Monday, December 6, 2004

few cool incidents

one fine day , i was sitting in batoora's room and amal went to wake up
visesh to go to bank (which i said he wont go)..amal goes and knocks his
Visesh says 'Has the qualification round for Fighting started'
There are so many fighters, so they needed a qualification round....come
amal is wondering , i am wondering...visesh comes to batoora's room and I
him what is it...he sees around and goes back...
after sometime he comes and says 'kuch sweet hai' and he says u wont
understand about the 'qualification round' and went away...most probably
sleep...he he he

The movie for the week was put up...
choices were ... 'catch me if u can', 'proof of life', 'patriot'
we wanted to see 'proof of life' ... and the votes were high for it
some time back...
we saw again on friday and wt do we see, it has got 123 votes and
'catch me if u can' has got what do we do...we start voting from
and it reaches 130...still low
we send a mail from 'root@' to ug4@ and guess what in 10 mins it crosses
count....currently it is 144-139 lead... :) thats ug4


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