decided to go back. It was already 4:50. While coming back we went to the Dhaba and asked for 'puris' and we were told that it will take time for preparing. We came to hostel and left the bikes. Now Vidit and rocky ditched us and stayed back in hostel. Amal, Dixit , Vardhman and I went to lab. We started playing CS and I scored a century against both of them . Dixit was listening to songs. After sometime dixit lost patience and went to hostel. We thought of stopping and because we were not hungry we dropped the idea of going for 'puris'. So we left Amal in lab and came to hostel to sleep. Finally I slept at 6:30 and woke up at 12:00.

After so many days we finally sat for BS project and did something in it. We started chatting again in the evening like yesterday. Ranjith , Vardhman and myself about philosophy but left the topic soon. Our meeting got cancelled because Rocky had an exam and so we postponed it to tomorrow...I saw the second CD of topgun again and am feeling hungry now after eating the sweet 'Rajma' in mess. Thinking of going to lab to do BS project.

Sunday, April 3, 2005


A mail sent by Vardhman..though its old..but still its funny


A man checked into a hotel. There was a computer in
room, So he
decided to send an e-mail to his wife. However, he
accidentally Typed a
wrong e-mail address, and without realizing his
error, he sent the

Meanwhile.....somewhere else, a widow had
just returned home from her
husband's funeral. The widow decided to
check her e-mail, expecting
messages from relatives and friends. After
reading the first message,
she fainted. The widow's son rushed into the
room, found his mother on
the floor, and saw the computer screen which

To: My Loving Wife
Subject: I've Reached
Date: 31 May

I know you're surprised to hear from me. They have
computers here now,
and you are allowed to send e-mails to your loved
ones. I've just
reached and have been checked in. I see that
has been
prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Looking forward to
you then!

Hope your journey will be as uneventful as mine was ...

Saturday, April 2, 2005


Now that the exams are going to get over in 2 days (actually they started today :)) ) we are planning to go home. Nitin is going on 10th (if he gets his ticket confirmed) and I am going on 12th with Ketan. Amal will stay for FYP :)) . Bothra is thinking of going in April end. We had thought of visiting Goa or some place like that in these holidays. But we came to realize that mercury will be soaring in Goa more than Hyd. Goa plans dropped. Thought of some hill station but ooty,simla we have already visited so which one . Thought of Kodai-kanal finally. But these people are not showing any interest and since few days I am also not feeling like going anywhere. Best is to go home, stay there for a month peacefully and then come back in mid-may and join the company.

We actually thought of making plans for Goa itself but in December when most of us would be having some holidays atleast. It will be fun. We will have money also :)) to sponsor ourself a good time. We will stay in some resort and will be there on christmas so it will be great fun to be there. I look forward to be in Goa :).

Today we had our interaction session with Alumni . Prasad, Sunil mohan, Srikanth and few others came. We had a session for appx 1 and half hours. The title of the meeting was 'from academics to corporate' and it was on based on this line itself. They started off with some basic stuff like - the importance of your interest in the work you do, being professional at work, accept the work in beginning even if you find it boring , show your interests or demands only after stabilizing in the organization, people working around you are humans only and they also want to grow in the organization so politics will surely be there, onsite opportunities help only in increasing your bank accounts (you can save 1 lac/month abroad - SMA). The best point which I liked was that prasad said 'we are still the same as before personally with friends etc but we have changed a bit professionally in talking to ppl at work etc'.

They answered our questions like 'Is MBA a waste of these 4 years' to which Srikanth answered against it. He told that if you work in IT&S it will help you if u stay in IT sector. Whereas even if you work in other domains , knowledge of IT helps alot, so its not waste. 'Why and when should people switch'? - If the work sux and you cant just take it any more and obv if you have any options then switch it. But they also told that every time you switch there will be some things you will gain and some things you will lose. The type of work, people, place, environment, salary etc everything matters.

They also emphasized on finding out our priorities so that at any point we know what we want to do and what to avoid. Priorities are important for deciding whether to switch or not, which field to work in, which project to take, which direction to pursue. This part definitely applies to me as lately I have noticed that my priorities are not very clear to me. Basically , I dont even have any ambition in life except the obvious ones like money etc...I thought about these issues but left them for later because there were somethings that were not clear and so I had to leave it on time.

They also told that mostly we would find the work un-interesting, our expectations will not be met, but we should keep our calm and have patience. We have to cooperate because we have to be professional. We are being paid for working there and therefore we have to maintain our job else we will be kicked out. We have to handle situations which we wont expect , manage problems which we wont like facing , and worst of all , work with people we might not like (personally) . This is how we have to be professional :( .

exams..farewell etc

Our first exam of our Last exams at IIIT got over today..LCS..I still dont know why or where we use LCS .. neither do I want to know..I did not find the course of any useful unlike some other open-electives or systems thinking, economics etc..good that the IT electives are not like this course else we would not have learnt anything in these 4 years...While writing the exam I was thinking of leaving every minute but then I thought that I cant afford failing the subject so I kept writing...

In the past few days I did not blog at all..Our juniors gave us farewell finally at 30th of March. It was good to feel that we are leaving the institute..that day I did not even feel nostalgic or anything..I was not in a good mood. Lately my mood has become quiet stupid..I just get angry on anything and start shouting at any person and then fight with him...In the past week I fought with Amal twice , then I fought with Nitin. Good that Nitin and I made up in an hour itself and it did not affect anything :) . Still I am not feeling good becoz of no reason...

Anyways..We finally had a class meeting in which the attendance was not bad..we discussed lots of issues like Scholarship fund , Special class by some profs, mementos to profs etc. We collected some money from our batch and thought of buying a pen with some inscritption on it. Vidit and I went on the farewell day itself and we had planned of gifting it on that day itself..Well yeah! we were quiet late but its ok...We went to 2-3 shops and were pointed to Deccan pen store which was closed. The day was very hot and we were getting thirsty after every 10 minutes. Finally we reached a shop in koti and the shop-keeper told that he can do it by 5:00. Huh! finally we thought we are at right place. It was 12:00 already. We saw atleast 30 pens and chose one 'Pierre Cardon'. We gave an order of 50 pens with the inscription
'Regards \n Graduating batch,BTech 05' on it. It looked good. After he talked on phone he told that it will be done by 8:00 only. After waiting and Vidit's senti he came down to 7:00.

We finally reached IIIT at 3:30 after taking lunch in Hi-tec in which we mostly drank . In the whole day we had already taken 4 nimbu panis/1 orange juice/1 pineapple juice/1 mango shake each :)) . I was so tired and this Vidit was still running around like he just woke up after a long sleep. I came back and my room was locked, thanks to shekhar who took my keys to CVIT. I slept in Nitin's room and got ready at 5:45 to go for Farewell.

I was the second one to reach after Paritosh. Nitin was with me. After some ppl came , we planted the tree at the end of the football ground (opp girls hostel) . The ceremony started just after that with a nostalgic speech of Imran and Aditya from our batch. Dr. PJN gave a wonderful speech and appreciated our batch with good statistics. We were given mementos and the CDs (yearbook) on stage by Dr. Govindrajulu , Dr. Jayanthi and Dr. Sangal after which we had to break. Dr. Govindrajulu gave interesting comments for almost half of our batch.

Vidit came in the mean time and we gifted the pens to some professors who were still there. After dinner informals started with some events on the stage . We were told to write a question for any batchmate and that guy/gal will be called and asked that question on stage..Amal wrote a stupid Q for me and manjeet. It went for maybe 1 1/2 or 2 hrs and we finally came to room.

Have building science day after tomorrow, lots of slides to go through..god help. Yesterday I experienced something about the way I used to feel an year or more before. When we used to have exams in 2nd/3rd year when I was more 'sincere' (or less 'insincere') than I am now. That time when I used to see people playing in lab just a day before exam I would feel 'how can one do such a thing' and it was impossible for me to do sth like that at that time. But yesterday I did exactly that. Its ok that this is open elective and all that but still I played CS, roamed around, read a book/mag in library and did not put much time for reading course related matter. I realized it yesterday that we just have to get that feeling of 'care-freeness' or 'carelessness' and once we get that nothing matters...we just dont care. Same applies to many things now. My BS project is not going anywhere but I just dont care anymore. 'Its ok, let it go to hell'...I just went to give the exam today morning and was feeling like leaving it again and again. I am not even feeling bad about leaving few questions entirely unlike before. Is this maturity or immaturity, care free or careless attitude, what is it...

Sunday, March 27, 2005

another walk

Today (i mean by 27th night) Bothra, Nitin and I went for dinner together. The dinner s..... as usual. We thought of going for a walk after dinner and everyone got ready. We three left for drinking sugarcane juice. While going we thought of taking Dixit who was as usual sitting in Library. We told him to come to the juice shop by 9:00 after taking dinner. We drank 2 glasses each and waited for dixit. Dixit as usual took half an hour to eat and came at 9:15 finally.

We went in ISB direction only but took a left turn in the way (Badminton academy). The way was pretty dark and there we could hear some female speaking. We kept walking on the way, both the sides there were dark trees and lights were visible from far. After walking for sometime we came across some 'kumari sansthan' (dont remember the name) and there was a guard sitting outside its main gate. The place was big with lots of flowers and lawns visible. There were lots of dark buildings inside and some of them were under construction. We stopped for sometime and bothra sat on the road itself. We were mostly talking non-sense only. We also spent some time planning on where to go in the holidays for a trip. After spending some time we continued walking in the same directions and then some houses came into picture. We guessed from which alley we will come out and Nitin was correct. We came out of the post office alley .

We were a bit surprised to see Indra nagar so lively at 10:15. It felt good to see that people are coming out of the 'closing at 9:00 or 10:00' culture for markets.
We got this funny idea of going to Lingampally to eat samosas in the sweet shop we had visited last time when we visited Raj Bakers. We took an auto for four of us and went to Lingampally. It was 10:40 already and guess what, the shop was still open. We went with expectations of getting samosas but the guy told 'they got over'. We were disappointed but there were so many other things to eat there. We ate lots of stuff and also drank hot milk. It was pretty good. We packed some ground-nuts and fried dal for the way and took an auto.

In the way we had thought of seeing Sholay and FD-2. But we finally reduced to only FD-2. For change and for making Dixit see a movie with us we went to his room for the movie. FD-2 was an interesting movie with a good but shaky plot. Too many co-incidences can not be digested easily atleast by me. We finally left him for sleeping and came back to hostel.

The bath-room taps are still dry and even the water-cooler is drying. I just got enough water to drink in the night. Today evening I had slept for more than 2 hours so I am not feeling very sleepy right now. But still I think I will go to sleep. Have to evaluate 'Intro to Viz' projects tomorrow and also have to start studying LCS . If everything goes as expected ( probability < 0.1) then I will be visiting library tomorrow after atleast a month :)) . God! I still remeber those days when I was a library freak.

Just 6 more days and our degree requirements will be over. FYP is already over , the two courses that I have taken will finish with the end sem exams on 2nd and 4th. After that I have NOTHING to do...absolutely NOTHING. The only work I have right now is the project evaluation and the exams and both will be over by 4th. We should make some plans asap.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

water problem

We had not seen a water problem in the past 4 years we spent in institute. Never cared about wasting water (or overusing it). Many people dont close the tap fully, some leave it open while brushing,shaving (M) etc. There was some problem in first year when we were staying in NBH and the bathrooms were not fully constructed and we had to go up/down to use water in restrooms. The same problem is coming now also. This time also there is a water problem (though not a major one). There is no water available in mine and adjacent to my wing. So we are going to other wings for water. Even now many people wont remember the time when they wasted water like anything. Yesterday there was no water even for drinking in the whole hostel. All water-coolers were empty from ground to 3rd floor. When we get into such situations we just say 'wtf is this', 'why dont they solve this problem' etc but we dont realize that the problem is deeper than that. When I was in bangalore I saw chronic water crisis. We had to call up a tanker every 2-3 days for water for survival. Instead of cursing those in-charge, if instead we make a better and more efficient use of water, there wont be any water problem at all.

harold and kumar go to white castle - movie

Just completed the movie. It was funny and cool. It sure had a lesson . Dont give a s... to anything and just chill out in life. Do what you feel like and dont give more preference to stupid stuff. Some scenes were really funny , like the ride on cheetah, the #burgers in White castle, the singer who took their car etc...overall the movie gets 8.5/10.

Their journey to white castle was really crazy...i loved it
good night now!!!

how to be a hero

Saw this on Pankaj's tried it

this gave me lots of stuff which was cool...not putting it on blog though :)

My Inner Hero - Wizard!

I'm a Wizard!

There are many types of magic, but all require a sharp mind and a cool head. There is no puzzle I can't solve, no problem I can't think my way out of. When you feel confused or uncertain, you can always rely on me to untangle the knots and put everything back in order for you.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

Walk by moonlight - not movie :)

Today is holi (its 11:59 PM FYI - 26th march). We (ketan,amal,manjeet,nitin,dixit and myself) went for lunch buffet in 'Fortune Katriya' hotel. We had been thinking of doing sth on holi's afternoon and had finally thought of going to Mischief for Buffet. Alas! Mischievious people were not lucky enough to serve us as they were closed for today.

We went at 12:30 after lot of ado. Bothra and Deadly were still sleeping at 11:30. Earlier in the morning I had got up at 10:00 for breakfast. Our wing was still water-less at that time. I went to the neighbouring wing to do the 'standard' stuff and took bath at 11:00 when I was sure that nobody will touch me with colors. In the mean time Ramneek,Shekhar , Gaurav and I also disturbed Vishal (D), Nitin and Bothra. Vishal was seriously shocked when he thought we were applying colors on him . Bothra got a brilliantly stupid idea and sprayed his Cinthol powder on us thinking we will throw colors at him. Nitin got 'afraid' and did not open the door :). We had no intention of playing holi (my reasons are in other post). Gaurav and Ramneek both were not willing to play colors but Gaurav finally gave up and went to the grounds. People were looking terrible when they were done with colors.

Bothra and Nitin got ready pretty fast and I was watching 'code 46' till then. The movie looked horrible to me. Not that I saw the full movie, but it was so terrible that I could not dare to see it fully. We went to lab at 12:30 and left for Mischief. When we reached Mischief it was 1:30 already and after seeing it closed we thought of two options. One was my idea of going to Pizza hut which people said 'we can order anytime' and stuff and I agreed. Other was of going to Fortune Katriya and so it happened. We reached there at 2:20 or so and started the Buffet.

The best part of Buffet is always the fruits and the sweets. This buffet was good in both. Pineapple, Watermelon (my new delicacy), Papaya , we ate all three to the maximum extent possible. Sometime back only I had wished for eating 'gujia' and we got that too in Buffet. Then the same 'galab-jaman' (intentionally mis-spelled) and Vanilla ice-cream combo. There were so many things that I could not taste everything properly. The biryani,non-veg items etc. everything was delicious. The 'ras-malai' was also too good. We also took grapes from the fruit-basket. These grapes were much better than those which Nitin and I had bought few days back.

We were filled to the maximum at 3:30 and so we left. We sat on the sofas in the main hall and were reading newspapers. Then bothra said 'how good it will be if we have a home like this in which we sit on these sofas with our ....'. Then we talked about more things like that, on what can be done to own such a place :)) etc.

We finally came to campus at 4:45 or so after having a glass of sugarcane juice outside. We had also taken a glass while going so we started/ended our day sweetly.
After coming back I was feeling so terribly weak and sleepy (owing to the food and only 3 hrs of sleep last night) that I went to hostel directly. I just lied down on my cute little bed and went to sleep. I got up at 8:00 directly thinking it might be the next morning 8:00 but it was the same night only. I went to do the LCS assignment in Adi's room and then went for dinner. After dinner I had to go for a walk with dixit.

We met at 9:45 or so and sat in front of the side-door of main building (in front of coffee shop). We chatted for almost an hour and then got this 'crazy' idea ( i love crazy ideas) of going to ISB for a walk (by moonlite). We were walking and walking and walking. Infosys came and went, ISB came and went, microsoft came and went. Finally we decided to return. Though I thought of going till 'Planet 10' but dixit said its too far :) . After atleast 5 kms and 1 hour of walking we came back to campus. Both of us were feeling tired but I had already slept for 3 hours so I was in a better state. Dixit went to sleep and I came to hostel and thought of putting down whatever happened today.

Thinking of seeing a movie...tomorrow sunday! lets make some plans :))

Friday, March 25, 2005

movie time

After a lot of days I saw lots of movies together. Ketan, Amal and I saw the latter half of RHTDM in TV-room (my first movie in TV room i guess). Then I came to room and started browsing 'Forgotten'. That stupid movie was on my disk from atleast 6 months and I never dared to touch it. Finally I completed that movie in less than 5 minutes and used the shift/delete key to do the rest.

Then I started 'Heat' . The movie looked good. But I did not have full 3 hours of time to see such a slow movie. So I managed to finish it in 1 hour or so. You cant say I havent seen this movie.

Then finally I saw 'EuroTrip'. The story was pathetic but the movie was okie dokie. It was atleast a bit funny and so enjoyable. I did not have to fast forward alot. Now its 4:45 AM and I guess some serious holi players will start waking up in an hour so its the right time to go to sleep.

good night and happy holi

happy holi...

Holi! A 'festival of Colors' ... There was a time when I used to like this festival more than Diwali , when I used to buy balloons fill them with water and just 'disturb' others by throwing those at them for the whole month before Holi. That time we never cared about how irritated others would get . Before coming to IIIT I had never played a holi with lots of colors . My holi was simple and sober, with balloons , water, gulal thats it. I never liked the idea of applying so much color on faces (and at every other place) that it takes days to remove it. This also goes on the similar lines as bursting crackers on diwali. Obviously when I was a kid I used to like crackers alot . But then I realized that we are not only wasting money but also affecting the environment. That might sound too idealistic but thats true and every one should realise that. I obviously wont go into 'global warming' and stuff but these little things have long term effects on ecology. Similarly, everyone knows about the adverse effects of colors on skin etc but still people like wasting money on colors.

The only time I have played such a holi was in First year. Not that I wanted to , but obviously I was made to. I was woken up by Ranta, Bole and group at 5:30 or 6:00 when we guys were in NBH. We were on 1st floor. Then we went to Ketan, Manjeet's room and just colored everyone. Everyone was totally pinkish. After playing with colors for long time, we went for breakfast . After breakfast we went out and everyone got his T-shirt torned. It was 'fun'. We went to the underground water-tank which was being used for the NBH construction and everyone jumped inside.

That holi was made quiet memorable because of our act of 'Vandalism' of hostels. We were made to clean the hostels ourselves (raw-material was given). It took us one whole afternoon to clean up. Think of 80-90 people washing a hostel and it takes one whole day so how badly we must have played holi. That was the time when playing holi was made prohibited in hostels.

The next and its next time, my holi was not like this. I still like playing holi only with water (gulal at max). Festivals always bring a feel-good factor with them, either you celebrate them or not. Now in Ranta's terminology this is all 'psychological'.

This time also I dont plan to play holi. Little bit of pouring water etc is fine because atleast you will like playing in water when its so awfully hot around. I hope nobody will pull me to the grounds where there will be colors all around.

Anyways...A very happy holi to one and all

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Today Deadly and I went to get tickets for home. We have got reservation in AP together. Ketan , Dead and me. The reservation took hardly 10 minutes and we were out of the RC at 6:30 so we thought lets roam around for sometime. So we went to Big bazaar and saw some stuff etc. We ate dahi papdi and chat outside the Mall. We wanted to buy grapes from BB but they were not available. So we bought grapes from Mehdipatnam . We also bought a big Watermelon. Mostly that watermelon was to make people like .... and ..... to get tempted and to force them to come for seeing movie _together_ but unfortunately these guys are dumb enough to not to realize the glory of the last few days@IIIT, the glory of being together for atleast some time. They just want to roam around doing nothing and just eating other people's heads.

Manjeet had FYP presentation next day but he still came. Ketan , Deadly and I were already there. We had thought before Manjeet came that we will not cut the water-melon but as we were 4 of us, we decided to. It was delicious,juicy and too much. I am still getting a taste of it on my taste-buds. We saw 'The girl next door' (Yes! it was my 3rd time in the past 5 days) . I dont know why but there are somethings in that movie which are tempting me to see it again and again. One major thing is the feeling of 'the last' few days before graduation which has been emphasized in the movie. They talk about 'going nuts' , 'doing crazy things' etc which I like most. Though I am not doing anything that can fall in those categories but I would really love to. What can I say about it. Nitin has finally started getting that feeling , even bothra has to some extent but rest are as dumb as ever.
I have even stopped expecting anything from these rest of the guys now.